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Soyoung groaned and scratched Taekyung’s forearm.

Every time the long, thick pillars of flesh went in and out, sparks flew.

The pleasure was too much for her.

When the genitals entered deeply, the belly skin swelled tightly, and when it escaped, it contracted as if a vaginal wall was attached.

Whenever a sensitive point, which I didn’t even know existed, was crushed with a cutting edge, my heel moved on its own and pushed the sheet.

When the genitals entered deep, the skin of her stomach was inflated, and when he pulled out, it contracted on him as if her core was attached to it.

Every time a sensitive spot that she didn’t even know existed was smashed with the tip, her heel wobbled and pushed the sheets.

“Hoo, do you feel good”

“Ha-ang, hm, hngh….


So-young couldn’t afford to answer Taekyung’s question, and only moaned like a sob.

When his penis was inside, the red-hot vaginal wall clenched on to the pillar.


When the penis came in again with the deep vaginal wall apart, Soyoung instinctively tightened her buttocks and spread her thighs.

 Taekyung’s eyes, staring at her, who shuddered at her pleasure, became even more fierce.

“Ahh, heuk, hm!”

Taekyung put Soyoung’s legs on his shoulders and started shaking his waist in earnest.

His penis was so long that it was difficult to insert it all the way to her root, but he moved without hesitation within his confidence that she wouldn’t get hurt.

So-young moaned as if crying, scratching Taekyung’s thigh weakly with her fingertips.

Whenever his penis hit her insides, the senses in the stomach were severely tangled.

“Ngh, hngh…!”

The obscene sound of water and the frictional sound of the flesh slapping together rang promiscuously.

Taekyung, who initially controlled his speed, lost his reason at some point and focused on putting his penis into her.

Each time, So-young’s breast shook, and her stomach inflated and then sank flat.


For a while to continue the rough copulation, the moment Taekyung plunged his penis into a breathtaking depth, Soyoung bent her whole body and gave a kiss.

It was because the feeling of climax that was filling her up eventually crossed the threshold.


Taekyung clenched his lips.

Because he was deeply inserted in her, he could feel So-young’s orgasm vividly.

From eyes that have lost focus, a trembling woman, and vaginal walls that had his penis in it.

All the stimuli were excessive.

Biting his teeth to the point where his jaw muscles grew, he began to grind her at a terrifying pace.

“Uhngh, ah! N-no, s-stop! Heuk…!”

So-young tried to run away, struggling, but it was impossible.

Taekyung held her waist tightly and pushed his penis without mercy.

Rather than calming her climax, it has become even more explosive.

“Hngh, ugh….

I’m going t-to, die, hngh…”

Excessive pleasure was like pain.

Soyoung, who was fed with too much pleasure, finally burst out crying and covered her face with her hands.

At that moment, Taekyung’s body hardened like a stone.

“…Haa, ugh.”

Taekyung hurriedly pulled out his penis.

At the same time, semen burst from the red-hot pier.

Soyoung’s chin, chest, and stomach were splashed with white seeds.

“Mhngh, ugh….


“Haa, ha…”

So-young giggled with a teary face, and Taekyung breathed heavily with his head down.

For some time, Taekyung, who first came to his senses, lowered his upper body and kissed So-young.

There was an incredibly long kiss for a man who **ed her roughly until just now.

When So-young’s breath calmed down to some extent, Taekyung removed his lips.

Then, he stared at her with eyes dripping with affection.

It was such a warm gaze that people who did not know about their relationship would think they were lovers in passion.


The voice flowing through Taekyung’s lips was lower than usual.

A large hand moved carefully and wiped So-young’s wet eyes.

“It was so nice.

Did you like it”

So-young blinked and nodded gently.

“Yes… It was good.”

So-young’s first sex was so different from her  imagination, and it was more intense than any other experience she had ever experienced.

So-young carefully touched the man’s handsome face.

Then Taekyung naturally kissed her palm and laughed.

The intimacy that only the two who shared intimate experiences grew.

Soyoung impulsively dug into Taekyung’s arms.

 It felt good to feel the sweat and heat on his bare skin.

Taekyung smiled with his affectionate face, stroking her back and messing around with her hair.

The two joked and laughed at each other, as if sharing a love story.

“Do you want me to wash you if you don’t have energy If you’re tired, you can rest a little before washing up.”

Taekyung sucked Soyoung’s nipples as if he couldn’t stand it while saying that.

It was an irritation that her sensitive body could not bear, so she twisted her back and grabbed his cheeks.

“I’ll wash up a little later.

Team leader, wash up first.”

“As you please.”

Tae-kyung, who nodded his head, kissed So-young’s palm one after another.

When she burst into laughter with the itchy feeling, he also bent his eyes in a soft curve.

The atmosphere flowing between the two was softer than ever.

“I’ll go wash up first.”

The atmosphere changed rapidly when Taekyung, who raised his body, lifted the sheet without much thought.


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