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Fuck, what the hell.

Taekyung ridiculed himself for feeling relief.

Even so, the discomfort was still there.

Now So-young knew that sex was not a particularly fearful or painful act.

Everything was difficult at first, but the second time was easy.

It would have been even more so for So-young, who clearly separates love feelings and sex.

It was clear that So-young would not care whether her partner was Taekyung or not.

She had a surprisingly bold personality, and if she met her favorite partner, she would approach him without hesitation, as she did to Taekyung.

When he imagined her intertwined with someone other than himself, he felt that his stomach was twisted.

In his head, he felt **, pretending to be indifferent on the outside, reflecting on his imagination.

He even felt like the identity that he had accumulated so far was shaken.

So Taekyung avoided Soyoung as much as possible.

Of course, it wasn’t as easy as his resolution.

That woman doesn’t seem to be worried at all, so why am I the only one like this

For the first time, Taekyung learned for the first time the helplessness that a person would feel at least once, such as the feeling of frustration toward the other person who does not easily go his way.

When he saw So-young as usual, he felt the urge to make her tremble from head to toe.

Sometimes when reason clouded, Taekyung recalled the temperature difference between himself and her.

Then he came back to his senses as if he had been hit by cold water.

* * *

It was the same morning like any other day.

Before the weekly meeting, Taekyung, who met Soyoung in the hallway, straightened her expression.

It’s been a long time since he has seen her this way, at least because she hasn’t made a move since that day.

It was time for Taekyung to pretend as if nothing had happened.

So-young’s attitude was strange.

She stood in place and stared at Taekyung.

The passionate gaze glanced carefully at him.


It was only when Tae-kyung began to feel puzzled that So-young quickly lowered her gaze as if she had regained consciousness.

She was simply awkward, and a strangely unknown alienation tickled his nerves.

So Taekyung quietly observed Soyoung.

 And he gradually became convinced.

Soyoung still wanted Tae Kyung.

To put it more bluntly, So-young stared at Tae-kyung like a coveted food.

She didn’t seem to be aware of it, but as Taekyung, it was surprising that he only noticed such a blatant gaze.

Whatever happened or the relationship between the two of them is, it must have been Soyoung’s first experience, but whether it means anything… It was unknown to Tae-kyung.

I don’t have any interest in her body, but only sex was okay.

Tae-kyung tried to be sarcastic, but he couldn’t deny his excitement when he confirmed that So-young’s attention was on him in some way.

Unfortunately, if all that she had was desire, he still wanted to hold onto her.

So Taekyung deliberately acted normal to Soyoung so as not to show it.

He made it happen to bump into her whenever he had a chance.

When he saw So-yeong whispering with a certain man, he got annoyed and acted a little more bluntly.

As Taekyung leaned against his desk and lowered his torso, he saw that her ears reddened.

The red-hot earlobes were very cute.

As he had been tempted countless times in his life, Taekyung usually knew how to seduce and bait people.

In addition, he was certainly aware of the benefits of his appearance.

Watching So-yeong tremble without mercy whenever their distance was vaguely narrowed, Tae-kyung felt both excitement and cynicism boiling over at the same time.

She likes my body only.

Tae-kyung sneered but was anxious to touch So-young, and just imagining holding her made him jump up and down.

It didn’t matter if it was a contradiction.

Tae-kyung admitted that he needed So-yeong to quench the thirst that plagued him.

Taekyung’s idealistic view of affection was mild, gentle, and harmless.

Affection would usually be defined as the feeling of valuing the other person, giving one’s heart and attention, and wanting to give anything.

Tae-kyung was attracted to So-young, paid attention to her, and wanted to be nice to her if possible.

But at the same time, he wanted to shake her from head to toe, and to extort every breath from her.

He sometimes felt the urge to make her like a mess.

This emotion could not be affected.

I don’t know if it’s greed or lust.

He had no sense of debt from their sex.

Nevertheless, Tae-kyung felt bitter displeasure just by imagining her getting entangled with another man.

If then.

Something has to be done to prevent that from happening.


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