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Taekyung looked down at Soyoung.

She leaned her cheek against her desk, her brows twisted, and her eyes closed.

Her tiny lips were round and open as if she lacked oxygen.

She looked tired just by looking at her face, but her walls were constantly twitching as if she was anxious to bite off his penis.

The sensation of the creamy soft flesh sucking in the penis was terrifyingly ecstatic.

So Taekyung kept getting rough without realizing it.

“Please, hoo, stop biting.

I think my dick is going to break.….”

“Hngh, ugh….


no, heuk.”

So-Young tried to deny that statement, she tightened her core arbitrarily.

She trembled all over her body, soaked in her excruciating pleasure.

She felt like she was going to die.

 His hand, which had been gently stroking her chest, twisted her nipples without warning, causing her pain and pleasure to swell at the same time.

“Uhngh, hm! Ha-eung!”

As soon as So-young grabbed Tae-kyung’s hand, her upper body was lifted.

Taekyung, who lifted her up, bent his knees and began to pierce his penis from below her.

Her soft buttocks collided with his firm thighs without hesitation, making a squeaky friction sound.

 The groin of the two was quickly filled with love liquid.

“Hngh! Uhngh! Ah, mhngh, ha-ang!”

“Hoo, do you, feel good”

“Yes, heuk, ugh…!”

Tae-kyung smiled, looking at So-yeong, who was lost at the moment.

However, he relaxed for a while, and then he contorted his forehead and focused on shaking his waist.

She collapsed without making a sound as he pressed down on her sensitive points hidden deep in her vaginal wall.


As So-young’s waist was lowered, the insertion also deepened.

Her eyes went round and round as his penis dug through her as if it could reach her uterus.

Taekyung also had to bite his lips tightly because the pressure of her vagina biting his penis was so tight.

“Hngh, ahngh, ugh, hm… uhngh.”

The feeling that had risen sharply from earlier intensified.

She gasped for her breath, shaking her whole body.

A slimy fluid bursting from the inside of her soaked their joints, and the cramping walls of the vagina clung to his penis as if squeezing it.

It was the moment when the pleasure of volatilizing the whole body was about to exceed the threshold.

“…Yes yes, sir.

I came back to my seat now.”

Clack, they heard a sudden appearance outside the door.

The two, who were roughly mixed like one body, hardened at the same time.

Astonishment filled So-young’s eyes that were closing.

“…In five minutes, yes.

I’ll email you right now…”

It looked like someone had returned to the office.

This situation was always exciting when it was just a delusion.

Soyoung froze and listened outside the conference room.

Her heart pounded violently with fear.

The two were disorganized from head to toe, facing down.

Taekyung was in good shape, but Soyoung, who was licked and had her whole body sucked away to pleasure, was miserable.

If you get caught doing this…….

Soyoung, who had reached that point, felt the feeling of wanting to black out..

At that time, Taekyung hugged So-young’s rigid body tightly.

A large hand gently wrapped around her chin, and soon his hot lips fell to hers.

Kissing in such a situation, she didn’t know what it was called.

Soyoung gave him her lips, but all her nerves were focused on the outside.

“Yes Ah… No.

Even Executive Director Kim Jeong-hee, I understand.

So you can check it right away, yes….”

Judging from the vaguely heard call, that person didn’t seem like he’ll stay long.

So-young was a little relieved and sighed into Taekyung’s mouth. I’ll wait for him to go like this…….


So-young’s mouth burst into a dull moan.

It was because his penis that had still the rigid vagina suddenly came out and then hit it deep.

The core, which was sensitively heated by excitement and tension, was roughly stimulated.

Soyoung widened her eyes as if she couldn’t believe it.

Then Taekyung gently curved his burning eyes and pressed his lips a little tighter.

His hot, moist tongue slid deep into the gap between her lips, which opened in her astonishment.

In that state, his shoveling resumed.

The sound of wet water and fricatives dimly echoed through the conference room.

“Heup… Heuk…… ugh…!”

Soyoung struggled, trying to get his hands off her waist.

But Taekyung didn’t back down, and all she could do was swallow her breath so her voice didn’t leak out.

A curved and flexible woman shook helplessly at the man’s waist.

There was a person through a thin layer of door.

It was something that couldn’t be done without going crazy.

Knowing that fact, no, maybe because of that, Soyoung was even more excited.

The moment all these traces of sex left the conference room, from the sound of a deep confrontation between the suppressed moan and the sound of wet flesh, and the lewd friction created by the sexual intercourse.


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