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The more she thought about it, the more Soyoung became more sensitive.

The liquid of love that flowed through the tight walls as she swallowed his thick penis was about to wet her thighs.

“Heup… mhm, hm….


So-young, who was torn between reason and instinct, finally embraced Tae-kyung.

Then, the movement of his tongue skillfully through her mouth became even more clingy.

The man’s hand wrapped around her lower abdomen and squeezed the clitoris, stimulating it.

Soyoung was trapped in his wide arms and shook like a harpooned fish.

A sticky sound of water flowed from the vagina, where they were joined.

The penis, which had penetrated deeply into the vagina, moved shallowly and sharply crushed her points.

An overwhelming pleasure poured out.

Soyoung let out a moan that she couldn’t swallow into Taekyung’s mouth and instinctively tightened her vagina his dick throbbing inside.

The feeling of climax that had been subdued by her fear grew stronger again, and her nipples hardened like a seed.

“Ha-eung, ugh… heup ”

“Haha, really…”

Taekyung opened his mouth and smiled, twisting her brow.

His gaze was drenched in passion.

He took a deep breath and pressed his lips to her cheek.

A voice mixed with laughter, as if teasing, resounded through the skin.

“You spill so much water that my cock keeps slipping.

I know you’re excited, but let’s be patient.

Because you don’t want others to hear your crying voice outside.”

“So, ngh, stop… If we get caught like this…… Hngh.”

“If we get caught like this, it will be rumored that Cha Tae-kyung having sex with a subordinate.”


Soyoung’s upper body crumpled at the sensation of the thick penis pounding inside.

Taekyung, who quickly caught her from collapsing and hugged her, breathed out relief.

Then he bit her earlobe with his lips.

“Actually, Assistant Manager Han So-young is eating me.


So-young shook her head and groaned thinly.

Tae-kyung, who pressed her upper body on the desk, began to move slowly with his penis deeply inserted.

So-young’s eyes flashed white with his penis by rubbing her.

“Director, I sent it now.


Yes… I’ll see you tomorrow.

Yes, take a look.”

“Hngh… Ugh…”

Tears eventually burst from So-young’s eyes.

The panting breath caused the lower abdomen to contract flat and the toes trapped in the shoes to curl on their own.

She was afraid that she would reach her orgasm at any moment.

It was clear that she would not be able to hold back her voice at that moment.

“Haa, so annoying.

Why bother people when they can do it tomorrow….”

The complaints of the staff gradually grew farther away.

Realizing that So-young’s nerves were all focused outside, Taekyung began to move his back roughly as if he were grumpy.

The recoil rattled the desk loudly.

So-young closed her eyes tightly with her lips closed.

She felt like her whole body was breaking.

Every time a huge penis rubbed deeply through the vaginal wall, a star flashed in front of her.

As soon as the long ones were inserted into the roots, So-young eventually couldn’t stand it and tilted her head.

An unstoppable moan broke out from her wandering mouth.


Soyoung trembled as if an electric current was flowing through her whole body.

She had such an orgasm that it took all her thoughts away.

 As she hardened her body, Taekyung swore.

Perhaps he was last at his limit, his penis that filled her inside twitched, and he pulled out.

Soon, semen erupted from the tip of the penis.

“Hngh… ugh, uhngh…….”

So-young leaned against the desk and breathed heavily.

Her whole body was tingling and the twitch did not stop.

She felt dizzy all over as if I were floating in the water.

For some time, So-young gradually returned to her senses.

Then she became aware of the situation they were in a long time later.

As soon as she did that, she burst into tears.


They might have been caught because she made a sound at the end.

Just in case, the person could have called in a security guard to check the conference room.

Nightmare imaginations flooded So-young’s head.

Then Taekyung spoke as if he had read her thoughts.

“Don’t worry, that person disappeared a long time before you made a noise.”

“Hic, lair…”

“Why would I lie when I have a lot to lose We can’t even do this if you’re caught, so we have to be careful.”


Only then did So-young, who was a little relieved, sit on a staggering chair without even taking care of her clothes properly.

Taekyung smiled as if in return for her gaze, reaching out his hands to wipe her wet eyelashes.

Soyoung quietly laid her face on him and shrugged her shoulders.

“You like things like this, right A perv and a close call.

Are you satisfied”


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