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“Is the business trip agenda finalized”

“Yes, Team Leader.

There may be some order changes as we align with our trading lines, but the general framework will remain.”

“How is the schedule organized”

“This is the schedule for me and Manager Han to arrive on the 12th.

We will conduct a preliminary briefing, and when you come on the 14th, the executives will also attend and start the main meeting.

On the 15th, working-level discussions are scheduled for each sector.”

Monday morning began with a meeting.

So-young will go on a business trip to Germany ahead of the project launch.

This was due to a conflict of interests in some contract items between CH Electronics’ overseas subsidiaries and distributors who participated in the project.

As the issue is important, Taekyung was also scheduled to join the business trip.

“James and Mark must attend, so please take care of the schedule until the end.”

“I understand, team leader.”

Taekyung carefully checked the business trip schedule and agenda.

Deputy Director Shin clearly understood how tenacious Tae-kyung was through his many experiences, and he prepared everything for each meeting.

Thanks to that, the two of them have been getting along pretty well lately.

So-young, who was writing notes, glanced at Tae Kyung.

The conference room with good lighting was filled with the dazzling sunlight of the early morning.

Through the window with the blinds rolled up, she could see the clear sky and skyscrapers at a glance without a single cloud.

Taekyung was under the pouring light.

His pale skin shone whiter than usual, and the fresh spring sunlight was reflected on his long eyelashes, high nose bridge, and thick lips.

If Soyoung had only known about Taekyung, who had such a neat appearance, she would not have even imagined how messy he could be at night.

Even though they were sleeping with each other, Soyoung still felt unfamiliar with him.

Like at this moment.

Taekyung, who was looking at the business trip plan for a long time, looked up.

An elongated finger tapped the print.

“That’s clear.

It’s reasonable to have people in charge of neighboring countries attend.”

At Taekyung’s compliment, Deputy General Manager Shin smiled and looked at Soyoung.

“It was a bit hard for a Manager Han to coordinate the schedules of the people in charge.”

“Is it your work”

Taekyung turned to Soyoung.

As he did when he was working, he had a dry gaze with indifference.

“The schedule is a bit tight, but I think it would be good to hold a face-to-face briefing since you’re also going.

Fortunately, it was positive for the company as well.”

It was quite a laborious task to bring together corporate representatives and executives of partner companies.

Thanks to this, So-young worked overtime almost every day while preparing for this business trip.

There was also a time difference, and everyone had so many requirements and conditions.

“You must have worked hard.

Good job.”

“….Thank you.”

However, Taekyung’s compliment with a smile made her feel like her hard work was fully rewarded.

So-young turned red and bowed her head.

At times like this, she thinks it would have been nice if she had a personality that could react more.

Even though she and Taekyung became sex partners, Soyoung still wanted to be recognized for her work.

It was because she was competent and had a clear division of construction, and she did not mix her personal feelings for her supervisor with her work.

Therefore, for So-young, Taekyung’s praise was a greater reward than anything else.

Soyoung, who left work early for the first time in a while, took a cup of coffee and sat in front of the desk as soon as she washed up.

After that, she opened up the materials she had organized from time to time and started memorizing them.

Although she was able to communicate necessary for work, she was not fluent at the level of a native English speaker, so she tended to memorize as much of my travel materials as possible.

“The key drivers for the development of e-commerce…”

TL/N: Soyoung was speaking English.

It was time for Soyoung to concentrate for a while.

Without any reason, Taekyung’s voice passed through her head.


You are going to attend an important conference with me here in the hotel ballroom.

So you came dressed neatly like this…]

[In a situation where foreign buyers are taking a break in the next room, we are stuck here]

[We’re having a meeting with your water dripping.]

[Without even wearing underwear properly.]


Why did I think of such a dirty thing at this moment

So-young recalled the whisper of Taekyung in her ears and felt the burning stomach.

Her earlobes turned red helplessly.

“What, it’s not like I’m an animal deprived of sex….”

So-young fell on the desk and groaned.

Come to think of it, both of them have been busy lately, so there has been lesser sex.

Taekyung took responsibility for her commuting to and from work more diligently than ever before, but he did not rush in to have sex with her before.

He already had a gentlemanly reason that he didn’t want to make her tired when they were busy.

He was a man who showed his sensibility in strange areas even though he acted infinitely absurdly.


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