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When So-young relaxed her body, Taekyung hugged her waist and took a step inside.

The door was closed behind his back.


Taekyung rubbed Soyoung’s lips then tapped them with the tip of his tongue to open the gap.

The back of his hand wrapped around the back of her round head against the wall, and his large body leaned against her.

Soyoung raised her hands and grabbed Taekyung’s shirt.

Her heart pounded dizzy at the familiar scent of him piercing into her nostrils.

Tae-kyung gently sucked So-young’s lips and tickled the tongue with the tip of his tongue as if caressing it.

When the lips opened, the tongue, which had been tickling shallowly, penetrated deep.

The flexible tongues intertwined and rubbed against each other.

As if stimulated by taste buds, the sweetness spread with the reverberation of whiskey.

So-young clung to Taekyung without realizing it.

Her toes were lifted in the air by the force of a strong hug and pulling.

“Haa, ah…”

After the long kiss, So-young buried her cheek on Taekyung’s chest as if hiding.

She didn’t know why she felt so ashamed with just a kiss, even though they usually did much more.

The reason why the team leader came to me anyway is probably sex.

When she thought so, feeling this excitement somehow felt like something was wrong.

Taekyung opened his mouth as if he had read So-young’s thoughts.

“I can’t say I didn’t have any lewd thoughts at all, but I’m not trashy enough to do what you don’t  like today….”


“I came because I wanted to tell you that you worked hard today.

Wanted to see your face again with that excuse.”

So-young raised her head at the unexpected remark.

With an expression like that, Taekyung smiled lightly and brushed her wet lips with his fingers.

A friendly voice flowed along the lips that looked good.

“You usually worked hard and I knew you were good, but honestly, it was more than I expected.”

“….Thank you, team leader.”

“I picked my subordinates well.”

A palpitation that was different from the previous one penetrated her heart with a pleasant sensation.

Soyoung blushed and frowned playfully to erase her embarrassment.

“That’s because you’re a person with a discerning eye.”

Taekyung’s smile deepened at Soyoung’s self-praise.

He gently nodded and lightly swept down her hair.

It was an intimate and soft touch.

“I admit I have an eye for finding something valuable, whether late or not.”

It was an answer that left a strange lingering impression.

While So-young was thinking about the implications of the words, Taekyung lowered his head.

The lips, which became redder than usual due to the lingering kiss, touched her forehead lightly, and the hard arms pulled back and hugged her slim body.

Tae-kyung, holding So-young in her arms, let out a light sigh of laughter.

“Since we’re here, nothing can happen… Now I want to return to Korea as soon as possible.”


“Good night.”

* * *

The opportunity for awareness was not clear.

At first, he thought it was just because he liked having sex with Soyoung so much that he was crazy.

His keen attention to her was a by-product of his desires, he believed, and he could never be anything like affection.

When Taekyung’s penis slid into her body, Soyoung closed her eyes and distorted her forehead as if she didn’t want to show how she felt.

However, if he persistently rubbed the deep part of the core, her meaningless resistance easily collapsed.

The soaked eyes wandered, and the heated lips opened roundly.

Taekyung stared at the scene as if possessed every time.

When So-young dug into her arms, Tae-kyung felt his whole body’s blood languidly.

When the dizzyingly sweet atmosphere filled deep into him, his eyes were blurred.

Every time she burst into a heated breath and cried, apart from her lower limbs that seemed to melt away, his heart was itching and going crazy.

So-young disturbed Taekyung too easily.

He was obsessed with irrational impulses which made him feel a shabby and childish feeling that he had never experienced before.

As the experience repeated itself, Taekyung had no choice but to admit it.

He said that if it was about Soyoung, he needed to look back on his state of being alert.

It was the same day as usual.


So-young, who was weak and sensitive, climaxed two or three times during sex with  Taekyung, and for that reason, she would be exhausted and fall asleep after sex.


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