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Soyoung’s face turned red.

If Tae-kyung was to make fun of her, it was a bad joke.

Tae Kyung dropped his eyebrows as if sorry for her.

It was quite theatrical.

“Don’t look at me like that.

I’ll get hard again.”

“What are you talking about”

So-young tried to organize her complicated thoughts.

She can’t believe Taekyung was thinking about this while she was immersed in useless emotions, talking about her relationship between her boss and her.

She knew he was out of his mind sometimes, but recently she thinks he has been weird.

So-young looked straight at Tae Kyung and opened her mouth.

“The team leader asked me to go out with him, and I refused.”

“That’s right.”

“But… Now you want to go back to being a sex partner”

“Well, it’s a little different.”

Taekyung stared at So-young with a troubled face.

On the subject of saying crazy things, the emotions that came to his eyes were quite serious.

“Before, we were on par with each other, but now you have a clear advantage.”

“What do you mean, I…”

“Use me.”


“Whatever your sex fantasy is, it means I’m willing to cooperate in realizing it.”


“It’d be nice if you could love me even a little bit in return.”

After finishing her speech, Taekyung wrapped Soyoung’s cheek.

The touch on the cheek was as soft as before, almost making a promiscuous sound.

When his gentle fingers felt around her eyes, So-young’s long eyelashes shook thinly, revealing a sound that she could not hide.

……That’s ridiculous.

So-young thought so, but she did not readily say no.

It was because Taekyung’s proposal was too tempting to do that.

It wasn’t just because of sex.

She is not confident that she will have a serious relationship with Taekyung, but the problem was an ambiguous regret that she did not want to let him go completely.

So-young was still hampered by her regret for Tae-kyung, and as such, she was strongly attracted to his proposal.

If I were to go back in time…….

In the meantime, he was able to monopolize Taekyung with his eyes covered without any inferiority complex or shabby.

In the meantime, she was able to monopolize Taekyung.

Soyoung exhaled a trembling breath.

She felt her heart beating.

She wanted to walk herself into the trap that Taekyung put out, but she gathered the last remaining reason and said no.

“……I don’t want to accept any suspicious offer.”

Taekyung looked very sad.

Just that alone touched him with a sense of hopelessness.

It must have been acting, but So-young felt inevitable guilt even though she knew that.

It was difficult to reason because a beautiful man was determined to use his beauty to persuade her.

“Have I ever done something bad to Han Soyoung”

Taekyung cast a weakly worn gaze at Soyoung.

She bit her lips with a look of broken energy.

“It’s not like that…”

“I hid nothing from you.

I just can’t afford to give up my dignity as a human being and not move on, so don’t feel bad about my intentions.”

The words he uttered were mournful, but his attitude was strangely confident.

She didn’t know what to do because she was ashamed of listening to it.

She sighed with a long sigh, covering her red-hot face with both hands.

“But… I don’t know why the team leader is doing this.”

“Because I still feel sorry.

It doesn’t matter how many times I throw away my pride.”

Taekyung’s voice said that, seemed serious.

At least now it seemed obvious that he was trying to persuade So-young sincerely.

She felt the resolution she had barely made right wavering again.

There was a loud silence.

It was Taekyung who broke it first.

“If I want to be remembered as a decent man, it would be best not to bother you in this way.

But I pretended to be calm on the outside, thinking that I shouldn’t let go, rather than lingering on regrets over and over again…”

Taekyung smiled faintly and leaned his back head against the headrest.

The curved side face looked a little tired.

“My conclusion is that it’s better to endure a little bit of boredom if you can’t accept it.”

“…Is it worth that much for me”

Tae-kyung returned his relentless cynicism to a very defensive counterpart.

“What kind of answer do you want If you’re curious, be more thorough.

Because I can say a lot.”

Soyoung closed her mouth like a clam.

Then Taekyung reached out and lightly felt her lips.

He stayed still as if measuring her breathing from his long fingers leaking through the gap of his lips.

After a heavy silence for a while, Tae-kyung, who lifted his hand, bowed her head instead and faced So-young.

The eyes were intertwined from a close distance, and So-young stared at him as if she had been obsessed.

Tae Kyung curled his lips in a gentle curve.

A lower-than-usual voice flowed through my lips with clear curves.

“Say yes.

It’ll be much easier.”


“Is it not your specialty to be nice in most situations”

Taekyung had a face that Soyoung had never seen before.

Showing his impatience, he looked rougher than ever.

To the extent that it would not be strange if his lips and breathing were extorted like this.


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