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Taekyung was unstoppable.

At any moment, there was still a passionate touch to covet So-young, but now there is an overt pouring of affection added to it.

Taekyung himself seemed to put down his pride and begged for affection from Soyoung, but in Soyoung’s view, he never became servile.

Rather, his courtship felt like an extreme example of how much a driven man could wield if determined.

The relationship, led by Tae-kyung, was like a rollercoaster.

Soyoung was steadily dismantled and reassembled by his touch, and at times she was reconstructed anew.

The sensations were overwhelming her.

[Why are you doing this]

[Because I want to be loved.]

One day, when So-young courageously asked, Taekyung answered with an indifferent face.

Without any defense, the light answer penetrated deep into her heart.

He looked into So-young’s shaking eyes and bent his lips still.

[I’m trying so hard.

Are you willing to love me now]

Soyoung couldn’t answer anything.

Her hesitation was not a matter of affection or favor, but courage.

The desperation poured out by a man as big as Taekyung gave So-young a shallow vanity and satisfaction, but at the same time, it also raised doubts.

It was because she could not tell what value he had seen from her.

So-young was defensive and passive, and it was quite selfish of her to have the wish of not wanting to lose anything.


So-young hoped that Taekyung’s sincerity was not just a desire to win over her.

Perhaps even this greed is proof of the fact that she is being steadily tamed by Tae Kyung.

Song Kyung Joon: Do you remember we were supposed to have lunch today

Ahead of lunch, a message came from Kyung-joon, a colleague of the previous department.

So-young, who belatedly remembered her promise with him, briefly confirmed the time.

Han Soyoung: What should we eat

Song Kyung Joon: I made some money by hitting the stock market today.

Let’s eat something delicious.

Han Soyoung: Will you treat me

Song Kyung Joon: Then would I ask you to treat me

Han Soyoung: Ohh, you’re nice all of a sudden.

Song Kyung Joon: Then please go on a blind date for me.

Han Soyoung: Call me back at lunch later.

Song Kyung Joon: You never say you’ll do it, do you

Soyoung went down to the lobby on the first floor in time for lunch.

She could see Kyung-jun’s car standing in front of the company building.

The place where the two-headed was a Korean restaurant located not far from the company.

It is a recently opened restaurant, and as it has a price range, the composition of the Korean table setting is quite diverse, making it popular with office workers around it.

Not long after sitting down, the table was filled.

Various appetizing side dishes, including neobiani, soybean paste stew, and marinated crab, were placed lightly.

So-young gave Kyung-joon a sincere smile.

TL/N: Neobiani –  Sliced, marinated, and grilled beef

“I’ve been wanting to come here, but it looks really good.

Thank you for the food.”

“Go on and eat”.

The two exchanged regards and chatted back.

So-young laughed out loud for the first time in a long time, and she exclaimed admiration for every food she tasted, making Kyung-joon proud.

It had been a long time since the two had a good time.


Kyung-joon looked surprised.

So-young’s eyes, which turned her head after him without much thought, also grew.

This was because Taekyung was entering the restaurant with several executives from other departments.

Taekyung’s eyes touched the two.

Stopping his steps, he looked through So-young and Kyung-jun one by one.

But for a while, he nodded slightly with a smile and greeted the executives, and soon followed the executives.

“It’s your team leader.”

“I know.”

She didn’t know she’ll run into the team leader here.

So-young nodded with a puzzled face.

Taekyung and the people were seated inside the hall at a table for multiple people separated by a partition.

Whether intentionally or by chance, his seat was in the direction of facing So-yeong and Kyung-joon, who had their backs turned.

Feeling conscious of the back of her back for nothing, Soyoung scooped the rice.

“Oh, **…”


It was time for So-young to continue her meal with a noticeable nibble.

Kyung-joon swept his hair with a fidgety look.

Then he lowered his upper body and whispered to her.

“Hey, Han Soyoung.

I felt this before, but your team leader….”


“Have you ever talked about me Cursing at me or whatever.”

So-young’s eyes grew round with the unexpected nonsense.

“What are you talking about”

“I felt it before, but I think he doesn’t like me.

Or are your eyes normally like that”

“What What’s wrong with his eyes….”

“No, no! Don’t look back.”


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