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The feeling of a fresh reminder of the gap in their lives, which she usually had nothing to feel, could not be said to be empty.

However, So-young did not want to eat herself up by falling into useless thoughts.

While So-young reflected on such thoughts, Taekyung prepared dinner.

Soon after, the delicious smell filled the living room.

Taekyung prepared tenderloin steak, basil pesto pasta, and salad with several kinds of garnish.

Seeing that he had made a meal in a short time, he seemed to be quite good at cooking.

So-young, who saw a plausible plating, did not hide her admiration.

“Wow, team leader.

It looks really good.

I think you’ll cook better than me.”

“I think so, too.

I don’t think you have a hobby in this field.”

“You saw it well.

I like eating, but cooking…… I actually don’t get interested.”

“Then I can continue to cook for you.

Here you go.”

Taekyung, who hinted at the future together without hesitation, wrapped up pasta noodles and held them out to So-young.

With her mouth open, she opened her eyes roundly.

The taste of the Michelin restaurant, which she went to with Taekyung the other day, filled her mouth.

“Is it okay”

So-young nodded as she chewed on the noodles, and Taekyung smiled as if satisfied.

Dinner went pleasantly.

In front of So-young’s eyes, there was a wonderful man as if he had jumped out of a picture, and behind it was a night view of the city.

In addition, everything was perfect, including delicious dishes and wine.

So-young was undeniably excited, but at the same time, she also felt a sense of difference from not being able to assimilate into this space.

So-young still couldn’t figure out why a man like Taekyung was hung up on her.

There’s no way that it was because of sex since he was rational enough to not be swept away by passion.

So-young was born with simple nature, and she did not become the type of person who pondered for a long time with unanswered questions.

However, when it came to Tae-kyung, she kept acting frustrated and defensive.

“Why do you look like that”

Taekyung asked as if he had read Soyoung’s complicated head.

She changed her mind while trying to answer that it was nothing.

Maybe it was because a few glasses of wine she drank during the meal loosened her nerves.

“Just… No matter how much you said, I really wondered if I could just take your favor like this.

It seems a bit selfish.”

“That’s useless.”

So-young smiled briefly at Taekyung’s clear answer.


“Nothing about you is selfish.

I’m the one holding on to you.”

Taekyung, who answered insignificantly, brought champagne and strawberries as if conscious of the subdued atmosphere.

The light golden transparent liquid filled the cup with fresh air bubbles.

“Here, take it.”

Tae-kyung, who gave So-young a cup, lightly bumped into hers.

Only then did So-young shake off her ambiguous guilt and return her smile to him.

At the end of the leisurely meal, it was past nine o’clock.

They had spent Friday nights together before, but it was the first time staying at Taekyung’s house in this way.

Soyoung stood in front of the whole window and stared at the endless night view.

Everything that made up this time, including Taekyung, a pleasant meal, and the night view in front of me, sparkled.

To the point where the reality becomes lighter.

Taekyung’s approach was seen through the reflected glass.

Standing behind So-young, he lowered his head and lightly kissed her cheeks heated with alcohol.

When So-young shrank her shoulder, his big hand wrapped around her slim waist and pulled her.

“Do you want to wash up together”

As if influenced by a different situation than usual, the voice whispering in her ear left a deeper sense than ever before.

Soyoung felt a little dizzy and turned towards Tae Kyung.

She was afraid he could hear her heartbeat beating in her chest.

“..I’ll go wash up.”

Soyoung was in hot water for a long time.

It wasn’t her first time sleeping with Taekyung before, but today she became particularly aware of it.

When So-young came out of the bathroom after spending enough time to wash away the alcohol, he approached her as if Taekyung had been waiting.

“You’re out”

Taekyung was also in a gown.

Perhaps because it was a comfortable space, the atmosphere was more drowsy than usual.

Wet hair covered his straight forehead and his bare face.

He smiled, hugging So-young, and entered the bedroom.


Tae-kyung, who put So-young down on the bed, looked down at her with both arms supporting her.

Soyoung put her legs together and had their bottoms attached through the scattered gown.

He smiled softly.

“Why are you uncomfortable all of a sudden It’s hard to stand it when I see you lying in my bed.”

The words whispering with friendly eyes were as chaotic as usual.

Soyoung hesitated.

Taekyung calmly tilted his head and kissed her palm.

So-young asked a lot of impulsive questions, keeping her eyes fixed on the high nose.

“How many women… have been here”

Taekyung paused for a moment.

Then, he stared at So-young.


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