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Taekyung’s penis was large and hard, but her core was soft.

The stretching of her hole was also suitable for stimulating the sensitive penis.

Although it was difficult to swallow, it was an object that provided guaranteed pleasure once it was successfully in.


Gradually, the familiar heat heated So-young’s body.

She instinctively tightened, blinking her dimly blurred eyes.

Every time, her body shook as if it were reacting.

“Haa, whoo…”

Taekyung, who was bound by his eyes and hands, flinched his back intermittently, but he could not move actively as if he was worried that he would hurt So-young after acting carelessly while his vision was blocked.

“Ha-ngh, ang…”

Eventually, So-young, who succeeded in fully pushing in Taekyung’s penis, groaned thinly and leaned her cheek on his neck.

The hot heat was transmitted through the touching skin.

She rubbed her cheeks against his hot skin and whispered in a watery voice.

“How do you… feel”

“…I think I’m going to die.

So, let’s stop here and do… Ugh.”

Taekyung distorted his forehead and clenched his teeth.

This was because So-young slightly moved her back.

“Heuk, I feel good…”

Just by rubbing the folds lightly, the penis gave her a light climax, so So-young groaned with trembling all over her body.

Taekyung’s heart fluttered roughly.

He gasped as he flexed his muscular thighs.

“If you will not untie my hands, at least let me see.”

“Mhngh, I don’t want to.”

“I think you’ve played enough.

Hurry up…”

So-young stuck out her tongue and licked Taekyung’s lips.

Just that alone scattered his defense into the air in vain.

Feeling the satisfaction of being filled with pride, she shook her hips in earnest.

“Hngh, hm, ha-ang.…!”

Because Taekyung’s penis boasted such a magnificent length, Soyoung could not move as freely as she wanted.

However, she felt dizzy enough when she flinched while his penis was  deeply inserted.

“Hngh, I, like…”

So-young, obsessed with sweet pleasure, trembled thinly and moved her back as her instinct guided her.

“Ahngh, mhngh, hm, hngh!”

“Haa, hoo.”

Whenever So-young moved, the sound of slapping skin rang.

Sweaty skin and deeply connected genitals rubbed each other as if melting.

In the end, Tae-kyung, who couldn’t overcome his excitement, raised his back to the moving beat of So-young

“Ahngh! Hngh, hm! Mhngh!”

The recoil was greater than when Soyoung moved alone, and the insertion also deepened.

Mugwort, the penis that was pulled, was instantly pushed up to the roots.

Feeling the sensation of his blunt glans squeezing on a comfortable spot, Soyoung bent her back and let out a moan.

“Hngh, wait, it’s too fast, heuk.…!”

Taekyung, who was blocked from sight and movement, shook his back with a ferocious, distorted face.

So-young, who was shaking roughly, eventually fell and leaned on him.

“Ahngh, ang! Mhngh, heuk!”

So-young’s body shook constantly as if riding a horse.

Unable to overcome the feeling of his penis stabbing inside, she broke out into a sobbing voice and scratched Taekyung’s chest.

“Hngh, heuk, ugh! Uhngh!

“Hurry up and untie me.”

“No, I don’t want to.

Ah… Mhngh!”

Taekyung grinded his teeth, but Soyoung shook her head stubbornly.

It was because she didn’t want to give up the desire to conquer now even in the midst of dizziness with pleasure.

Realizing that So-young would not listen to him, Taekyung quietly cursed and lowered his head and bit her cheek.Then he stuttered down with his lips and kissed her.

“Heup, mhm, hup, mhngh…”

A suppressed moan flowed through the gap between the two lips.

So-young hugged Taekyung’s neck and almost instinctively rubbed her chest against him.

The penis that filled her insides trembled at the feeling of being crushed by the tight chest.

Taekyung, who had stiffened his body in an instant, ‌hit his waist rapidly as if angry.

“Ah, ahngh! Hm, mhngh! N-no, heuk!”

“Hoo, argh.”

The vaginal wall became hot as if it would melt away with the penis that quickly rubbed against her insides.

Soyoung shook her feet at the climax  and gave off a voice mixed with sobbing.


The penis dug into the vagina, almost reaching the uterus.

So-young, who tilted her head to thrilling pleasure, shook her back.

Whenever she was dug deep by the hot pillar of flesh, her orgasm strode closer.


So-young was about to throw herself into the climax.

Taekyung’s body flinched, and there was a crackling sound.

So-young thought she heard it wrong, but as soon as his big hand stuck to her waist, she realized ‌it was not an illusion.


Taekyung had a belt in his hand.

The belt with a luxury logo on the inside of the leather was new, and it looked quite firm to the naked eye.

That’s what happened, but now it had a broken buckle.


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