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“You’re more sensitive than usual…”

“Hngh, mhngh…”

“Your pussy is also soaked.

Did having your toes licked feel so good”

So-young covered her red face with her weak arms.

It was a positive response.

Taekyung, who chuckled and laughed, spread her legs and buried his lips on her pussy without hesitation.


As Tae-kyung sucked the erect clitoris with his round lips, an exhilarating pleasure pierced So-young’s whole body.

She tilted her head back and grabbed Taekyung’s hair.

Her wide-open thighs trembled.

“Ahngh, team, hngh, leader…”

The tongue, which had been licking the clitoris tenaciously, parted the wet flesh.

The pointed tip of the tongue dug into the hole, which was pouring out love liquids.

Soyoung’s ass and her thighs tightened all at once.

Taekyung moved his head as if inserting, digging into her hole with his tongue.

“Heuk, mhngh, ahhngh…”

The more Taekyung’s tongue moved obscenely, the deeper the moan from So-young’s lips.

The sensation of the tongue moving through the vaginal wall was terribly vivid.

Eventually, So-young cried and begged Taekyung.

“Ahngh, hm, stop, just… please now, heuk…”

Taekyung, who was drinking love juice with her tongue stuck almost to the root, raised his head just then.

He licked with his tongue the liquid of love that had moistened his lips, swallowed it clean, and raised his upper body.

“Look at me.”

“Mhm, I don’t want to… Heuk.”

So-young shook her head rebelliously, but Taekyung took her two wrists covering her face and pressed them on the bed.

He looked down at Soyoung.

She turned her head around as if to hide her red-hot face, but she couldn’t avoid the gaze.

Taekyung said with a big breath, as if to suppress the excitement that grew.

“Why are you so shy today”

Soyoung closed her eyes.

It was a fact that he recognized it, but when he pointed it out, her shame doubled.

“You used to play with people in a word before, but now you act like you’ve never had sex before.

Don’t you think your actions are inconsistent”

“Before, you used to play with people, but now you act like someone you’ve never had sex with.

Don’t you think your behavior is too inconsistent”

“That’s, ngh, not it.”

“Sometimes it seems like you’re doing this on purpose.

Sitting on top of a person’s head…… Do I look that funny”

“Sometimes it seems like you are doing this on purpose.

Misleading someone… Is it funny”

“When, hm, did I… Mhngh.”

Tae-kyung denounced So-young, but he kissed her on the face without hesitation.

Soon after, his glans caught her core, and a blunt pillar of flesh dug inside.


So-young let out a wet nasal sound while hugging Taekyung’s waist.

Perhaps because she was bothered by his tongue, the texture of the penis filling her insides was more vivid than ever.

He forcibly opened the vaginal wall with his penis and moved forward slowly.

The penis gently rubbed through the folds, leaving a sense of heat.

The texture of the thick penis digging into the vagina was too much, and So-young felt as if she would reach her.

“Uhngh… Ahngh, mhngh…”

So-young trembled and stuck to Taekyung’s arms.

She rubbed her heated cheeks against the nape of his neck and let out a nasal sound.

Taekyung’s face changed with her clingy gesture.

The insertion of his penis quickly deepened.


Soyoung struggled, unable to cope with the exhilarating pleasure of stimulation.

She was choked by the pressure of the tightness to the bottom of her navel, but the sensation of his penis filling her delicate flesh was as good as death.

Her climax peaked in an instant.



In the end, Soyoung reached a light orgasm just by Taekyung inserting his penis to the root.

The sudden contraction of the vaginal wall squeezed his penis tight.

Taekyung, who was groaning from the momentary pressure, soon realized the situation, and started shaking his back with a violent reaction from the beginning.

“Ahngh! If, you, move, hngh, like that… ang!”

“Haa, ha, hoo.”

The genitals that had slipped out were slammed inside to the root.

Soyoung almost lost her mind and screamed.

Every time the thick penis rammed inside, her folds felt hot.

It was an endless rapture with a sense of climax.

She unwittingly spread her legs to her limit.

“Ahngh, hngh, mhngh!”

“Not yet, ugh, a little bit more…”

From the beginning, So-young felt too much, and Tae-kyung was also caught up in a stronger sense of excitement than usual.

He bit his red-hot lips and pierced her vagina with his penis.

Reason blurred as she relaxed when he entered but tightened when he pulled out.


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