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“Mhngh… Heuk! Ugh!”

Soyoung almost cried and scratched Taekyung’s back.

The pleasure was so intense that it was painful.

It repeatedly tingled as if the inside of her vaginal wall was being pricked with countless needles and then numb, as if it was about to melt.

Taekyung lost his expression and concentrated on inserting his penis into her body.

“Ahngh, hm, mhngh….!”


For some time, Taekyung hardened his body and pushed a huge penis to the roots.

In that state, the rigid body trembled thinly.

So-young also reached her climax again.




“Haa, ha…”

The long climax gradually faded, and the two overlapped as one body, exhausted.

Taekyung put Soyoung, who was droopy, on top of his body.

His chest swelled with rough breathing and then contracted repeatedly.

The irregular beating of his heart was exchanged with their touching chest.

So-young left herself entirely to Taekyung and intermittently twitched in the aftermath of the rippling pleasure.

For some time, the waves of sensation that inspired the two gradually subsided gently to square one.

“….Are you okay”

Taekyung’s hand was wrapped around Soyoung’s back hair.

He looked up at her with a relaxed face.

So-young nodded and crossed her arms over his chest to raise her chin.

Taekyung’s body was stable, as if it was steady to support her.

Taekyung, who was fiddling with So-young’s hair and earlobe, spat out.

“It’s not soundproofed well.

I think they must have heard it outside.”


So-young sighed.

She was so distracted that she didn’t mind her moans at all.

Thinking that some of her neighbors

might have heard the loud mons, she felt her still hot ears glow red as if on fire.

She cried and blamed Taekyung.


This is all because of you.”

Taekyung smiled happily and nodded.

The elongated finger poked So-young’s cheek but such that it didn’t hurt.

“That’s right.

It’s all my fault that Ms.

Han So-young burst into moans while spilling water on her pussy, so I’ll take responsibility.”


“If you’re embarrassed, you can stay at my house from today… What do you think”

Tae-kyung behaved as if he did not know the seriousness of the problem.

Soyoung pulled a face.

Then he grinned and bit her fingers.

Vibrations of laughter passed through her bitten fingers.

“I’m serious about staying at my house, so please seriously consider it.”

Since then, Taekyung has tried to make constant compromises with So-young, saying that it would be better to pack up or that she would yield his bedroom if she wanted.

While jokingly quarreling, the desire that pushed each other to the limit collapsed, and instead, a soft peace of mind was established.

Eventually, So-young burst into laughter and buried her face in Taekyung’s neck.

The body temperature that was conducted throughout the entire body was warm.

* * *

Recently, So-young’s atmosphere has changed.

So-young’s charm, which attracts people’s attention, was her bright and vivid vitality.

From some point on, a mature atmosphere flowed from her.

Her appearance, which was originally pretty, had a mysterious vibe.

The first person who recognized that fact was a colleague she worked with.

“Manager Han, are you dating”

At some point, people around me asked So-young similar questions.

Not only that, the number of private contact with people who had only exchanged greetings on the way back and forth has increased.

All the phenomena were enough to annoy Taekyung.

He showed his uncomfortable feelings without hesitation and bothered So-young in the best way.

She was ‌dumbfounded when Taekyung talked nonsense, but eventually, she would be swept away.

On the surface, it was a daily life that changed little, but underneath, the two became more familiar with each other little by little.

Meanwhile, Taekyung’s business trip is just around the corner.

Thanks to the project’s completion, the plan to expand the target country was completed, and Taekyung had to visit the site in person because it required consultation with the head.

It was a three-week schedule that ran from France, Italy, Spain and Dubai.

Unlike the last business trip, where Deputy Manager Shin and So-young assisted Tae-kyung, this trip was scheduled to be assisted by the current assistant manager.

It also meant that she would be away from him the longest since So-young got to know Tae-kyung.

Therefore, an informal get-together was prepared for a long time.

As a department with frequent business trips and overtime work, seven people gathered except for those who were absent for various reasons.

For this dinner, Manager Joo volunteered to attend and reserved a restaurant specializing in tuna in Yangjae.

“Have a safe business trip.

We will work hard in Korea.”

“Haha, thank you”.

In the space separated into a separate room, the two corners were open with windows, so the trees surrounding the outer wall of the building and Gangnam-daero were clearly visible, and the atmosphere was quiet, perfect for conversation.

In addition, the fresh tuna boasted an ecstatic texture as if it were melting.


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