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The team members have been catching up on conversations and burst into laughter, and So-young ate and drank a lot this time as well.

Manager Joo, who was sitting opposite Taekyung, offered him a drink.

“Team leader, you must have been burdened with a lot of attention here and there, but you must have been relieved because the results were good.”

“Honestly, that’s right.

I’m saying this now, but I was very nervous back then.”

Taekyung readily accepted and smiled at Manager Joo.

With a bright smile, the eyes of the team members were fixed on him.

Perhaps because he drank quite a lot for a short time, his smooth face was loosened more than usual.

Taekyung opened his mouth, looking back at the team members staring at him.

“It’s usually difficult to break away from familiarity and challenge.

In addition, it was an area where I couldn’t guarantee the outcome.”


“I think I was blessed in my case.

I could achieve excellent results thanks to all of you who exceeded my expectations, so I will do my best to ensure that your efforts so far are rewarded.”

If she were to pick the happiest moment for office workers, she would answer that nine out of ten were moments of recognition and reward.

In addition, Taekyung usually had a personality of not saying empty words.

Whatever compensation he said, it was ‌likely that it would help in future corporate life.

The current deputy director, who was sitting in the corner, smiled and scratched his cheek.

“I personally think that coming to this department is a kind of turning point.

After all, I’ve been doing the same thing for ten years.

But this year, it worked really well.

It is thanks to you.”

“I’m embarrassed because you’re praising me too much.

Take a drink.”

When the team first formed, everyone had some prejudice against Taekyung.

But now no one doubted his ability.

Even though Soyoung knew she had no right to do so, she was overjoyed about that fact.

It was because he was a person who deserved full respect as a boss.

The friendly atmosphere continued until the drinking party was over.

“Team leader.”

When they left the store, it was nearly nine o’clock.

Manager Joo talked to Taekyung in a friendly manner.

“The report ended well, and the team leader also went on a business trip for the time being, so it’s a bit disappointing to end it like this.

Shall we go for a second round”

“Are you asking for a second round from me”

Taekyung laughed as if it were ridiculous, but he didn’t really look like he was scolding.

Manager Joo responded in a good way.

“I’m asking you to be flexible as usual.”

The team members liked Taekyung, and they wanted to get close to him as much as they were nervous.

It was because Taekyung had a kinder personality than he looked, and as long as they didn’t cross the line, he wasn’t particularly uncomfortable with this type of teasing.

Eventually, as Manager Joo wanted, it was had whiskey immediately.

Soyoung moved along with the people.

Because of the tipsy drunkenness, her steps were naturally fluttering.

Taekyung, who she didn’t even know was around her, approached and clenched her elbow.

A familiar smell came, and a pleasant voice whispered.

“Manager Han’s better go now.

I’ll take you home.”

The vibrating low tone rang the back of the neck that stretched out.

So-young shrank her shoulders in a chilling mood, and soon shook her head.

“I want to go, too.

And what fun is it if you’re away”

“It would be better for them if I just leave them my card.”

“I don’t think so.

Today’s star is our team leader.”

So-young smiled and laughed at Tae Kyung.

Taekyung sighed quietly, but eventually let go of her arm.

“Then drink as much as you can handle.”

“I will.”

The luxurious whiskey bar was narrow and dark inside.

Thanks to that, the atmosphere became more secretive.

As a result, private stories naturally turned around the table.

Soyoung was sitting next to Taekyung.

Maybe it’s because of the atmosphere.

She tilted her upper body and smiled helplessly.

Taekyung’s eyes occasionally stayed on her soft face.

“Manager Han, didn’t you get prettier these days”

It was a time when we talked about a long time ago.

Manager Joo suddenly pointed to So-young.

She, half-dazedly thinking about something else, blinked her eyes wide.


“All right, Ms.


Tell me honestly.

You’re dating, aren’t you”

At that moment, So-young instinctively looked at Tae Kyung.

Taekyung, who noticed the gaze, smiled faintly and tilted his glass.

Shamed for nothing, she shook her head and mumbled.

“Dating is… Ah.”

So-young’s shoulders flinched unnoticed.

“What’s wrong”

This was because Taekyung put his fingers under the table.


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