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The drinking party did not last long because it was already late.

Those who left the bar were busy getting ready to return home.

Manager Joo, who approached So-young, wrapped around her shoulders in a friendly manner.

“Manager Han, it’s hard to catch a bus here, so I’ll drive you to Sadang Station.

From there to your house, it’s fast.”

So-young reflexively recalled Taekyung, but on the other hand, she did not want to ignore Manager Joo’s favor.

She hesitated for a moment and nodded.

“Thank you, Manager.”

“No worries.

Oh, I got a call.

The driver must have arrived.”

While getting in Manager Joo’s car, So-young was worried about Taekyung.

Of course, he didn’t promise to take her home.… Still, it bothered her that she couldn’t say a proper goodbye.

At that time, the cell phone she had in her hand vibrated as if he had read So-young’s mind.

Team leader Cha Taekyung: Did you just leave me behind


Taekyung said he liked unpredictability, but Soyoung did not.

Every time he did something predictable, and more precisely, every time he moved as So-young expected, she felt her stomach ticklishly burning.

Taekyung has always been the same since he confessed to Soyoung.

Han Soyoung: Manager Joo said she’d take me home.

Team leader Cha Tae-kyung: Where are you getting off

Han Soyoung: Sadang Station.

Team leader Cha Tae-kyung: Then wait at the station.

Taekyung appeared less than a long time later.

When he got out of the taxi, he looked around.

A man with a bigger head than others was noticeable enough to be recognized at a glance in the crowd.

So-young put her hand on her chest, which was beating faster than usual, and took a step.

Taekyung, who was fiddling with his cell phone, raised his head like he felt something.

A soft smile came to his face when he found So-young approaching him.

The two faced each other.

“Did you wait for a long time”

“No, more than that, what about your car”

“I was in a hurry, so I took a taxi.

I left the key at the store, so my driver will bring it back on his own.”

Taekyung answered without hesitation and reached out to Soyoung.

His fingers, with his warmth, ran her disheveled hair behind her ears, as it was his habit.

His gaze, more relaxed than usual, looked carefully at her face.

A faint smile formed on his pretty lips.

“You’re pretty today.”

It was a word that Taekyung has been using a lot recently.

To say that it was just a habit, the gaze toward So-young contained complete sincerity.

Whenever he acted as sweet as sugar, So-young seemed to melt.

When So-young turned her head with her eyes down, his hands, which were still around her ears, spread out widely and wrapped her chin and cheeks completely.

Tae-kyung, who raised So-young’s face, smiled jokingly.

“Are you dating these days”

It was a question that embarrassed So-young several times recently.

So-young smiled for no reason, closed her lips, and inflated her cheeks.

Then she asked him back in a light tone.

“Are you dating someone”

Taekyung smiled subtly and focused on organizing So-young’s hair, which was disturbed by the wind.

Whenever the man’s hand moved and combed down her hair, the rustling noise rang in So-young’s ears pleasantly.

“I don’t know.”

Taekyung opened his mouth much later.

“It’s the same as dating, but at the same time, it’s not.

At least I’m thinking I’m in a relationship, but if I’m not, I want to.”


“In this matter, the will of the parties is the most important.”

So-young’s eyes shook slightly.

The indistinguishable cheeks were colored with reddish light.

She stared at Tae Kyung as if she were obsessed with something.

The noise and light became distant, and only the wonderful man in front of her eyes remained in sight.

Taekyung smiled lightly and lowered his head.

The black eyes moved calmly as if they were trying to identify the emotions shaking So-young.

“Just because you don’t show it doesn’t mean you’re not nervous, and just because you’re casual doesn’t mean you’re serious.”


“Han Soyoung, don’t you want to see me seriously”

At the direct question that she didn’t feel any defense towards, Soyoung’s heart raced.


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