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“Sorry for being stubborn for a long time.”

“Don’t say useless things.”

So-young burst into laughter at Taekyung’s firm scolding.

Then she hugged his wide back tightly with her arms.

Doing so strengthened the confidence that she made the right choice.

The fullness that had never been felt before completely enveloped the two.

It was a perfect night to start a relationship.

* * *

The departure is already a day away.

Going on a business trip as soon as they officially started dating, Taekyung confessed that he had never wanted to quit the company as he is now.

“Damn it.”

The two were Taekyung’s house.

Taekyung, who was leaning against the bed head while hugging Soyoung from the back, made a groaning sound and rubbed his cheek against her neck and shoulder.

So-young, who stretched her arms back and was fiddling with fine and abundant hair, turned her head.

“What’s wrong with you”

“I was seriously thinking about whether I should go on a business trip.”

Taekyung was so serious that she could not find any sign of joking.

So-young burst into a light smile and turned her upper body around and hugged him by the back of his neck.

Then he hugged her lightly.

“Don’t say something that doesn’t suit you.”

Sitting on Taekyung’s thigh, Soyoung tapped the tip of his prominent nose and said as if teasing.

Then he wrinkled his forehead.

“Han So-young seems to be okay.” I don’t know what to do because I always feel sorry for myself.”

“You seem fine.

I have so little time that I can hardly sleep at night.

I don’t know what to do.”

Taekyung, who said so, looked disappointed.

It wasn’t a statement that suited him, but it was quite cute and lovely to see him upset.

“I’m sad too, but it’s not bad to create a long-distance relationship atmosphere‌.

I think you’ll feel affectionate in your own way.”

She was still too shy to talk about dating, but there was no such word to comfort Taekyung.

As expected, his hand, which was holding her slim waist, stopped.

The way he looked at her also quickly deepened.

Since the day they officially went out, Taekyung has been excited, constantly recalling the fact that they are in a relationship.

Although a little perverted, So-young also felt happy because she knew ‌she was happy in her own way.

On the one hand, it was regrettable that they did nothing.

“What are you going to do when you’re on a business trip”

“…I’ll say I have a lover.”

So-young answered calmly, blushing her cheeks.

Taekyung stared at her, who was ashamed, with a look of wanting to swallow her whole, and made an out of nowhere request.

“Close your eyes for a second.”


“Just close your eyes.”

So-young could not hide her puzzled expression, but instead of expressing her doubts, she gently closed her eyes.

Taekyung rolled up the hair covering the back of her neck in one hand.


A thin exclamation flowed from So-young’s mouth.

This was because of the light weight on the slender neck.

Taekyung took her hand and lightly put his lips on the back of her hand.

It was a necklace that was beautiful enough to be admired.

A circular pendant was hanging in the middle of a neat white gold chain.

Over a carat small diamond-wrapped pendant glistened brightly even with fine movements around the diamond.

So-young, who was staring down at the necklace, looked up.

“Team leader, this is…”

“Do you like it”

Taekyung, who was looking carefully at So-young’s expression, asked with a slight lack of confidence.

She nodded as she felt the pendant with her fingertips.

Then he spoke in a tone of hesitation.

“It’s so pretty.

But… It’s a little burdensome to get this as soon as we’re dating.”

She didn’t know, but it looked quite expensive.

No matter how rich Taekyung was, there was no reason to receive this for no reason.

She didn’t mean to deny it even if it was a small inferiority complex.

Taekyung smiled and opened his mouth with a face that expected Soyoung’s reaction.

“In fact, I bought it even before I got dumped confessing.”


So-young couldn’t hide her surprised look at the unexpected words.

Taekyung scanned her thin neckline with his fingertips.

“I thought things would go well if I confessed, just like the illusion that silly humans usually have.

As soon as I went out with you, I wanted to do something for you, so I got this.”


“I thought hard and chose it, so I wanted to give it to you somehow, but I haven’t had a chance so far.

I’m afraid you’ll run away if I put more pressure on you.”

Soyoung lowered her gaze again.

The necklace, which sparkles and shows its presence, was still burdensome, but her impression of it has changed a little.

Maybe it felt affectionate.

When So-young did not respond, Taekyung wrapped around her waist with an anxious face.


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