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Will turned to the other side of the bed still sleeping , he licked his lips like savouring something when his eyes scrutinized after hearing a faint familiar voice .

" Am home " the voice roared happily and Will frowned , he knew this voice but still not so sure if the owner was whom he was thinking of , he then heard cheers and decided to wake up.

His heart started beating so fast as he searched for his sleepers , he couldn be here , could he ? . He asked himself as he gushed out of his room and ran down stairs to see the commotion happening.

His eyes could not believe whom he was seeing , how come hes back , obvious dad must have called him , was he so serious about the territories, did he really choose him over me .

A man whom was constantly hugged and kissed like a little baby , that disgusted Will .

" Cuzzo , how i missed you" Charlotte shouted hugging the man and he embraced her as his eyes fell on Will whom gave him a deadly stare while standing on the stairs.

" You

e such a bad boy " Lucia exclaimed beating his shoulders, " Ooh no Aunt , i just got carried away with some works, you know " he said smiling and she pulled him into a tight hug.

" So what are you doing here ?" a thunder like voice roared and everybody turned their gaze to him , what was so wrong with this guy here. " What question is that , Will ?" Lucia shouted and he pouted , she turned her concentration to the man and everybody ignored William.

" Come on Jared , Peter please help him with his stuffs " Lucia said gesturing , " Wheres Uncle Nathan " Jared asked and a suprised voice welcomed him .

" Welcome home , boy " Nathan said standing on the upfloor looking at them down. Jared smiled as he looked up to see his Uncle whom reciprocated his smile too . Will also gazed at his father who gave a smirk , " Telling him am done waiting " .

" Come lets have some big man talk " that was what it takes for Wills furry to be fueled as he suddenly ran upstairs . " Dad i wanna talk to you and you wait here " he said after pointing to Jared whom smirked and everybody laughed at his behaviour this morning , what was happening with him.

" Welcome Jared Borowitz" Peter said after touvhing his shoulder and the womens of the house stole him , peter headed to place his stuffs together with other maids.

" Dad " Will voiced out following him to his secrecy office, " Did you just call him " he added as he stood looking at the old man walking to his seat.

" Yes i did , am running out of time i need him here as early as possible " Nathan resoned , " Why dad ?" he questioned again anger surfacing to his skin. " Because i need a successor to start working out " he reasoned again and looked at hi messy son.

" Is there really no other way around " he asked and his dad gave him a serious look , " Call Jared for me , i need to talk to him " Nathan said pulling the file out from the drawer.

" No you wouldn give him that , will you " William spoke furry in his voice and his dad smirked , " Why can i ?" Nathan asked and William rushed to the seat beside him .

He looked at his father and lowered his head , he really needed to own the territories and he was so sure to solve out the mystery of the potrait but he was not willing to marry any other woman other than Kehlan Atlas .

" I ..i will " he stuttered and silence took over him again , his throat was heavy , something was like choking his throat but he had to force out whatever he decided to do even when he did not want that .

" I will marry the girl " it came out as a whisper but so enough for Nathan to hear and he gave out his best smirk ever , he never knew using Jared would force him out to accept his condition , it was such an easy task after all .

" Good choice , i guess we shall get you two engaged tomorrow " Nathan voiced out and Williams world collapsed , how could he take things this fast , he did not prepare himself to plan out his sneaky ways out of this , he won just marry like that .

" Why rushing this matter dad " he asked and Nathan smirked , " Because one late day or night things might turn way too far to handle , we

e talking about the California territories here , not this silly mansion boundaries " he reasoned and yes he was so right .

The territories been talked involved the whole state and not just small portion of it and so competition was much like a drinking water to quench thirsty.

" I don want Jared here " he said earning a laugh from his dad , " I need him here incase of anything wrong from you , more over hes useful to me , so deal with your Jealousy young man " .

This was what William hated from his father , sometimes he could be a rock head not listening or fazed by anything being told or what ever happens. He stood and stromed out of his office hatred flowing down in his veins , what was so special about the girl that everyone whom wants to take the crown has to marry her , shes suvh a gold digger and i won let her be in my life , never .


" You could have just seen his face , Liv " Charlotte said through the phone and Olivia smiled , she always had to listen to her friend quarrels with her brother.

" Jared always getson his nerves , finally someone is here who could tame this monster " she said again giggling and Liv laughed ,feeling so jealousy of ger family , peace evolved in unlike in her family.

" Anyways yesterday you mentioned about the guy, i really wanna hear it " Charlotte added and Liv suddenly got red . " Speak up bunny " .

" Okay , okay you listen and you won interfere " Liv said and silence took place , " Okay , she began and smiled once again.

" Come on am getting so impatient girl " Charlottes said and laughter came from both of them. " There is this young man i saw when were on our way from airport the other day and i saw him on screens on the roads he was just so good "

" Thought you met him already , aargh" Charlotte cursed and Liv hissed annoyingly. " Okay tell me how does he lool like " Charlotte asked and Livia got excited once again .

" He has a dark hairs that are slightly mixed with brown , they are just too dense that a finger may disappear within them , he has forest green eyes , i think i will be always lost in them , he has a masculine well built body , i only saw him on his black suit and i wish i would personally see him in person "

" Come on what about the lips , nose and other stuffs , babes " Charlotte lamented and Olivia laughed so hard , " No why would i do that to you , so you can snatch him " Liv spoke sarcastically and her bestie frowned.

" You know that mans description resembles of my big brother but since hes a total jerk , God will never pair him with my innocent you , never " they both laughed on the joke not knowing he was the one being talked about.

A door suddenly was opened and Lyla got inside making her stop talking as she turned her gaze to her. " Come down stairs , your dad has something to say " . After that she turned and left.

" Sorry Charlotte , i will be back for you " Liv said and she hunged up , she nudged her head and walked out of the room to find the whole family waiting for her , everyone was serious and she didn want to ask anything about what was happening when soon she would find out.

She too a seat and looked at them when Robert cleared his throat. " I will be straightforward with all of you and i want you to understand the situation clearly" , a sigh was heard from Morgan.

" I have gone bankrupt and there is nothing else to save than you my family , my businesses have failed and my foundations have crumbled to an extent of no recover "

" Nobody is trying to help out not even my best friends except my old friend Nathan , he is willing to help me out by the condition that i had already fulfilled but i also gave him mone and he accepted "

Everybody now became so excited except Liv whom was emotionally carried away by their bankruptcy situation.

" I gave him a marriage condition and they agreed and tomorrow would be tomorrow " Olivias attention was now caught on thread , how come did he agree on such term , she eyed Morgan and Lyla and her eyes flicked something sharp noticing their joy out of tge matter but they masked it , is it that this was known except for her , this was so like telling her only .

What happened to her dads super properties , what happened that he went on such extend , how can they save themselves out of it.

" They will officially announce the girl among you tomorrow on the stage " this made Morgan a little bit angry , how come they didn choose her directly or did their father not made any choice.

" Am doing this for all of you because that family is so influential and i believe one of you will continue to love as i raised you and so as the other because they will help me saving my status and will be back on our ground again " he said and Liv scoffed , this was a business contract marriage .

" Am not their type , am sure she will be choosed , and if it will be me just kmow i won be a sacrificial lamb " Olivia said and Morgan smiled just as Lyla while her dad sighed .

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