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"Uh hehe...

When I went to buy a backpack, there was a bookstore next to it.

So I just want to go in and see if there were any books I liked, but I saw this magazine, so I bought it."

Carina raised her lips, looked at El, and smiled: "What's more, after I bought that magazine, I heard the decision of nii-san."

"This magazine is a real-time ranking published by the largest newspaper in the East Blue.

They count the pirates in the East Blue every month and rank them."

"In this magazine, there is not only a blockbuster new pirate ranking but also a strong pirate ranking with a bounty approaching or breaking through tens of millions of Berry..."

With a slight pause, Carina continued: "Some of the strong pirates are very mysterious, and the magazines only have their names of them and some have no photos at all, however it was an exaggeration."

"In other words, they have the ability to block intelligence, so even the largest newspaper agency in the East Blue, their intelligence capabilities can't find the location of the strong pirate group, they only know that their prestige is so great that the entire East Blue knows them.


After finishing speaking, Carina grabbed the magazine in Nami's hand, opened a page, pointed to the profile picture of someone ranked No.

1, and said, "Just like this guy called Arlong, he and his crew members are all fishmen, there's a rumored that they come from the new world."

"It only took them less than half a year to become the strongest new pirate group in this session of the East Blue, and Arlong became the fastest pirate with a bounty to break through the tens of millions."

"It is said that they are still somewhere and established the so-called Arlong Empire, but since there is no picture or other information, I don't know if it is true or not."

"However, low-key pirates like Arlong are still relatively few in the East Blue.

Most of them are idiots who want to be famous and don't know how much potential harm they will have if their position is exposed..."

Carina, who was talking eloquently, didn't notice when she mentioned the word Arlong, Nami next to her froze slightly.

At the same time, the girl who has not yet been deeply involved in the world and does not know how to control her emotions and expressions has a ferocious hatred that does not match her age.

That hatred was feel to the greatest extent by El ability.

Less than half a year has passed since her adoptive mother was killed.

This time period is the moment when hatred is the greatest.

In particular, the Arlong has not yet shown his strength, engraving a shadow of invincibility in Nami's heart.

Nami, all the time, want Arlong to die.

The reason why she hugged El's thigh without hesitation was also because in El's body, she not only saw the hope of earning enough 100 million belly but also saw the hope of killing the dragon and saving the village.

If it wasn't for her not knowing El true strength and what it meant in this sea, at the same time the kindness she cultivated under the folk customs of Cocoyasi Village that now wanting to hurt others, Nami would have asked for help long ago.

In this regard, El knows it all.

However, he did not take the initiative to help, because instead of asking for others, it is better to ask for herself.

Recruiting Carina and Nami, El didn't want them to become a vase.

If it were two vases that could only be displayed, or even become a burden to him, even if their breath was not disgusting, El, who knew the dangers of this world, would rather go to the sea alone.

This is not only for their own good, but also for his own good.

El recruited them because they had potential worth developing.

Although El forgot a lot of the plot of "One Piece", those are all trivial plots.

Like important main plots and some impressive plots, not only did El not forget it, but because he traveled to the world of one piece, it was deeply engraved into his memories.

If El remembered correctly, during this time period, on an island in the East Blue, there was another Devil Fruit, one of the strongest types of Devil Fruit, in a state of no ownership.

(Guess what)

Carina and Nami, including himself, are only 8 years old now.

El is not in a hurry to enter the Grand Line, so he plans to find a time to take Carina and Nami to the island to find Devil Fruits.

Then let Nami eat the devil fruit and take revenge on Arlong herself.

It is far better to take revenge on yourself than to ask help from others.

Because after taking revenge in person, Nami's will be sublimated like a butterfly.

In this world, it is a crucial step towards Haki.

Therefore, El will never personally take revenge for Nami.

"...It looks like I found a treasure."

El, who pretended not to see the change in Nami's face, gave Carina a thumbs up and praised her heartily.

Yes, El's admiration for Karina is definitely from the heart.

With such advanced thinking, Carina doesn't look like an eight-year-old child.

Seeing Carina, El couldn't help but think of Nico Robin, the think tank of the original Straw Hat Pirates, who carried a bounty of seventy-nine million Berry at the age of eight and fled all over the world.

However, the reason why Robin became the Straw Hat Sea think tank of the thieves group, because she was 28 years old at that time.

Twenty years of fleeing career has allowed Nico Robin to accumulate countless experiences, and her experience is not comparable to Carina, who was born in the weakest sea.

That being said, Carina is a natural think tank.

Her extremely flexible mind, like her voice that day, was a gift bestowed on her by God.

Thinking of this, El became more and more determined to let Nami eat the unowned Devil Fruit after finding it.

As for Carina, El is going to find her a Devil Fruit that matches her best.

"Uh hee hee..."

Carina didn't know what El was thinking.

After being praised by her nii-san as she wished, Carina, who was intelligent as she appeared, couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction in her heart.

When teaming up with Nami, Carina has always dominated the group.

Unlike Nami, who shoulders the responsibility of saving the village, Carina has no burden in her heart.

She chooses to be a thief alone because she has no strength and can only make a living with wisdom.

In her heart, there is a kind of confidence and pride that Nami does not possess.

Even if she is now attached to others, Carina will not allow herself to be a burden to El.

Not only that, but she has to be El's help.

To be precise...she's going to be a deputy commander!


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