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"Dark Intermediary, Joker So the Dressrosa turned out to be his territory!"

"I know this name..."

"The Donquixote family is very famous in the underworld world.

It is said that he is the largest arms dealer in the black market.


"Heavenly Yaksha, Donquixote Doflamingo, I also heard from Moria-sama that this Heavenly Yaksha, Donquixote Doflamingo is a very evil and dangerous pirate.


Carina, Nami, Perona, and even Kuina who were not interested in things other than El and swordsmanship, all raised their brows and expressed their own opinion.

"Nii-san, do you plan to cooperate with him in the arms business, or do you want to snatch his blueprints and weapon factory just like what we did to Capone Bege

Carina asked with a puzzled expression while looking at El, who was smiling and saying nothing.

"You're smart, so you might as well take a guess."

El didn't explain but continued looking at Carina with a smile.

"I think...

Nii-san, you should want to work with him"

Carina squeezed her chin and said slowly: "You take Capone Bege blueprints and weapon factory, but instead you released the residents on the surrounding floating island and you did not make them the labor force for the weapon factory, presumably you did not want to build a weapon factory on the floating island because it will pollute the environment"

"Since you don't want to build weapon factory by yourself, you can only cooperate with others if you want to get involved in the arms business."

"Joker, as the largest arms dealer in the underworld, has a large connection in an arms business in the black market, and no one is more suitable as a partner in this regard other than him."

"Nii-san, is my analysis correct"

When she finished her last sentence, Carina stared at El with expectation.

"Great, as expected of you!"

El gave Carina a thumbs-up and praised her heartily, then he nodded and said: "Just like Carina's analysis, I don't plan to make a weapon factory on the floating island, however, there's a blueprint, equipment, and a large amount of iron so it's a big loss to not get involved in the arms business "

"Donquixote Doflamingo is the largest arms dealer in the underworld, and his connections are beyond our expectation."

"Aside from Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters, only him and the world's richest man in the New World can completely eat our iron resources and maximize the value of these."

"Furthermore, my next plan is to build these floating islands into a world-renowned "city in the sky", so we need to use his connections and resources."

"So the sea area near the Kingdom of Dressrosa is our best permanent location, so Donquixote Doflamingo is currently be preferred as a friend."

"So that's what it is..."

The five girls were slightly stunned, then after carina recovered, she can't help but ask her concern.

"As the largest arms dealer in the underworld, Joker must have the most advanced weapon blueprint in the world, so he may look down at Capone Bege's blueprints and weapon factory, the iron resources may make his heart move, but it's not enough for him to give us a piece of the cake."

El grinned at her and said, "Don't worry, I'll give him a reason he can't refuse."

In this regard, Carina also revealed the same grin as El

Five days later.

In the Kingdom of Dressrosa.

"Doffy, Doffy!!"

There was a bang in the study room of the villa, Doflamingo, who was reading a book heard the violent sound of the door opening, as well as anxious shouts, then he closed the book in his hand and quietly waited, after a while, Trebol who looked a little embarrassed hurriedly ran into the study room.

"Hey hey hey...

Trebol, don't panic, no matter what happens, I will handle it, so what happened to make you, a top cadre, to look so panicked"

Trebol did not become calm because of Doflamingo's appeasement, but he said anxiously: "on the sea outside the Dressrosa, six floating islands suddenly appeared, they stayed on it for a while and there has been no movement."

"The Young Swordsman, El, who ate Shiki's Float-Float Fruit and was offered a bounty of 1,023,000,000 Belly, will he choose that sea area as his base camp"

"The Young Swordsman, El Floating Islands" hearing those words, Doflamingo, who was originally smiling his face suddenly turn dark, and then his figure suddenly vanished together with the sound of broken windows, after a while, his figure appear at a high altitude.

Flying above the palace, Doflamingo soon saw the six floating islands floating 500 above the sea, then he returns to the palace with a gloomy expression.

"Trebol, go and call Violet"

As soon as he returned, Doflamingo instructed Torrepol who was approaching, then he went back to his room and picked up the sleeping den Mushi Mushi on the desk.

This den Mushi Mushi is the special den Mushi Mushi he has been using to contact Mary Geoise and Kaido.

As someone who cooperates with the three emperors and the Navy Headquarters, one of the major forces in the sea and one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, no one knows better than him how threatening Float-Float Fruit's ability is.

Strategic level devil fruit is so disgusting and incomprehensible and when a Strategic level devil fruit user suddenly appeared at his doorstep, with a bounty of one billion, it is no less than the deputy commanders of the three emperors suddenly appearing in front of him.

To say that Doflamingo doesn't have a bit of panic would be a complete lie.


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