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Facing Rayleigh's slash, El unhurriedly pulled out his sword at his waist, wrapped it with a layer of Armament Haki, and easily blocked Rayleigh's attack.

Different from the previous strong collision that erupted and destroy some object inside the bar, the violet shockwave this time directly destroyed this bar with dozen years of history, then two afterimages swept out of the collapsing bar.

"Don't be nervous, senior..."

Looking at Rayleigh, who was holding his sword in one hand while examining Shakky injury on the other, El smiled and comforted him."If I want to kill her, you won't have any chance to rescue her at all."

"Boy, you actually beat a woman!" Rayleigh stares hard at El, then he slowly places the pale-faced Shakky on the ground and destroyed the seastone handcuff on her hand with Internal Destruction of the armament haki.

Looking at Rayleigh's eyes under the glasses, El sees it's full of anger and strong killing intent.

No matter who it is, as long as the people around them are hurt, anyone will show unprecedented strong killing intent.

Especially women, it is the biggest reverse scale of men, if anyone touches it, they will bring a man's wrath upon themselves.

El's attacking Shakky is undoubtedly touching Rayleigh's reverse scale, so it made Rayleigh burst out with strong killing intent far exceeding that of Hatchan being killed.

"We are enemies, aren't we"

El looks at Rayleigh's expression and continues.

"Your friend occupied my companion's hometown and killed her adoptive mother, so we killed your friend for revenge, then you take revenge for him and if I didn't have enough strength at that time, I might have been killed by you few months ago."

"So, why didn't I kill her was it because she is a woman no, it is because you didn't stop me from leaving few months ago and it is repayment for that."

This sentence, really came from his heart, after being reborn, his view on life had already changed.

what kind of person he was in his previous life, he who is about to turn fourteen in this world has long since forgotten it.

In this life, he is a person who repays others' kindness with kindness and revenge on those who wrong him.

If the hatred between him and Rayleigh did not exist because of Hatchan, then he would happily befriend this senior, and the way to obtain the information he wanted would be much gentler.

However, he killed Rayleigh's friend and savior, so the other party has the idea of ​​killing him, that being the case, El will naturally be indifferent to Shakky.

If it wasn't for Rayleigh's killing intent on him disappearing at the last moment and he didn't stop him from rescuing Robin and Perona, El would not have just knocked out Shakky with a punch but slashed her with his sword.

Hearing El's method of repayment, Rayleigh's face showed a hint of anger, then he raised his hand holding his sword, and slashed toward El, creating a hundred meters long flying slash.

When El easily blocks the charging flying slashed and deflected it up into the air, it turns into a blooming greenish-blue firework that shattered all the bubbles in a few miles, and Rayleigh, who was on the opposite side, had already disappeared with Shakky, however, in less than ten seconds, he returns at the very fast speed and slashed his sword cover with dark red lightning at El again.

In this regard, El is also unwilling to be outdone and he covers his sword with high-level armament Haki and Conqueror coating to meet Rayleigh's sword slash.

Then a strong explosion several times stronger than the flying flashed detonating resounded throughout the entire No.

13 island that even on the surrounding islands everyone can hear a loud explosion.

The invisible substance reappeared, separating El's and rayleigh's sword a few inches away while creating incomparable fluctuations between Conqueror's coating collisions, then after a few moments, it burst out with a fierce shockwave.

The shockwave formed by the collisions between Conqueror's coating is like expanding whirlpool and in the blink of an eye, it covers the entire No.

13 island.

The ground swept by the shockwave kept making a loud cracking sound, in front of this shockwave that surpass few months ago, the surrounding ground within several miles with El and Rayleigh as the center made a loud cracking sound, then pieces of land sticking out or sinking down from the ground, showing an image of inconsistency.

At the same time, the clear sky suddenly became black, then after a few seconds, the cloud layer in the middle sank down, forming a huge and incomparable hole.

After a few months, the change in the sky reappeared in Sabaody Archipelago once again.

Such views instantly shocked the newcomers who came to the Sabaody Archipelago for the first time, and also made those people who were leaving even more determined to leave the Sabaody Archipelago.

This time, the change in the sky was far more exaggerated compared to a few months ago.

Not only the people on the 79 islands of the Sabaody Archipelago can see this, but even the Navy headquarters next to Sabaody Archipelago can completely see the huge change in the sky.

"The change in the sky is so terrifying..." In the fleet admiral office, Kizaru who was sitting on the window with a nail clipper in his hand could not but help but pursed his mouth and said.

"From the Sabaody Archipelago to the Marineford, how much conqueror haki will it consume There won't be two strong people having life and death battles in Sabaody Archipelago, will it"

"It's those two guys again." Sengoku also stood by the window and looked at the change in the sky and reply in a deep voice.

"World Destroyer, El and Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh, the two representatives from the previous and current eras, what kind of hatred do they have that life and death battle between Master swordsman broke out in the Sabaody Archipelago"

"Oh" Kizaru with his legs crossed asks with interest.

"Fleet Admiral Sengoku, do you know the identities of that two people in the Sabaody Archipelago"

Sengoku nodded and reply while looking at the sky.

"A few months ago, the incident of The World Worst Devil Fruit Users was investigated by the Navy and the CR agents, the person who created the change in the sky at that time was World Destroyer, El and Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh, who had retired for many years."

"Two days ago, on a certain island in the new world, there was a trace of the pegasus, they did not fly directly from the top of the Red Line to return to Sabaody Archipelago but returned through the fish-man Island."

"If nothing goes wrong, the flying Pirates have now returned to Sabaody Archipelago."

"People who have mastered the Conqueror's coating are very rare in the sea, especially here in the paradise."

"I can't think of any other people except that kid, El, and that guy Rayleigh, who dares to make such a big noise while being next to Marineford."


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