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Although the time he ate the Float-Float Fruit is not that long, however, with his creativity as a traveler and his monstrous physique, his usage of the Float-Float Fruit has undoubtedly surpassed Shiki and when he uses his devil fruit ability to the extreme, except for something intangible, all the tangible objects in the world will be under his control, be it an island or sea.

This is his greatest confidence to challenge and fear Shanks and Benn Beckman's cooperation.

When the medium-sized island began to shake, the ground, rubble, and dust that was smashed during their fight began to rise in place and merge

as if they are alive to create several earth dragons of different sizes on the ground.

It was obviously just a puppet, but the several earth dragons still let out deafening roars before charging toward Shanks and Benn Beckman.

Looking at the several earth dragons that were charging at them, Shanks and Benn Beckman easily defused El's attack.

Benn Beckman uses advanced armament haki to smash several earth dragons into numerous pieces while Shanks simply uses the breath of all things to cut the earth dragon into several pieces.

El never has any expectation for these few small earth dragons to cause trouble for these two-person, he only uses it to delay their time.

Then as the earth dragon gets destroyed, it created a cloud of dust that rises into the sky and soon disappeared, however, this kind of disappearance does not simply dissipate with the wind but merges into the air and whether it is a strong or ordinary person, their eyes cannot detect these dust particles.

On the edge of the island, the ground suddenly liquefied and merge with each other before turning into a huge circular earth wall that raised to the sky and cover the entire island, instantly shrouding it in eternal darkness.

In this regard, the expressions of Shanks and Benn Beckman changed slightly, as a battle-hardened pirate, how can they not understand the meaning of El's actions,

However, before they can do anything to destroy the earth wall that covers the entire island, the ground of the island began to vibrate once again, and then another earth wall which is smaller than the other, rises from the ground, making the island not only cover in darkness but to also have a limited amount of oxygen, and because of such large change on the terrain, the medium-sized island has now had the same sized as a small island.

At the same time in the darkness where you can't even see your fingers in front of you, a figure with strong aura fluctuations fall from the sky and slash toward Shanks who has currently have the weakest fluctuations of aura among them.

Although Shank can't see the incoming attack with his naked eyes, however, his observation haki can still clearly see El's attack, so the sword in his hand can completely block El's numerous attacks that created numerous sounds of metal collision in this dark world together with a spark of fire and as if seeing El with the help of spark of fire, Benn Beckman spits out his cigarette and hold the barrel of the flintlock rifle in both hands and then cover the butt plate with armament haki before hurling it toward El.

Due to El's surprise attack which caught them by surprise, Benn Beckman doesn't have the chance to take more bullets with him when he leaves the Red Force.

At the moment, he only has a small bag that contains a few dozen rounds of rifle bullets, so he cherishes every bullet very much, and won't shoot casually until he finds an opportunity.

In addition to his gunmanship skill which is only second to Yassop, he also has physical skills that are at the first-class level, so when shooting is not necessary, Benn Beckman likes to use the flintlock rifle as a club to beat down his enemies one by one.

In the face of Benn Beckman's attack, El, who was going to follow up his attack on Shanks with another slash, changes the direction of his attack and lets it collide with Benn Beckman's flintlock rifle, while he raised his foot cover with armament haki to block Shanks's attack before jumping back more than ten meters to open at distance between them before sending another cyan blue flying slash that is more than ten meters in length toward them.

Seeing this, Shanks also created a flying slash that collided with the incoming slash flying, temporarily illuminating the area around them with light, and when it dies down, the three people clash in close combat once again.

Then Shanks slash and created a twenty-meter-long flying slash toward El, in response to this, El stretched out his hand cover with conqueror coating to block the incoming flying slash and seized it over before letting it return toward its previous path, seeing his flying flash changing its original path, Shanks created another flying slash to block it over.

Facing the cooperation between two powerhouses, in addition to swordsmanship, El occasionally used his devil fruit ability and Six styles (Rokushiki) together with his speed to not lose in a short period of time.

One of the reasons why he created an earth wall that blocks the light on the entire island is to have a showdown between observation haki among them, as he has already developed his innate observation haki to the point of being not afraid of fighting in the dark just like Fujitora who had blinded his own eyes.

On the other hand, Shanks and Benn Beckman can only perceive El's aura fluctuations with observation haki, and the latter can't even shoot casually.

It's not that the two of them have no solution to solve this darkness, creating a hole in the earth's wall for them is as easy as poking their finger in a thin paper, it's that their future vision gives them an ominous feeling in their hearts that once they got distracted trying to create a hole in this earth wall, then very bad things will definitely happen to them.


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