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After developing a teleportation array with a range limit of 4,000 kilometers, El's feeling of insecurity is greatly reduced.

Anyway, in case of emergency, they only need ten minutes to reach any sea area.

Even in the new world, there are only a few daring guys who dare to take action on Castle in the Sky, and even if someone did, at most it will only take more than 10 minutes to find those guys and solve them.

So, in order to satisfy Yamato and Shirahoshi's desire for exploration.

After Nami, Genzo and the villagers had finished talking, El took Nojiko, who had decided to leave with them, and set off for the next island.

The next island is nothing special, but it has a great significance to El.

That island was the small island where he was born and stayed for eight years.

After returning to the East blue whether it is Carina, Nami, Kuina, or the other girls, they all want to see the place where El was born.

When the flying pirate's flag appear on the port of the small island, it immediately caused a great sensation on the small island.

Wherever El's group has passed, except for civilians who don't know how dangerous this group is, all pirates and gangs avoided El's group and those who have some capability have already sailed away from the small islands.

For such a scene, El's group has long since gotten used to it.

Passing through the dilapidated street, El brought Carina and the other girls to the door of a ruined orphanage.

This orphanage is the place where El has lived for five years.

It's a pity, it seems the secret of the dean cooperating with human traffickers on the black market was exposed and he either has already run away or has been already arrested by the navy or even kill.

This child orphanage has been already abandoned for a few years.

After entering the dilapidated building to visit and staying for a while, El took the girls of Carina and the others to the forest where he had been practicing for three years.

In that place, there are still many traces left by him training on his sword and grasping flying slash.

Seeing this scene, Carina, Nami, and Kuina, all took out special Dials and recorded all these scenes for remembrance.

That afternoon, El and his crew left the small island and continued to the other islands.

For example, on the island where they find the Flame-Flame Fruit, Sixis Island, the ocean-going restaurant, and so on.

In the Baratie there was a very interesting scene happening.

Seeing El surrounded by so many beautiful girls, Sanji who discovered El's identity hugs El's thigh and ask El to accept him as a disciple, and taught him the skills of picking up girls.

If the other party is only a little bit superior to you, you may still feel jealous, but if the other party is countless times superior to you then you can only look up.

If El is just hugging Carina and Nami into his left and right side when going to the Baratie, no matter how high El's status was, Sanji would only secretly grit his teeth with envy.

However, El is more than just hugging from left and right side, he is clearly surrounded by so many beautiful girls.

More importantly, every beautiful girl around him has different characteristics.

The beautiful Carina, the lively and lovely Nami and Nojiko, the iceberg beauty Kuina and her twin look like Tashigi, the Dark Gothic style, Perona, the heroic Yamato, the mature Robin and Violet, Monet who have the secretary style and the most beautiful mermaid in the world, Shirahoshi.

In addition to this, El himself is still a pirate with a bounty of five billion bellies.

In Sanji's eyes, El represents someone who's a winner in life.

Seeing this shameful appearance of Sanji, Zeff kicked him away and then apologized nervously to El.

El didn't care about this, when fighting someone, in order to inflict heavy damage or even kill his enemy, he will disregard the life and death of ordinary people, and use a wide range of attacks indiscriminately.

However, in normal times, he still has the principle of not bullying ordinary people.

As long as Sanji doesn't hold ill will towards him, he basically doesn't care about him.

A pirate emperor visiting their Ocean-going restaurant, Baratie makes Zeff cook in person together with Sanji who he had been training and was reducing the times he has been able to cook, and his own team of chefs which is a rare occasion.

As someone who has never dined and dashed El put down several stacks of 10,000 Belly denominations on the table, and then drove the Pegasus to continue their adventure around the East Blue.

It was not until the time came to the year 1516 of the Sea Circle Calendar that the Pegasus left the East Blue and came to the North Blue, which is the strongest sea among the four seas.

If it is said that since the beginning of the Great Pirates era in East blue there has been never a pirate group whose bounty has exceeded 30 million Belly before entering the first half of the grand line, then in the North Blue, pirates with a bounty of 30 million Belly can be seen almost everywhere, and there are even a few pirates with a bounty of 50 million Belly.

In the most chaotic sea era, there is even a pirate group who despite not entering the first half of the grand line have a bounty that already exceeded 100 million Belly.

In addition, there is a mobile kingdom in this sea area that completely crushes the so-called supernova and is on par with the pirates in the New World, The Kingdom of Germa.

The comprehensive strength of the three sea areas cannot be compared with this sea and even the two admirals from the Navy Headquarters came out of this sea area.

When returning to the New World to kill the Red-Haired Pirates, El deliberately flew over the red soil continent to the North Blue, and then entered the New World from the Calm belt of ​​the North Blue.

Now, El once again led his flying Pirates to North Blue to find something as the final part of this new adventure and as long as he finds what he wants, he can draw the curtain on the new adventure.



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