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Before falling in love, Shi Ning doesn’t really concern herself with romantic love nor has she had any expectations.

But now that she was in this romantic relationship, she seemed to understand a little as to why love could make so many people enthralled by it.

Everyone was a lonely individual, and it was not until they meet someone, they like that their soul finds its home.

After being with him, many ordinary things seem to have meaning.

Simple things like them eating, walking, and talking.

Though Suno still doesn’t speak much, she understands him very well.

What she didn’t expect was, after being with him Shi Ning only realized how Lin Suno knew her very well.

He knows all her preferences and takes care of her in every detail of her life.

Suno was Suno, how could he be so perfect even as a boyfriend

Does he even have a flaw

Shi Ning couldn’t help but sigh sometimes.


One certain day, people in the dormitory were gossiping about a girl in their class who went out of class just to go out with her boyfriend and book a room.

Ji Ling: “They have only been together for how long ah, less than a month, right, how did it develop to this point”

Yan Fei: “What is there to be surprised Someone can be together for three days and can do it, we are all adults, it is not a matter of how long you’ve been together.”

He Songxue: “It’s a matter of personal choice, but for me, I think it’s better to leave this kind of thing for marriage.”

Shi Ning originally did not participate in their topic, but Yan Fei threw the ball at her.

“If my boyfriend looks half as good as Lin Suno, let alone three days, I’m willing to have a one-night stand, and sleep with such a boy.

What regret will there be in my life No matter how I look at it, I am the one who is in advantage ah!” Yan Fei ruefully said.


Shi Ning who was originally drinking water spurted a mouthful of water when she heard her saying this.

“Ahem, what kind of impure thoughts are you spouting”

Yan Fei: “I’m telling the truth, ah, with his looks and that body, don’t you want to do it I have heard that he is the dream lover of many young girls in the mathematics department.

Tch, an ascetic handsome man is not too charming.”

“Stop!” Shi Ning grabbed a tissue and wiped the water off herself while glaring at her.

“Yan Fei, thinking of my boyfriend that way in front of me, you’re going a bit too far.”

“I’ll be honest, I don’t actually think of him that way, okay.

But as a girl, if such a handsome guy is in front of you, don’t you want to talk about it” Yan Fei rolled her eyes.

Shi Ning did not say anything and just continue to silently wipe the water stains on the table.

Yan Fei: “You can’t tell me that you two have been together for a week and haven’t done anything.”

“We held hands.” Shi Ning said.

Yan Fei loudly said to her.

“You said that holding hands is an agreement, but it’s not how romance work, my dear.”

“Get it! Do you get it! Nowadays, high school kids are hitting home runs after falling in love, and yet you’re still holding hands!”

Shi Ning: “That’s because we haven’t been together for long!”

“Come on, you have known each other for more than ten years, the relationship should be cultivated long ago, right How can you not even kiss What’s the difference between you guys like this and when you were friends.” Yan Fei continued to spit out.

“Who says we didn’t, we kissed!” Noticing that she was being despised, Shi Ning fought back.

Yan Fei: “Oh ho, I really underestimated you.

That’s good, your progress is good.”

She had just finished praising Shi Ning when she heard her say another sentence.

“Does a kiss on the corner of the mouth count”

Yan Fei: “….”

These two goods are a little too innocent.

On Saturday night, Shi Ning and Lin Suno went to Jin Sihan’s concert venue together.

The tickets he gave were very good spots, and from the front row in the infield, the stage could be seen clearly.

About half an hour before the start of the concert, the audience entered the venue one by one, and slowly the whole venue was filled with people.

The venue was very spacious, it could accommodate more than 20,000 people, Shi Ning turned her head and couldn’t see the other end of the venue, instead, she saw a lot of people holding Jin Sihan’s support banner as well as headbands with his name on it.

So many people came here for him, as a friend, she was shocked and proud at the same time.

“Is that another star, so handsome.”

“I don’t think so eh, isn’t he accompanying his girlfriend.”

“The girlfriend is also beautiful.

We actually have a such beautiful sister in the family, I want to take a picture.”

Most of the people who came to the concert were females friends, and there were only few boys, so Lin Suno was particularly eye-catching in the middle of the crowd.

Before Jin Sihan came out, many ladies carrying cameras were secretly taking pictures of Lin Suno first.


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