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Learning anything was always the hardest at the beginning.

Not to mention that Mathematics Olympiad was very difficult.

When Shi Ning first started learning, she couldn’t understand the rules of plane geometry and algebra, it always could confuse her.

After practicing and reviewing the papers for a few days she slowly found some feeling that what she was doing was now the basic topics of Mathematical Olympiad.

Step by step she started learning everything, it was not very hard on the contrary she felt great sense of achievement after solving some problem that she couldn’t even understand before.

Time passes day by day and these days every time Shi Ning read and analyze something she could not understand in the competition questions she would go and ask Lin Suno.

On this day, the two were once again discussing this topic.

“Brother Xiao are you going to play basketball”

The boys in the class holding the basketball asked Nan Xiao to play with them.

Nan Xiao frowned.

“Not going.”

How could he have the mood to play basketball

Shi Ning was obviously his desk mate but now it doesn’t give him any good, because after every class she would always run to Lin Suno’s side.

Jin Sihan walked up to Nan Xiao and sat on Shi Ning’s seat as he followed Nan Xiao inclining his head to look at the selected boy over there.

“Hey what’s the use of saying we like Ningning, she only loves to study.

At this time I really envy Suno, he obviously do not care but he could easily get Ningning’s attention.”

Jin Sihan lamented.

When Nan Xiao saw him coming his cold eyes swept.

“What are you doing here Stay away from me, I’m tired of seeing you now.”

This little love rival of his was not cute at all.

“Brother you must not misunderstand me, I am only sitting here not because I want to be next to you but I came here to feel Shi Ning’s warmth.”

Then he hugged the desk.

“Well, the desk that Shi Ning used smells good.”

Nan Xiao could not bear it, he lifted his foot and kicked him away.

“Get away!”

While on Lin Suno’s side, he just finished talking to Shi Ning.

Shi Ning put away the text and asked in passing.

“When is the national competition for this math competition”

“December 20th.”

Lin Suno replied.

It was now December, and there were less than ten days left before the competition.

And since the national competition would be held in the imperial city they need to go one day early.

“Jiayou oh master.”

Shi Ning gave him a cheering gesture.

“What did you just call me”

Lin Suno asked uncertainly.

Shi Ning smiled.

“Well this days you have taught me a lot.

In terms of math competition and since you’re the one who taught me I should call you master.”

Since her brother was about to take his entrance exam she doesn’t want to disturb him too much so many of the questions she won’t asked were asked to Suno.

Shi Ning added.

“Suno thank you.

I hope you can get good grades on the exam and better get a national one back.”

Lin Suno curved his lips slightly.

“That’s unlikely, I know my own level.”

He was indeed considered more powerful in the province but when he goes outside the province there were a lot of experts in the country.

He was only in his freshman year and lack experience compared to them, it was already difficult for him to get in the national level.

“I believe you can do it, try your best.”

Lin Suno was always rational about what to expect with his results that were beyond his calculations.

But he would still dream after all who wouldn’t know maybe it would come true.

That’s why she kept encouraging him.

Lin Suno lowered his gaze to see her face with a smile and a thought suddenly rushed up that couldn’t be controlled.

He let out a breathed and said to her.

“Shi Ning if I really get the national first prize this time, let’s go see a movie together.”


She agreed without thinking.

After Jin Sihan was kicked away by Nan Xiao, he has been watching Lin Suno and Shi Ning the two study addict passionately discussing which was a bit unpleasant to see.

So he decided to go into the classroom hallway and take a break.



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