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Yu Chuyao looked at Jin Sihan’s distant back and her expression slowly changed from sadness to intense hatred.

Sure enough, no one in this world truly loves her except herself.

She must be perfect, must be understanding and if she make a little mistake everyone would choose to abandon her simply because she was picked up.

She was originally a dispensable existence.

They were all saying now she was vicious, but when Shi Ning was not this kind of Shi Ning now who could be better than her

But as soon as she change everyone seems to forget how she used to be.


This is not is not fair at all!!

She thought angrily.


Two days before the start of the national math competition the school teachers take Lin Suno and Shi Chen with other contestant to Dijing together.

Their flight was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

It happened to be the school lunch break so when they left, others were in class and had no time to see them off.

Around this time, they should be in the airport waiting to board.

Shi Ning asked for a leave of absence from her teacher and went to the airport to seem them off.

Nan Xiao who was sitting next to her wasn’t sleeping for his afternoon nap and notice she preparing to go outside.

He pulled her back.

“Where are you going”

“Brother and Suno were going to Dijing today, I’m going to see them off.”

“Are you going off to see Brother Shi Chen or Suno”

Nan Xiao asked.

“What difference does it make, aren’t they together”

“Of course there is, I found that you and Suno have been getting very close lately.

You even want to see him off.”

Nan Xiao said with somewhat strong jealousy.

Shi Ning confusedly asked back.

“What’s wrong with that I’m really close to Suno so I’ll see him off when he goes for a competition.”

She felt that there was nothing wrong with how Nan Xiao word it and just didn’t understand what he was obsessing about.

The main and the most important thing was that her brother was also there.

This would be his last time to participate in the national competition in high school.

Whether he could get extra points in the college entrance examination depends on this time.

It was very important for Shi Chen, so Shi Ning was nervous for him.

The naïve and bewildered look of Shi Ning made Nan Xiao angry to point of vomiting blood.

Isn’t she smart!

Why does she not know anything about this kind of things

He was already so obvious but she still couldn’t see his heart at all.

Nan Xiao asked again.

“We are also quite close if I go to the capital will you see me off also”

“Why do I need to see you off They are going to the national competition so I want to see them of and cheer for them.

But you, what are you going to do Travel So should I see you off with pleasant journey”

He couldn’t reason out back to her, so before he could lose his temper he stopped questioning her.

When he realized that he liked her, he couldn’t lose his temper to her so he could only hold it back.

After Shi Ning left.

Only then did Nan Xiao notice someone had been laughing behind him.

He didn’t notice until now, the person behind him had also changed seats with Jin Sihan.

“What are you laughing at”

Nan Xiao glance at him coldly.

“Brother Nan Xiao the way you used to treat Ningning is the way of heaven is good for reincarnation and heaven forgives someone1”

When Jin Sihan said this, Nan Xiao was even more annoyed.

He casually took a book and threw it backwards, hitting Jin Sihan’s head with unerring accuracy.

No, I have to go with her.

When Nan Xiao thought of it, the youngsters already stood up from his chair.

Jin Sihan who saw him stood up and slipped out of the classroom went after him.

The two youngsters jump over the school wall, just in time to see Shi Ning got into a taxi.

They both followed and stopped another taxi.

“Mister follow that car in front.”

Nan Xiao said.

When Shi Ning arrived at the airport, she looked at the time and it was already 1:10 she was just in time.

At the boarding gate, she saw the school mathematician team.

A total of two teachers, and three students were on this trip.

“Brother! Suno!”

Shi Ning waved at them and walked over.

They were both a little surprise to see Shi Ning.

“Ningning, what are you doing here Aren’t you guys in class”

Shi Chen asked.

“Lunch break so there was no class, and I asked for leave absence with the teacher to see you off.”

“Brother, Suno you all have to go for it.


“Originally your brother thought that it will be too difficult to  win the national competition so I decided to be happy with just getting second but now that my sister is here I feel I can even win the country.”

Shi Chen half-jokingly and half-seriously said.


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