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After making an appointment with Lin Suno to go to the cinema, Shi Ning stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself.

Her hair look messy, her face was a tad pale, overall the whole person looks very haggard.

It would not be a good idea to come out like this.

Shi Ning thought.

Looking at the time, it was still 1:30 and appointment was 3:00 pm she still has the time to prepare.

She went to her cloak room and picked herself an outfit, then put on a light makeup to cover her pale face.

Because it was winter, Shi Ning again went back and picked a pink plush piggy crossbody bag.

After completing her attire and everything was done, she was ready to go out.

“Are you going out”

When he went downstairs, Shi Ning met Shi Chen again.

Shi Chen looked at her dress and asked her.

Shi Ning nodded, and saw her brother’s face was not looking good making her steps much slower.

“You are still sick, so what do you want to do outside And in such cold day”

Shi Ning took a step in front of her brother, as she diffidently said.

“Brother, you can see that I’m wearing thick clothes today so it’s fine.”

Shi Chen ignored her reasoning and with a cold face he said.

“Do not go out.”

“But I made a promise with someone today.”

Shi Ning whispered.

“Who did you promised Is it a boy or a girl”

Shi Ning originally wanted to tell the truth but remembered that her brother had been talking to her before to stay away from the boys.

So if she would tell him the truth, 80% chances she would not be able to get out today.

“Girl, it’s Tong Lu.

You have seen her before, I’m meeting her today to watch movie.”

“Then you call her, and tell her that you’re sick and can’t go right now.”

“How can I do that It’s not like I’m seriously ill and my fever is gone, I can even jump and dance!”

After saying this, Shi Ning was afraid that Shi Chen would not believe her so she hopped twice in front of him.

As a result, her body betrayed her as she coughed after hoping twice

Shi Chen took a tissue and handed it to her with his more sullen face.

“What kind of movie do you want to see Brother will take you instead, you should recuperate at home because your sick, you can’t just go out and run out like that.”

Usually her brother was very gentle and tolerant towards her but this time how could he be more then old-fashioned than her mother and father.

“Brother if I don’t go today it will be Monday tomorrow and I will miss it, then I need to wait for another week but by that time the movie maybe out of theaters by them.”

She pulled her brother’s sleeve and softened her voice.

“Brother let me go please, I really want to see this movie~”

Her coquettish look made Shi Chen’s face loosened up though he still looked angry but the corner of his lips had a slightly raised arc exposed, he was actually enjoy his sister’s cute acts.

“Since brother isn’t saying anything then that means you promised to allow me go out.

My friend is still waiting for me.

I’ll go now.”

After saying that Shi Ning also did not wait for her brother to say anything else and quickly slipped out of his side.

Shi Chen just shook his head dotingly and shouted.

“Come back early.”

“I know!.”

After going out, Shi Ning realized that her brother was right.

It was indeed very cold today!

She didn’t let the family driver drop her off and just took a taxi straight to the cinema.

Christmas was just one day away, and the mall was filled with holiday cheer and cheerful songs.

Shi Ning get off the taxi, in front of the mall building.

It was the first time that she had seen this concept of Christmas.

She saw a giant Christmas tree full of presents, it was also surrounded by stall selling Christmas gifts.

There were many people coming and going, she could see some of these people were even wearing Christmas hats.

Seeing this fascinating things, Shi Ning thought to herself.

 It’s not bad to come out on a day like this!

“Suno, are you there yet

Shi Ning called Suno.

“I’m at the entrance of the cinema.”

“I just arrive, I’ll come straight up to you.”

After saying this, Shi Ning took the elevator to the third floor where the cinema was located.

The movie theatre in this mall was quite large, but since it’s weekend today there were a lot of people.

Thinking that she may not be able to see Lin Suno, she was thought of calling him again if she couldn’t find him.

However as soon as she arrived at the third floor she immediately found Lin Suno.

And for some unknown reasons, a circle of girls surrounded him within three meter, him in the center.

In school, students often see him more and understood his nature better so they don’t dwell too much about him nor his beauty except the secret glances and inner squeals.

But it would be a different story outside, especially in places like cinemas where there were more young people.

Lin Suno was too eye-catching to miss.

Though this group of girls, did not dare to get too close to him.

They could only kept staring at him from a distance of about two to three people away.

“So handsome, that handsome man has been standing there alone for a long time.”

“I came to see my idol’s movie today but as a result when I arrived here I met an even more beautiful boy than my idol! I won’t be a fan anymore, how can a passer-by so handsome What do we need our idol for”

“I really want to ask him his WeChat and phone number but I don’t know if he has a girlfriend.”

“He looks like he was waiting for someone, right Noooooooooo it can’t be his girlfriend, does a handsome person like him have a girlfriend”

“He’s so handsome so of course he has a girlfriend.

It would not be normal to be so handsome without a girlfriend, so I demand to know what kind of fairy his girlfriend is.”

Shi Ning suddenly felt it was not good to come up to him, it was a little inappropriate.


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