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All the people in Senior A class could see that Nan Xiao was not the same as before.

This big brother began to engage in serious study today.

In the beginning, they all thought that it was just a three-minute impulse and wouldn’t hold out for two days.

But after a week had passed, Nan Xiao was even more serious than the two hardest-working academics in the class.

Learning was a long process and never happens overnight.

Nan Xiao’s foundation was too poor, he was aware of this.

He hasn’t done anything these says but reading textbooks again and again.

Fortunately he was only a freshman in senior high school.

Many basic things were mentioned in textbooks and good for him he could understand textbooks all by himself.

Only a few days before the final exam, Shi Ning saw him carrying a large box approaching the classroom.

“What’s all in here”

Shi Ning asked.

“Our junior high school textbook.”


It’s almost the end of the period, why are you still reading junior high school textbook

Nan Xiao seemed to read her question and explained.

“I have little knowledge before.

I’m going to read the mathematics and chemistry book in junior middle school these two days.”

“Foundation is the most important, if you don’t lay a solid foundation.

It’s easy to ignore the details.”

Hearing what Nan Xiao Shi Ning was quite surprised.

She thought he was studying so hard because he wanted to get immediate result from this exam.

She didn’t expect him to have such patience, but also know that it was true that if the foundation was well laid studying with be more efficient.

Now it seems that he doesn’t really care about the test scores but really wanted to study well.

And because of this, there was a popular saying in Class A now.

“Look at Nan Xiao, he was seriously studying yet you still don’t work hard.”

She don’t know how many people were encourage by these words but the whole class A has the learning atmosphere, and they improve more than when the teacher was teaching them.

Because he studies too hard, Nan Xiao had a rare dark circle on his handsome face especially three days before the exam.

His eyes themselves were now particularly smaller added with dark circles which were distinctly visible on that fair face.

Everyone looked at him like watching national treasure enter the city.

The male students in the class joked.

“Brother Xiao, you really become a panda if you continue like this.”

“Our Brother Xiao is still brother Xiao, usually very fierce and even fiercer when studying.”

“Are you tired I’m tired of watching you.”

In the face of these voices, the reply of Nan Xiao was always only one sentence.

“I’m not tired, learning makes me happy.”

It’s not clear whether he’s saying this to others or brainwashing himself.

One time during lunch break, Nan Xiao couldn’t hold on and close his eyes for a while leaning on the table.

When Shi Ning’s pen just ran out of ink.

“Nan Xiao, do you have an extra pen or refill, lend it to me.”

Then she saw Nan Xiao raised his head from the table drowsily, topped with two groups of black and blue circle around his eyes looking at her seemingly half asleep and half-awake and said.

“Study makes me happy.”

Shi Ning was silent for a few seconds, get the pen out directly in his pen bag, and then spoke to him.

“Although it can be true but you don’t want to go crazy.”


On the day of the final exam, Shi Ning returned to class after the first language exam.

“I told you to choose A for this question!”

“No, it’s not A, it’s clearly B.”

“We all picked A.”

“No way, it’s B.

I remember reading this questions!”

The class was very familiar with this situation where they discuss the questions and answers.

Before each test, the teacher had to tell them.

“Don’t correct the answers until you’ve take one test and lose one and don’t let your last test affect your next one.”

While everyone was arguing on what was the correct answer some of the student couldn’t resist and went back to the classroom to check the answers.

Shi Ning on the other hand did not expect that in her lifetime she could see Nan Xiao also involve in these ‘discussion’ he was working with three or four classmates on the answers to the language exam.

And even argued with several other students.


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