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Shi Chen finally finished eating, he cleaned up the things on the table.

He took out a piece of tissue, wiped his mouth and looked at Shi Ning seriously.

“You spent a lot of energy on English and Science in your first year of senior high school in can be seen that your liberal arts is very easy to learn.”

“In this way you will have more time to do what you want to do.

Moreover if you learn math well, your liberal arts math score must be high.

Mathematics in liberal arts is the most troublesome, if you want to study to the extreme only few can catch up with you.”


He paused and smiled.

“You are my, the sister of Shi Chen, of course you can.”

He picked up the chopsticks on the table and knocked on Shi Ning’s head.

“After all this little head just like her brother is born smart.”

After talking to her brother, Shi Ning became more firm in her choice.

The form was checked under Liberal Arts.

And of course, Nan Xiao stared at her while filling this in.

He also plans to follow her and enroll in liberal arts.

He was about to put on his paper when Shi Ning said suddenly.

“If you choose liberal arts, we’ll never see each other again.”

Nan Xiao: “”

Wasn’t this forcing him to choose science

After Shi Ning said these harsh words, she softened her voice and persuaded.

“This is a matter of your own life, you should be responsible for yourself.

If you select liberal arts course it must be only related to you examination results but also related to your major in college and what kind of person you want to be in the future.

If you change the results because of me, I can’t afford this responsibility.”

“It’s not that I don’t know what you are talking about but I still want to take liberal arts.”

He doesn’t care what kind of person he becomes in the future but he couldn’t stand the thought of not having her in the future and the thought of not being able to see her every day in the same class with her makes him feel bad.

“You’re only childish like that and I don’t like childish boys.”

She didn’t like it, made Nan Xiao’s faith in choosing liberal arts collapse.

“Okay, then I’ll take science.”

He said.

Shi Ning understand his domineering nature and made a decision that ten cows were difficult to pull back.

It was a surprise to her that he changed his mouth so soon.

“Will you really be a good boy and choose science”

Don’t say with your mouth and then put a check mark under the liberal arts with your hand.

In front of her, Nan Xiao made a big thick check under the word science.

“Don’t worry, I did a lot of things you didn’t like before and I won’t do any of them again.”


Soon the entrance exams descended.

All freshmen and sophomores were off for the holidays, thanks to the senior candidates.

Shi Ning personally sent her brother to the examination hall, after sending her brother she went to the local temple to pray for her brother to bless him with all the success in the college entrance examination.

On the second day of the college entrance examination, after the last English subject examination bell ended, it was announced that the college entrance examination was over and the high school career of this year’s senior official came to an end.

Shi Chen fame out of the examination room, it was five o’clock in the summer and the sun was still very big.

Regardless of the sun, the dazzling oily road and the endless crowd, he felt that the world was a little shaky.

When it was over, he had an inexplicable sense of illusion and emptiness.


Across the crowd, a petite figure came running towards him.

All of a sudden, the pent up fatigue, the unspoken sense of emptiness all dissipated a lot and the corner of his lips rose as he quietly waited for her.

Shi Ning searched for Shi Chen for a while and finally found him.

She ran up to him.

“It’s good thing you’re tall or I wouldn’t have been able find you with so many people.”

Shi Chen smiled.

“What’s not to find, your brother is always the most handsome one in the crowd.”

Shi Ning smiled.

“That’s certainly true.”

The two walked together in the direction of their home.

“Brother how is your test”


“What do you mean by okay”

“It means it was normal.”

“That should also mean you did well.”

“I don’t to worry about whether I did well in the exam, I want to go home and a have good sleep and then have a good time for three days and three nights.

I’ll wait until the day when I get my grades.”

After the college entrance exam, Shi Chen neither answered the questions nor talked about the exam when others asked him and just answered them uniformly.

“It’s okay.”

He just played, let loose and soaked up two consecutive all fighters in an in an internet café.

Seeing his indulgent appearance, Shi Ning was completely unable to judge how well he actually did on the exam.

“Brother when will your results come out”

Shi Ning asked him.

“I forgot the exact day just the middle and end of June.”

How can you forget this

She made a point of looking it up and remember the date.

Shi Ning was almost feeling more concerned about this than her brother.


On the day of the results of the college entrance exam were released, Shi Ning was still in class.

When she finally got out of school, the first thing she did when she ran home was to find her brother.

Fortunately, her brother did not go out today so when she ran into his room Shi Chen was sitting on the bed reading comic books.

“Brother have you checked the results”

“Checked it.”

Knowing the little girl came back to ask him about this, he pushed the evening meal with his classmates today and waited for her to come home to personally tell her.

Shi Ning had the illusion that it was her college entrance exams results were coming out and gulped nervously.

“How did you do on the exam”

“It’s okay.”

Shi Chen still had unhurried look, not even taking his eyes off the comic book.

Shi Ning was in a hurry.

“Don’t sell yourself short just tell me the score!”

The scores were out and still saying it’s okay, if this was not deliberately teasing her, then what.

Shi Chen put down the comic book in his hand and raised his eyes.

“Remember the wish you made at the fireworks this New Year”

Of course she remembers!

Her first wish was for her grandmother’s good health.

The second was to hope that her brother’s college entrance exams get good results, its best if….

He could top it.

Shi Ning’s eyes widened in surprise and covered her mouth in surprise.

“Brother you can’t be serious, you go the first place in the city, right”

Her brother was so powerful!

Shi Chen chuckled.

“The exam was okay, I guess it exceeded my sister’s wish with a total score of 721 not only first in the city but also first in the province.”


People were not plants1– Chinese idiom, pinyin: rén fēi cǎo mù, which means that people have thoughts and feelings and are easily moved by external things, which are different from the lifeless, unconscious, and unfeeling green grass and trees.


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