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Chapter 159

Translator: Kyotot


Shi Ning’s heart has a trace of loss slipped through at the same time, and admiring Lin Suno more.

And the very moment the report cards were handed out the class completely exploded.

“Crap, I’m not wrong!!!!”

“I’m shocked.”

“Our class, this time has two first placer in our grade!”

“After Shi Chen picked up the provincial top in science, his sister Shi Ning has once again created a miracle.”

“I never thought that in my lifetime I would be able to see the another first place other than Li Suno.”

“Don’t ask, Shi Chen is a genius, Shi Ning is a genius.

The Shi family sibling are all geniuses.”

In the midst of this chatter, Shi Ning also noticed at this time that just below Lin Suno’s ranking serial number next to his own name was 1.

She rubbed her eyes and looked carefully again, still 1.

She and Lin Suno both scored 892 and tied for first in their grade.

The report card were issued by the school committee and it wasn’t long before the class teacher Lao Yang walked into the classroom.

“The result are there for everyone to see, right”

The audience was unanimous.


Lao Yang: “This time I will not say anything else, but I’ll focus on praising Lin Suno and Shi Ning in our class.”

“Congratulations, you have set a new record in the final examination of senior 1.

Although the test papers are different there are only eight points deducted from nine subjects, I’ve seen if for the first time.”

The class was cheering and countless people were applauding.

Shi Ning looked at her results a little out of breath, she couldn’t believe she had done it just like that.

In the last exam of her senior year 1 she finally got the top of her grade, although she still wasn’t able to surpass the person she wanted to surpass.

Yet she feels that this was the best possible outcome.


On the campus road, Shi Ning and Lin Suno were walking side by side.

After receiving the notice today, Shi Ning was called into the office to talk with her homeroom teacher along with him.

It was not really a serious conversation after all, from the next semester onwards Lao Yang would not be their homeroom teacher.

It’s not that Lao Yang doesn’t take sophomores, he takes a sophomore science class and they both have a science class and arts class.

Lao Yang has been praising them since they entered the office, not only Lao Yang but also with the other teachers in the office.

When they were finally sent out, Lao Yang who has never take the drama route put one hand over the shoulder of one of them.

“You are the best students I have ever taught, not just in academics.

And this teacher will always be proud of you.”

They bowed deeply to Lao Yang to express their gratitude.

After coming out of the office, Shi Ning originally wanted to go back to the classroom first and tidy up her seat.

Although today was not her duty but Shi Ning thought of that this was her last time sitting in that classroom.

Feeling reluctant she wanted to do something one last time.

But before she could enter, her hand was pulled.

Shi Ning turned her head and looked the person tugging her in surprise.

Lin Suon said.

“Can we go home together today”

Shi Ning: “Yeah, I’ll go to the classroom and move the chairs up before I go.”

Lin Suno: “You don’t have to, Nan Xiao will help you with it.”

If she went it, how could Nan Xiao let her walk back with him alone again

He won’t even think about it.



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