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Translated by: Parfait


Sure enough, class teacher Lao Yang came in with Yu Chuyao when the next class started.


The standard look of the goddess–a height of 1.68 meters, a melon-seed face, big eyes, and a delicate figure.

In addition to her looks, everything from her shoes to accessories was expensive.


Anyone would think that she was the real daughter of the Shi family and not an adoptive daughter.


Teacher Lao Yang smilingly announced to the students, “I don’t need to introduce her anymore.

Everyone should have known her since she asked for a month’s leave from school because of her tour, and now she’s back”


There was thunderous applause from the audience, especially the boys, who were so excited that they blushed hard.

They looked like they saw the goddess in their dreams.


“Hello, everyone.

I’m back.”


Yu Chuyao said hello to her classmates with a smile resulting in her classmate’s cheering.


Shi Ning didn’t lift her eyes. She’s just a white lotus.

What’s so good about her It’s better to answer five or three questions.


“Yu Chuyao, you’d better take your original position.” The teacher said to Yu Chuyao


Yu Chuyao nodded and sat down in a row of empty seats on the right side after Shi Ning.


After sitting down, Yu Chuyao gently called out Shi Ning’s name.

“Ning Ning, long time no see.”


Shi Ning’s head did not turn, pretending not to hear.


Whispers around: “Eh, what’s going on Doesn’t Shi Ning have the best relationship with Yu Chuyao She should be very happy for her to come back, but she doesn’t pay any attention to her now.”


“Who knows, the princess is having her temper again.”


“Maybe because Nan Xiao gifted something to Tong Lu, making her jealous and caused her to be in a bad mood.”


After hearing this, Yu Chuyao looked deeply at Shi Ning.

A trace of calculation flashed in her eyes before she covered it up.


Because Shi Ning ignored her, she did not force her to talk to her, rather she turned and warmly welcome her classmates. 


After the class, Yu Chuyao took the initiative.

“Ning Ning, why did you ignore me when I called you just now”


Shi Ning looked at her lightly.

How could she explain to this elder sister that she already knew her true face and asked her not to act with hypocrisy


Forget it.

She didn’t do anything wrong now. 


Let’s put it aside for the time being.


Shi Ning still did not want to go too close to her, knocking books.


“I was focused on my study and I didn’t hear you.”


Yu Chuyao smiled.

“Don’t tease me, sister.

How could you possibly study”


Her tone of speech was very intimate, but Shi Ning felt a trace of contempt.


She gave her a look of indifference.

“Why can’t I study Why am I sitting here if I don’t study”


Yu Chuyao didn’t expect she would respond to her like this.

Before when she was about to leave, Shi Ning held her waist and asked to come back early, saying that she would miss her.


Why did her attitude change so much after she came back


Yu Chuyao remembered the rumor that Nan Xiao’s family funded a poor girl to go to school.

Nan Xiao also took care of this girl. 


This forced Shi Ning to have a great sense of crisis and even took such extreme measures like suicide after confessing to Nan Xiao.


Thinking of this, Yu Chuyao grabbed Shi Ning’s hand with tears in her eyes.

“My poor sister, you’ve been suffering these days.”


“Although this sister wasn’t with you, I have heard things about you.

Don’t worry about it.

Isn’t she just a girl who came from the slum Nan Xiao was only intrigued by her for a while.

He will get tired.

I’m back now, so I’ll do something for you.”


If Shi Ning didn’t read the original novel, she was afraid she would believe her lies.


She pushed Yu Chuyao’s hand away.

“What happened to those born in the slums”


This sentence made her extremely unhappy.

In her last life, she also came from a rural area.

What about the slums Do they deserve to be looked down upon by people naturally

“Don’t think about those children born in poverty place.

If you say that, sister, you’re no different.

You don’t even know where you were born.” Shi Ning said.


After living in the Shi family for several years, did she think of herself as a true daughter




Yu Chuyao didn’t expect that she would say such a thing.

This sentence directly blinded her thought.

She couldn’t hold the smile on her face, and resentment flashed in her eyes.


Coincidentally, Shi Ning’s words completely stepped her weak point.

No matter how much she pretended to be a real daughter, she couldn’t change the fact that she was only an adopted daughter.


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