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After dinner, Shi Pingzhan went back to the office and Lin Xuemo also went for an afternoon tea date with someone.

Shi Chen also said he had a date with high school friends, to hang out in the afternoon.

They were only kids left in the house, and they all ran upstairs to play after the dinner.

After sending her family out, Shi Ning went back to the kitchen and got her guests some drinks.

When she went upstairs, this was a picture she saw.

The four boys were in one room, and the three of them; Lin Suno, Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan were stuck together as usual, playing with their gamepads.

Tong Lu and Deng Lan were in another room where there were dancing machine, the two were happily playing.

She couldn’t tell this before, although Deng Lan was considered big but he was suprisingly a flexible fat man.

He was quite good at dancing too.

Tong Lu was quite restrained at first and did not know how to dance.

Deng Lan who was dancing next to her was showing her how to do it while also dancing.

“You just do this, look, this hand has to swing like this, this waist has to twist like this.”

He explained as he gestured up the action which was quite standard, but Shi Ning who was watching from behind felt a little funny watching him.

Coincidentally, as she laughed Deng Lan at the same time turned his head at her direction.

“What are you laughing at, never seen a fat man dance ah, I tell you I lost five pounds in this dance.

I believe that as long as I work hard, I can lose another twenty pounds.

When the time comes, I’ll be a handsome boy and I’ll be part of F4 in school.”

Deng Lan look forward to the future.

Tong Lu laughed.

“F4 is right next to us, if you have the ability say that again in front of their faces.”

Deng Lan: “Then I guess I don’t have the courage either.”

Shi Ning brought the food to them and then went next door.

She sat down in front of the three, having just watched them play a joystick game, and now they were playing chess again.

Jin Sihan and Nan Xiao were on the bottom, while Lin Senuo was watching from the sidelines.

Shi Ning walked over and whispered.

“Can you guys help me entertain the guests, can’t you see that Wan Yue is sitting there alone”

She knew them better and didn’t treat them as outsiders.

But Wan Yue was different, he came to her house for the first time.

It was embarrassing to leave people out, right

Nan Xiao who was playing chess made a move as he snorted coldly from his nose.

“Heh, let him sit alone.

It’s none of our business.”

Jin Sihan was now on a united front with him.

“That’s right, we’re having a good time so why bring him.”

He said as he looked sideways at Wan Yue.

“I don’t know why but when I look at this kid, somehow I have this kind of displeasure.

I even suspect that he and I have a clash in my previous life.”

Shi Ning: “You and he only met twice, why do you look at him unhappily I think you two should be quite close, before I think Wan Yue looks a bit like you and looking at your two-side face right now, you really look more alike.”

“Nonsense, I’m much more handsome than him, okay”

Jin Sihan was not convinced.

Shi Ning: “You guys just do me a favor and accompany him.

You guys see how awkward he is sitting there alone, can you have some compassion.”

Nan Xiao lost his piece.

“Do we look like we get along with just someone”

Shi Ning looked at these three, it really does not seem that they easily get along with someone new……

In schools those who admire and like them were on an equal footing, and few of them make friends with them.

Shi Ning gave up.

“Forget it, I’ll go keep him company.”

Although boys and girls always seem to play apart and it also seems like it was difficult to play together.

But it’s better than leaving him sitting there alone.

Shi Ning said and was about to get up when Nan Xiao pulled her back.

“We are, in fact, quite friendly classmates as well.”

Jin Sihan: “That’s right, we like playing with the new kids the most.

All those rumors out there that we don’t get along well are false.”

Nan Xiao smiled at her.

“Don’t you move, I’ll take him to play.

Suno, you can help me with this game.”

Lin Suno nodded and sat down on Nan Xiao’s seat.

Shi Ning watched them change their faces so quickly that she didn’t have time to react to what was happening.

When Jin Sihan saw that she was turning her head to look at Nan Xiao and Wan Yue’s side, he hastily pulled her clothes.

“Ning Ning! You have to watch here for me, I can’t win against Suno alone.”

Lin Suno’s long, white fingers held the black pieces and put them on the board, saying in a light voice.

“Even the two of you can’t beat me.”

Jin Sihan gave him a wink.

What matter that couldn’t be discuss under the table

He could clearly see that boy named Wan Yue has bad intentions for Ning Ning ah!

And he was now sitting next to Ning Ning, he was near the water to get the moon first! At a time like this, shouldn’t they be united

After so many years of being brothers, Lin Suno has a tacit understanding with him.

He then added.

“But it does make it better when you’re watching from the sidelines.”

Shi Ning: “Then I’ll stay here to watch.”

She thought that now that everyone had company, she didn’t have to worry about who was left out.

Nan Xiao walked up to Wan Yue and looked askance at him from above.

“Shi Ning asked me to come and keep you company.”

He said this reluctantly, in fact, he really was quite unwilling.

If he was not afraid giving this boy more chance of being together with Shi Ning he does not want to associate with him, but now he did not just take the initiative to come over but also take him to play

“Thanks, but there is no need.”

Wan Yue smiled politely and refused.

Nan Xiao: “Don’t be polite, we’re all men, let’s play together.”

Saying that, he grabbed his arm and lifted the man upwards.

Nan Xiao was in the army all the year round.

His strength was not comparable to that of ordinary people.

Wan Yue could only stand up.

At this time, Nan Xiao at the corner of his eye saw Shi Ning looking here.

Seeing he put his hand on Wan Yue’s shoulder.

“Go, this brother will accompany you to have a good time.”

Wan Yue felt a thousand gold pressed on his shoulders.


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