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The next day, Zhuang Zixue found her again.

“How did you consider my proposal yesterday”

Shi Ning: “You mean that challenge letter you sent me”

“Yes, you should have seen it.”

“I saw it.”

“So, your answer.”

Shi Ning looked at Zhuang Zixue with complicated eyes.

She thought about the words she wanted to say in her mind.

“I’ve always had a doubt, I’m not related to you nor did I do anything wrong to you so why are you always looking at me unfavorably”

“It wasn’t until I got that letter from you yesterday that I seemed to understand something.”

Zhuang Zixue looked at her with an expression of what exactly do you want to say.

Shi Ning then said, “Can I ask you a question”

“Go ask.”

“Do you like Suno”

After asking this question, she saw Zhuang Zixue’s face turn blue to white and then from white to red.

She hurriedly explained: “There are a lot of things like this in our school.

Don’t worry, everyone is very open-minded now.

I don’t mean to look down on you.”

Zhuang Zixue’s face continues to redden.

“I forbid you to insult our pure friendship.

He and I don’t have that kind of relationship!”

Shi Ning: “That’s odd, all your behavior seems to be because you hate me, and this time, you sent me this challenge because of Suno.”

“That’s because…because…”

“I do know that you like him, and honestly, who doesn’t like Suno the way he is.

Even if you’re a boy, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

It’s not because I like him, it’s because he likes you!

Zhuang Zixue could hardly refrain himself and was about to tell her why he was doing this but he somehow saw Lin Suno from the back door walking into the classroom and giving him a look.

Zhuang Zixue suppressed the sentence that he almost wanted to blurt out.

When he didn’t say anything, Shi Ning took it as he was acquiescing.

“Don’t you have anything to say I knew you liked him.

There’s no harm, men, and women all like Suno.”

“I just don’t know who will be the lucky one to be chosen in the future.”

Shi Ning lamented.

“I only like girls.”

A cold voice came from behind her.

Shi Ning turned around and saw Lin Suno.


When did he get here

Is he a cat Why does he walk without a sound

Shi Ning then remembered the things she said and suddenly her face turned red.

“That… Suno, you’re here.”

Lin Suno looked at her with an unreadable gaze and unfathomable emotions.

“What were you talking about”

“I’m not talking nonsense, it’s obviously him.

Suno you stay away from him, he has bad intentions for you.”

Shi Ning pointed at Zhuang Zixue.

Zhuang Zixue’s expression was extremely speechless.

“I was so speechless when she said I liked you.”

“If you don’t like him, why do you pick on me every day and leave me this.”

Shi Ning took out from the drawer the letter that Zhuang Zixue had left for her yesterday.

Lin Suno took the challenge letter from her hand, turned it over, and smiled which rarely appears on his face.

“A challenge.” He read the three words on the envelope out loud.

Zhuang Zixuan saw him the corners of his lips curled up, it was obvious and he could feel that he was laughing at him.

“What’s wrong What’s wrong with me writing a challenge letter”

“Watch less anime, you are easily brainwashed.”

After reading it, Lin Suno tossed the paper envelope back and threw it into the dustbin in the classroom.

Zhuang Zixue: “What’s the matter with anime This is the only fun I have in my spare time!”

Shi Ning suddenly realized and nodded.

“No wonder you are acting like a middle schooler, after all, where else would anyone write this stuff in real life except TV.”

“Just say whether you agree or not!” Zhuang Zixue asked Shi Ning directly.

Before Shi Ning could say anything, Lin Suno answered for her.

“If I’m not mistaken just now, the bet between you two, is this position next to me”

Zhuang Zixue nodded.

“That’s right! In order not to let her affect you, I made this decision, it just so happens that everyone is saying that she is a genius, so let’s have a competition.”

After Shi Ning was transferred to the class, many students in the class knew that he was unhappy with Shi Ning.

This time, Shi Ning’s test results were so excellent that everyone was surprised.

He began to hear many people say that Shi Ning follows this trend and may replace him in second place in his class in the future.

In a moment of anger, Zhuang Zixue wrote this challenge letter to her.

Lin Suno: “Then you have nothing to bet, the seat next to me, the only one who can sit is Shi Ning.”

Zhuang Zixue was dumbfounded.

Shi Ning: “Forget about the bet, I never gamble with others.

But since you want to compete with me so much, let’s have a match.

Did you say in your challenge letter that it’s the end of next semester”

Zhuang Zixue nodded again.

Shi Ning: “That’s too long, why don’t we just set it at the end of this semester.”

Zhuang Zixue glared.

“Are you crazy There’s only one month left in the semester! You just switched to science class less than two months ago and you’re going to take me second place in the grade”

Shi Ning said indifferently, “So what I’ve even got first in my grade before.”

They were more than 20 points apart now and if she could make great progress in comprehensive science it would not be impossible for her to pass Zhuang Zixue’s score.

This familiar and how to tone ……

Zhuang Zixue’s complex eyes roamed between the two.

“You two are kind of alike at certain times.”

After Zhuang Zixuan left, Shi Ning said to Lin Suno.

“You just did the right thing.

Although he does not admit it on his lips, but I see ah he definitely does not have simple thoughts about you.”

“What did I just do right” Lin Suno asked her back.

Shi Ning: “You tell him that you can only sit next to me, then he will not dare to play the idea of sitting next to you.

Being your shield, I am quite happy to be.”

After saying that she also fervently patted Lin Suno’s shoulder.

“Even though Nono is a boy, he has to protect himself outside.”

Lin Suno said with sunken eyes.

“You’re wrong, you’re not a shield.”

“Did you see anyone sitting next to me before you came”

Shi Ning was stunned.

When she thought about it carefully, it seemed that he didn’t.

Meeting his dark obsidian eyes, Shi Ning’s cheeks were inexplicably hot.

The hand that patted Lin Suno’s shoulder stiffened as she retracted her hands and the actions that should be normally done were at the moment suddenly uncomfortable.


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