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“Whether it’s a lie or not, we’ll know when she shows her skill.”


No one knew when Lin Suno appeared.

He had a paper, a brush, and paint in his hand.


He went over , spread the pape, and handed the pen to Shi Ning.

“Prove it to them.”


In the eyes of the audience who didn’t believe her, Lin Suno’s behavior moved her a little.


“Do you believe me”


Lin Suno nodded.


Shi Ning smiled.



She picked up the brush and began to paint.


Half an hour later, a similar picture of the horse that Shi Ning gave appeared.


It’s just that this time the horse was not galloping, but lying down and dozing in the grass.


It was still the same as the painting just now.

The painting technique was unique, simple in brushwork, and vivid in the eyes.


“I’m surprised.

When did Ning Ning become so talented” Jin Sihan was shocked.


Shi Ning painted the last stroke and raised her eyes to look at Cao Shu.


“What’s wrong if I hadn’t learned painting Can’t I figure it out myself Why am I so good It’s just probably because I have talent.” She said this and glanced at Yu Chuyao.


“I can’t help it when I’m born with good parents.

I don’t have to work hard.”


Yu Chuyao’s face turned pale in an instant.


Grandmother Shi was certainly pleased that her granddaughter was so confident in front of so many people.

Holding the two paintings, she couldn’t close her mouth with laughter.


Shi Ning sat down beside her grandmother and felt wronged, “Grandma, why doesn’t everyone believe me Is it really questionable that children of the Shi Family can paint so skillfully”


Grandmother Shi also felt very angry when she heard this.

She didn’t think that painting was not Shi Ning’s at first.

It was because Cao Shu said that she didn’t think her granddaughter could draw it. 


Remembering that she also blamed her, Grandmother Shi felt more guilty.


She patted her granddaughter’s hand: “Grandma misunderstood you.

No one says you can’t paint.

Children of the Shi family are the best.”


“But just now Aunt Shu suspected me and raised the problem of parenting education” Shi Ning nestled in Grandmother Shi’s side, hugged her arm, and cried.


Seeing the Grandmother Shi’s face getting worse and worse, Cao Shu said quickly, “When did I saw about educating I’m just talking about your mom.”


Shi Ning snatched the words: “Is it only my mother who taught me I have my father and grandmother.”


“Well, don’t argue,” said Grandmother Shi in a low voice.


Grandmother Shi’s voice was calm but with unquestionable dignity, as she looked at Cao Shu.

“Xiao Shu, this matter is because you misunderstand Ning Ning.

Once you give her an apology, the little girl will stop crying.”


Cao Shu’s face turned blue and white.


Her pride would never allow her to apologize to that man’s woman.


Cao Shu stood up: “Mom, I’m sorry.

I won’t apologize to her until her mother apologizes to me.”


Grandmother Shi frowned and gave her a warning look.

She obviously didn’t want her to mention these things on this occasion.


“Ning Ning, your Aunt Shu is an elder after all, and today is my birthday.

Shall we forgive her this time You should give grandma some face.” Grandmother Shi coaxed Shi Ning.


According to the original owner’s character, she would not give up.

Cao Shu was waiting for her attack.


Who knew Shi Ning would just cleverly nod.

“I see.

I’d rather listen to grandma.”


The old lady touched her head with satisfaction.


After dinner, the adults got together, and the younger generations stayed in the back garden.


“Sister Ning, you were really excellent just now.” Jin Sihan gave her a thumbs up. 


“We don’t know that you paint so well because you didn’t show it.”


Shi Ning: “It’s nothing.”


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