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Yu Chuyao’s face changes between green and white, after tonight she could clearly feel that Shi Ning was no longer the same Shi Ning she used to be.


Instead of listening to her, she opposes her every time—if it weren’t for the same exact face she would suspect that it was another person standing in front of her.


Currently with her attitude Shi Ning’s standing in the family would be much higher—not only does she no longer make trouble unreasonably, but she also became smarter.


“I didn’t mean it that way.

You misunderstood me.”


Yu Chuyao explained, and looked at Shi Chen with a pleading eyes,


“Brother Chen, Chuyao doesn’t know what she did wrong, Ningning just suddenly became like this.

I just want everyone to be okay, after all Aunt Shu is also a teacher and a mother to me so I would naturally treat you as my older brother.”


But before Shi Chen could speak, Shi Ning hooked her arms to her brother’s arms and looked at him coquettishly.


“Ningning doesn’t care, my brother is my brother alone.

If you need some brother go find someone else.”


Shi Chen was amused by her words and his original depressed mood suddenly became good.


He stretched out his hands and rubbed his sister’s head, curled his lips and smiled softly,


“Fool, who would snatch your brother from you.”

“Her, didn’t she secretly talk ill of me with my brother while I was not here”


Shi Ning pointed at Yu Chuyao, while Shi Chen faintly glanced at her.


Yu Chuyao didn’t know if she was thinking too much but every time Shi Chen looked at her, she felt that his eyes were chilly but looking closely at his expression, there is not much difference—earlier seemed to be her illusion.


Shi Chen said,


“Don’t worry, no one will dare to speak ill of my sister in front of me.”


After he said this, he put his hands on Shi Ning’s shoulder and face Yu Chuyao.


“She’s spoiled, just don’t mind her.”


On the surface, this words are talking about Shi Ning’s willfulness but secretly it means


‘this is my sister, deal with it!  ’


And whether she get used to it or not all he need to do was to protect her.


Yu Chuyao smiled forcefully,


“Of course, I won’t mind.”


After separating from Yu Chuyao, Shi Ning pulled his brother’s clothes and said,


“Brother I have something to tell you.”


Shi Chen glance at her and joked,


“When did you like to stick with your brother so much.”


“Stop joking, I was just pretending in front of Yu Chuyao.”


Acting coquettishly and clinging was just one of the necessary methods.


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