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Chapter 36


Shi Chen could tell that she was faking it, but didn’t expect her to admit so quickly.


“Didn’t you used to like Yu Chuyao a lot, why do you seem to not treat her well now”


Shi Ning didn’t know how to explained it to him, she couldn’t tell her brother,


Hey, the truth is you are a character in a book I read, Yu Chuyao and your mother are the two worst characters in the book.


And you are my favorite character, so I hope that those who hurt you can stay away from you.


“Brother, remember the time when I slit my wrist to commit suicide I sleep for a long time.”


Shi Ning begins ‘her story of her enlightenment’.


Shi Chen nodded his head,


“The doctor said that you’re injury was not serious, and that you were only sleeping for some unknown reasons.”


Shi Ning continued,


“Would you believe me if I said that it was that time that I saw some event in the future”


Shi Chen stared at her and didn’t expect that she would give a strange explanation.


Shi Ning laughed,


“Is it unbelievable If you don’t believe me, just treat it like I’m talking nonsense.”


“What in the future we’re you talking about”


Shi Chen found himself somewhat convinced, although it sounds very unscientific, but science cannot explain many things, such as why his sister woke up to be a completely different person.


Shi Ning did not want to tell him about the tragic event in the original book.


“I saw, you and me, also mom and dad, the whole family was fine ah.

Dad retired and brother took over the company, the company was thriving and prosperous with brother’s leadership.

Brother also spoils me very much, that you would agree to everything I ask.

If I asked for a star, you would give the galaxy for me.”


Shi Chen was once again amused by her, and gently knocked her on the head.


“You wish.”


He thought for a moment,


“So this is the reason why you are suddenly good to me Then what about Yu Chuyao, you suddenly hated her, is it because you saw her doing something bad to you”


Shi Ning nodded.


“This little girl is quiet superstitious.”


After he finished this sentence, his mobile phone vibrated.

Shi Chen took out his phone and saw that it was from her mother who sent him a message, it was probably asking him where he was and telling him to find her.


“Well, you stay here, brother has other things to do.”


“Brother I have one last thing to say.”


“En, what”


Shi Chen plucked up her courage and carefully said,


“I know that auntie is the person you cared the most, but what she said is not always right, isn’t it Take today, for example, the painting was painted by me but auntie insisted that I had bought it.



“So Ningning has also seen my mother in the future And saw she done bad things.”


Her actions from the very beginning up to the end were not very good, she caused destruction of the Shi family, father Shi became vegetative.


Later Shi Chen discovered that he was just used by her own mother to harm his father, after learning the truth, he then ruined himself and never recovered.


“I’m sure brother will realized it later.”


Shi Chen just smiled and walked towards his mother’s room.




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