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Chapter 38


However at her age right now, she could easily see people’s intentions, she may not really think of her daughter-in-law as an outsider and Cao Shu as one of her people.



One of the reason why she doesn’t like her new daughter-in-law was because every time she sees Shi Ning’s capricious and arrogant appearance, she thinks it’s because Lin Xuemo can’t teach her child and has taught her granddaughter badly.



In addition Cao Shu has been fanning flames1, saying that the reason Shi Ning was not close to her was because her mother had taught her so.


That’s why she particularly hated Lin Xuemo.


But now, her granddaughter has become sweet and caring, it seems that what Cao Shu said was not entirely true.

No matter what, which mother would teach their children in a bad way.



Old people were easily touched, and when grandma Shi heard Shi Ning said,


‘I used to distance myself with grandma because I know grandma doesn’t like mom and thinks that grandma wouldn’t care about Ningning too.’


She felt sudden guilt, no wonder Ningning used to ignore or easily angry with her, it was because she was more bias and treats Lin Xuemo indifferently.



“Grandma you hair is done.”


After Shi Ning helped her grandmother braid her hair, she took out the mirror and showed it to her.


It was said that hair was second next to face, the style Shi Ning used on grandmother Shi was elegant and noble, making her look more younger.



Grandmother Shi happily and guilty hold her granddaughter’s hand,


“It was your grandma who was wrong before, no matter what she is your mother.”


Thinking of it, she had been treating Lin Xuemo so indifferently, while Lin Xuemo had always treated her with respect.



“Later, I’ll invite your whole family here in the old house and ask to visit more often.

Grandma has nothing else to ask for but to accompany me.”



Shi Ning didn’t make a sound, Grandmother Shi turned her head,


“What’s wrong Ningning”


As she turned her head, she saw tears in her granddaughter’s little eyes,


“Why are you crying”


“It’s okay grandma, I just couldn’t hold it for a while…”


She remembered her grandmother who passed away more than a year ago in her previous life, she and her parents did not spend much time together.



It was her grandmother who raised her, it can be said that they are dependent with each other, in the second year after her parents car accident, her grandmother also followed.



Shi Ning remembered that she did not eat nor drink anything, and just cried for three whole days, she cried until there was no voice and strength left, feeling that she was going to follow her grandmother to the netherworld to find her mother and father.



But survival instinct let her endure, she understood that she had to lived, had to get up and live more wonderful life than anyone else, living and experiencing the world her parents and grandmother never did.



As long as she lives and remembered them, then they would always live in her heart.


But she never thought that she would die and be reborn, living the memories of the original body who had everything; mom, dad, brother and a grandmother.


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