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After the concert Jin Sihan was originally going to invite all the staff to dinner together, Shi Ning and Lin Suno being his close friends, and he naturally planned to take them along.

Just after hearing this news, Jin Sihan couldn’t come back from the sinking blow for a long time and sit in the dressing room chair without saying a word for a long time.

Ruang Tongtong called everyone else in the dressing room out, leaving only a few of them.

She said to Jin Sihan, “Si Han, the media outside is still waiting for your interview.”

“You go and tell them that I’m not taking any interviews this time.”

“The dinner party’s tonight”

“I’m not going, you take them, and put the tab on my name.”

Jin Sihan said this without any room to argue and with the looks of it, he wouldn’t listen to anything she says.

Ruan Tongtong could only feel helpless because of his willful attitude.

“As an artist, you can’t be so capricious.

You have to be responsible for the team, fans, and yourself,” Ruan Tongtong said.

Jin Sihan: “The concert has ended.

Don’t I have to have some time to catch my breath Sister Tong, I’ve been with you for so long, don’t you still know what she means to me.”

It’s true that music was his dream, but it’s only his first love he couldn’t go far just by loving it a little.

It was she who gave him armor and courage to make him want to shine and be seen by her.

Now he finally did it, but she has become someone else’s girlfriend.

Shi Ning walked over at this time, Ruan Tongtong saw her walking over and said to Shi Ning, “I am unable to talk any sense to him, you come persuade him for me.”

Shi Ning nodded to her as she walked over to Jin Sihan and squatted down.

“I listened to the song you sang, and it was very good.”

The man who was so dazzling and radiant on the stage just now was now red-eyed as he said in a dumb voice: “The song is called Confession, you should know what I mean.”

“All of us are older than you.

I have always loved you as my younger brother.”

Jin Sihan was different from them.

He was the youngest student in the same class.

He lost his mother when he was young, and his father did not love him.

He only had a perverted brother who was good and bad to him at the same time.

This child aroused maternal love in Shi Ning’s nature, so even if he occasionally showed too much affection to her, Shi Ning would only treat him as a spoiled child.

So she didn’t expect that he would also have that feeling for her.

Jin Sihan pulled his lips and sneered.

“Who the hell wants to be your brother, am I missing a sister What I want, is the position he’s in now.”

His gaze glanced at Lin Suno over there, grim and unwilling.

Shi Ning raised her eyes, and they were firm.

“But I like him, and only him.”

Jin Sihan’s little fighting spirit against his rival in love has just died down.

“Yes, you like him, so no matter how much others like you, it’s useless.”

Shi Ning may not realize it herself, but he and Nan Xiao looked at her every day, so how could they not notice that her gaze would always automatically follow Lin Suno without realizing it

“In the past, when we were studying together, I scolded you every day for being biased, and only knowing how to protect Suno.”

“Now that I think about it, I actually had a hunch at that time that the person you liked was him, right” He said in a muffled voice.

“I’m sorry.” Shi Ning whispered.

Even if she didn’t like him, she would still apologize.

She was so gentle that he seemed unable to find a reason to be angry with her.

Jin Sihan smiled and said, “Your apology is too insincere.

Why don’t you give me a hug”

Shi Ning glared at him: “Suno is still here! Don’t you dare! Watch out I’ll ask my boyfriend to beat you up.”

“Tch, having a boyfriend is really different, I’m not allowed to hug you anymore and it’s not like we haven’t hugged before.”

Seeing talk like this, Shi Ning felt less guilty and could not help giving light punches.

“Since you don’t want to, I won’t hug you.” Jin Sihan said.

“That’s more like it.” Shi Ning stopped giving light jabs and punches.

But in the next second when she just let her guard down, the man who was sitting in front of him had his eyes narrowed slightly, his palms cradled her head, closed his eyes as he dropped a kiss on her hair.

“Well, I accept your apology.” He immediately let go of her, with a triumphant smile on his face.

Lin Suno almost rushed to beat the man over there, but Ruan Tongtong stopped him.

“He has such a dog-like temper.

The person he liked for so long was robbed before he could even confess, he must not be reconciled.

Please bear with him.”

Lin Suno’s clenched fist loosened again.

“Last time.” He whispered.

His cold-to-the-point gaze skimmed over the people over there and then walked straight out.

“Ah, ah, Ning Ning, I was wrong! You’re too serious!”

“Jie, Jie I was wrong, do not hit the face, I still have to rely on this face to eat it!”

Jin Sihan reacted as Shi Ning continued to beat him.

“I just touched your hair! I didn’t dare to kiss you! I am telling the truth, okay” Jin Sihan cries.

“That’s no good! You’re taking advantage of me.”

She doesn’t really care about his gestures before but after knowing now that he has feelings for her, this kind of behavior was intolerable.

She was so angry that she settled old scores and new ones together before she cleared her mind and hit him enough.

“Shi Ning, stop fighting.

Your boyfriend is out.”

Ruan Tongtong turned to her and said.

Shi Ning’s heart sank.

Oh, I’m afraid Suno’s jealous again.

She stopped her hand and immediately went after him.


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