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Lin Suno’s body slightly stiffened and did not move for a while.

Nan Xiao continued.

“Otherwise, why didn’t you hit her, and me instead Give her the champion for nothing”

The tension was only for a moment, and Lin Suno reverted back to his usual poker face.

“Because of this, you think I like her”

“Otherwise what else can there be”

“Why don’t you think about this, the champion is probably also given to you, I even give you an extra bullet of love.”

After he finished speaking this, he patted Nan Xiao’s shoulder and walked pass him to go over Shi Ning and Jin Sihan was.

Nan Xiao looked at Lin Suno’s back and thinks that if it wasn’t for the fact that he was his brother who he grow up together with, Lin Suno may have been beaten by him now and couldn’t stand up anymore.

That’s damn disgusting!

Nan Xiao cursed inwardly.

Lin Suno walked over to help Shi Ning and Jin Sihan grill.

Jin Sihan surprisingly said.

“Why are you here I thought you can’t grill”

“Isn’t it so simple, I can do it.”

Jin Sihan complained loudly.

“Then why didn’t you come even when I shouted at you for help just now!”

“I just recently know how to.”

“F̲u̲c̲k̲ it.”

Jin Sihan also couldn’t help but follow his brother to explode in dirty words.

After Shi Ning grilled the skewers, she went ahead and tried to taste it.

It taste pretty good.

“You guys try it too.”

She said to Jin Sihan and Lin Suno.

Jin Sihan was the first to pick up the meat and hurriedly delivered it to his mouth, but because he was in a hurry and the meat was still hot, he scalded his mouth instead but that didn’t prevent him from tasting the meat.

“Delicious, too delicious! This is what I call barbeque!”

After eating, Jin Sihan was not stingy with his praise.

Shi Ning was so happy with the compliment that she picked another one and handed it to Lin Suno.

“Well, Suno doesn’t eat this kind of—”

Jin Sihan said as he swallowed the meat, after seeing Shi Ning giving Lin Suno a barbeque.

Along with what Jin Sihan had said, Lin Suno already finished eating the meat given by Shi Ning.

“Well, it’s delicious.”

Jin Sihan looked dumbfounded.

Shi Ning smiled and continued grilling and told them about what to pay attention to when grilling so that they could take over.

And since this was a simple matter, Jin Sihan and Lin Suno were now capable of grilling on their own.

But seeing the god of study rolling up his sleeves and standing by the charcoal stove, seriously studying how to barbeque better made Shi Ning want to laugh.

People who were usually cold, indifferent, quiet and happy go lucky were finally showing their different sides.


Shi Ning was planning to walked over the campfire with the skewers she had just grilled, ready to give her teacher and classmates a taste.

Just as she turned around, Shi Ning and Nan Xiao’s eyes met.

As they were busy grilling earlier, Nan Xiao was just behind them looking, not even moving a muscle.

Seeing that Shi Ning has spotted him, Nan Xiao quickly turned around and acted as if nothing happened.

Shi Ning walked over and pass by him, then stepped a few steps back.

The young girl lifted the plate of roasted, tender oily meat in front of him and asked.

“Do you want to eat”

The moment Nan Xiao saw her eyes, he stopped himself from blurting out the words “Don’t want to eat”.

He hesitated for a moment, but still took the skewer of meat from the plate, put it in his mouth and took two bites.

The taste is really good, no wonder Jin Sihan said it was delicious.

“You grilled this”

Shi Ning nodded.

“Is it delicious”

“Not bad.”

Nan Xiao commented.

Being with Nan Xiao during the game, Shi Ning finds out that Nan Xiao was not as difficult to get along with as usual.

On the contrary, he sometimes was quite protective to girls.

Such as earlier, he had helped him kill those enemies and even blocked a bullet for her.

It’s just this person say’s different than what his heart tells him.

And according to Shi Ning’s understanding, when Nan Xiao say’s ‘not bad’ then what he means should be delicious.

Just when Shi Ning was planning to give him more meat for helping her during the game and win the championship, she suddenly saw a wound on Nan Xiao’s hand.

A picture flashed in her mind.

It seemed that when they were playing the game, during the time Nan Xiao pulled her down to hide, he scratched his hand by a tree branch.

“Wait for me for a while”

Shi Ning then went and gave the skewers to Lao Yang and her classmates, and then found someone to ask for an emergency kit.

“Hey, here you go.”

Shi Ning ran back and handed the band-aid to Nan Xiao.

Nan Xiao looked at the things in her hand and looked away.

“I don’t need that.”

His expression was the same as when she had treated her brother’s wound.

It was full of disdain, as if a little wound didn’t need to be treated at all.

Ah I can’t talk sense with this man!

Shi Ning directly took his hand and helped him take the cotton with iodine to wipe the sand on his wound then put the band-aid on.

“That’s good.

You don’t have to worry about the wound when you play again.”

Shi Ning looked the covered wound and smiled with satisfaction.

On the other hand Nan Xiao was motionless, he was intently looking at every moved of Shi Ning.

Looking at her hands, fingers, brows and her eyes, everything, even her expressions.

“I’m going.”

When Shi Ning was ready to go and helped back in the kitchen, Nan Xiao suddenly hold her hand.

Shi Ning was shocked by his sudden move and looked at him.


Nan Xiao pulled her to the side where there was no one around.

“Shi Ning.”


“I want to say something to you.”


Shi Ning waited for him to talk, but Nan Xiao just stood there in front of her hesitating, unable to say a word.

Seeing his torn look, Shi Ning suggested.

“Why don’t I go first, and you think about it I still have two dishes left to make.”

“Don’t go.”

Nan Xiao grabbed her hand and hold it for a long time, finally he spat out the words.

“Can you stop hating me.”

The statement was comparable to a stone being break, Shi Ning was shocked to the point of wondering if she had heard it wrong.

When Nan Xiao finished this sentence, he’s face was flushed with red, he was restless, nervous and unknown emotions were wrapped around him.

Nan Xiao raised his foot and kicked the stone next to it, the stone jumped up five meters away.

“That’s the idea, anyway I think I’m pretty annoyed whenever you face me with your unpleasant face.”

Shi Ning stared at him with wide eyes.

“No, it’s obviously you who hated me first ah.”

In Shi Ning’s surprised eyes, Nan Xiao’s memory came back a little, and remembered what he had told Shi Ning before.

So he spat out.

“Don’t come near me and stay away from me.”

“Why are you upset now”

“What do you really want”

Shi Ning asked again.

Nan Xiao was silent.

“I said that—that was before, and you didn’t used to be like this…”

When did she start to change..

Probably after she woke up from the hospital.

Shi Ning remembered clearly, the original owner’s affairs and her relationship with Nan Xiao, regardless after she crossed over, Nan Xiao’s attitude towards her was the same.

“Not long ago you were sarcastic about my studies, and before you were also insulting my love.

So I told you I would stay away from you but now you’re telling me—”

Shi Ning counted them one by one.


Nan Xiao couldn’t listen to it anymore and didn’t want to think back of those things.

Shi Ning shut up immediately.

“So shall we continue on this conversation”

“…you go.”


Shi Ning immediately planned to go.

After two steps, she stopped and say.

“Actually I don’t hate you, don’t think too much about it.”

She used to dislike him because she didn’t like his condescending and self-righteous look but in fact Nan Xaio didn’t essentially do anything to annoy her.

The reason she didn’t want to get too entangled with him was mainly because she had read the original book.

In the book, the original owner of the body, all delusions were all caused by him.

So in this life, she instinctively would have a sense of cautiousness from him.


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