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After Shi Ning left, Nan Xaio stayed in the same place for a while.

He recalled what Shi Ning has just said to him.

“Actually I don’t hate you, don’t think too much about it.”


Nan Xiao pulled out a self-mocking smile.

“You might as well hate me.”


After cooking, it was finally time to eat, and Lao Yang walked around the dishes made by the two groups.

After looking at all the dishes, he asked.

“Who made all of these”

Pointing to the more delicious looking foods.

The second group of students said.

“Shi Ning did it.”

Lao Yang was surprised.

“Shi Ning, you know how to cook, huh”

It was so rare that a child from such powerful and wealthy family like the Shi family could cook.

“Shi Ning has been hot lately, she knows everything.

When grilling just now, the technique was so skillful that I thought that as long as she put up a sign beside her, she could open a grilling restaurant.”

Jin Sihan joked.

“Yes, yes, although some of us can cook, she was on a different level.

And since we seldom cook, we are a bit slow but since we are bit in a hurry to cook for so many people so most of the dishes are made by Shi Ning.”

“Today is Shi Ning time to shine and be talked about.”

The students on the same group also praised her one after another.

Shi Ning was embarrassed by the compliments and quickly called out the teacher to try other dishes.

After eating, the students sat around the campfire and played some small game like song catching contest and werewolf killing before the teacher announced that they need to go back to the hotel.

On this trip they would spent the next two days playing in the resort.

After driving for about two hours they finally arrived at Longhai Resort.

When Shi Ning saw the magnificent hotel like palace, she was deeply amazed.

Mary Sue novel is really on the next level, students could even live in such place.

“Sihan, the hotel is good.”

The class expressed their satisfaction with the place they were staying.

The entire resort was owned by Jin family, and the hotel they are staying was just a part of it.

Jin Sihan hid behind Nan Xiao after arriving at the resort.

“Bother Xiao, can you ask for me if their general manager is inside the hotel right now”

“Why can’t you call your brother.”

Jin Sihan pouted.

“I’m afraid he is..”

“How old are you still so afraid of your brother.”

Nan Xiao didn’t pay attention to him and lifted his legs towards the reception check in.

The hotel had already arrange rooms for them, students who wanted to share a room with other students could choose a double room.

And those who wished to sleep by themselves could also choose a single room.

Shi Ning likes it quite so she choose the single room.

After playing for a day, Shi Ning felt a little tired.

So she immediately took a bath and while drying her hair, although it was a little late she decided to read first before sleeping since she bought books with her.

She took the English reading book out of her bag and read a few questions before putting on her headphone and started listening to an English conversational practice.


The next day when the alarm clock rang, Shi Ning was still wearing the headphones in her ears.

She didn’t even know when she fell asleep last night.

She only remembered that she was listening to an English listening conversational practice before she went to bed.

Shi Ning climbed out of her bed, and changed her clothes.

She then directly went to the restaurant in the hotel, where everyone already had their breakfast.

After eating her breakfast, she changed her clothes and went to the beach.

Shi Ning never wore a swimsuit before in her last life, so when packing her things at home she chose a swimsuit that looked like all of her body was covered.

After changing, Shi Ning was silent.

The face of this body was seven or eight points similar to the face on her previous life, the height was also similar, but the body shape—

The only different was the body shape.

She usually wore loose clothing so it was not obvious, but after wearing the tight swimsuit, Shi Ning could not help but feel that the original owner has too much good development on her body.

Her bulging chest in contrast to her flat chest before was too big to compare.

So despite wearing a one-piece swimsuit, Shi Ning chose to go out with a clothes.

As soon as she got out from the fitting room she heard a girl talking in the fitting room next door.

“Our girls’ swimsuit are pretty conservative, by the way do you think the boys would just wear a pair of swimming trunks”

“Hahahahaha, that’s really possible, I really want to see it.”

“To clarify, I only want to see the handsome guys on their swimming trunks.

No ugly included, I wish they would automatically put on clothes.”

“Ahhh I can finally see the F4’s bare-chest in this life time! I haven’t even seen them yet I am already having nosebleeds!”

“Don’t talk about it, I was just imagining Nan Xiao wearing only his swimming trunks, that one meter eight tall man is walking towards me, and my legs went too soft to walk.”

As Shi Ning passed by them, one of the girl saw her.

“Shi Ning why are you still wearing your clothes Aren’t you going to play in the water”

“I’m cold.

I’ll just change later.”

People in big cities seem to be more a little more open than where she was before crossing over.

With this thought, Shi Ning tries to do as Romans do1.

The see breeze make people relaxed and happy, as the endless sea was like washing away the trouble of all people looking at it.

The academic pressure and trivial life seem to disappear at this moment.

Everyone stepped on the beach and ran barefoot.

“Crap, it’s them! They’re coming!”

The familiar scream was just like the exclusive BGM2 of those fans seeing their male god on stage.

Shi Ning on the other hand, does not need to check about who was coming out.

Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Jin Sihan walked out together.

Except for Lin Suno the other two did not wear a shirt and was only wearing swimming trunks.

The young man’s strong, lean and tall body was displayed in front of everyone’s eyes.

Nan Xiao usually like to exercise and active in sports, so his body was naturally good and excluding youthful hormones , letting the  young ladies spurt blood on their noses.

Jin Sihan was relatively lean, his whole body was milky white and his skin was so good that girl’s would be ashamed standing next to him.

But what’s unexpected was that Jin Sihan who usually looked soft actually has muscles on his body and was not far from Nan Xiao’s.

“Good figure.”

Nan Xiao commented.

“Exercising like brother Xiao.”

Jin Sihan chuckled and answered.

“What’s with these bruises on your body, they look like from long time ago.”

Nan Xiao suddenly noticed Jin Sihan had two or three faint scars on his back which seemed to be there a long time ago.

Jin Sihan said indifferently.

“Oh, when I was a kid I was hurt by a branch when I fell from a tree, it’s no big deal.”

After saying that Jin Sihan looked at Lin Suno beside him.

“Suno, we all have taken off our shirts, what else do you have to hide, why not take off yours’ too”

Lin Suno wore a blue short sleeve which looked out of place in the middle of the two.

“I don’t want to be stared.”

Lin Suno frowned and gesture for them to look ahead.

“What’s the matter, you’re not used to it yet”

Jin Sihan said carelessly.

As they were walking towards the beach, all the girls around them were screaming and squealing.

“Nan Xiao is so handsome ah ah ah, it’s killing me! What a stunning and sexy figure!”

“Sihan, little cutie is also a little too white, like a soft little kitten, I so want to hug him!”

“Why do I think Suno is the most attractive one Abstinence handsome guys are so attractive comparing him to them! Only, I want to rush and want to strip him off!”

Shi Ning: “…..”

The world of Mary Sue novel is really just a little too crazy!


do as Romans do1– trying to follow the customs

BGM2– background music


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