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Today the slap she received from Shi Ning was really painful.

Yu Chuyao gnashes her teeth as she remember what that b*tch did to her but at the same sad for herself.

Shi Ning was always like this, always relying on the love of her family, and wantonly do whatever she wanted to do.

If she lose her temper, she could just lose her temper and fight whoever she wanted.

Unlike her, she couldn’t scold or fight anyone so freely.

She even needed to hide the resentment in her heart, just because she was the adopted daughter of the Shi family, a child they picked up!

Although grandmother was good to her, it was partly because Yu Chuyao was kind, and more because she was excellent and could earn face for the Shi family.

And that was all thanks to Cao Shu.

Many of her skills were taught by Cao Shu, and if Yu Chuyao has no use for her, Cao Shu would eventually abandon her, not to mention that Shi Nin was now getting better and better.

Yu Chuyao who couldn’t figure out a way was more and more frustrated.

She could only shed tears silently under the cover.

Ding Dong

At this time her room door rang, Yu Chuyao dried her tears and opened the door.

Standing outside was Jin Sihan.

He was holding a tray with seafood porridge and a cake.

“I see you haven’t eaten mush tonight either, so…”

“Do you like me”

Yu Chuyao interrupted.

Jin Sihan froze for a moment and nodded gently.

Yu Chuyao took what was in his hands and said.

“Then from today onwards, we’re together.”

After saying that she closed the door of the room.

Yu Chuyao was now like a drowning person desperate to catch a piece of driftwood1.

After Yu Chuyao returned to her room, she drank the porridge that Jin Sihan brought to her.

It was and warm in her stomach.

Her mood was a little better, at least there were still people who liked her.

She was not yet nothing, Jin Sihan was the only way she could get back to her track.

She could just tell him, not to tell others about their relationship since they were still young and she was scared to let her family know that they were in love.

Anyway, Jin Sihan was still just a kind, he would surely listen to anything she says.

As Yu Chuyao thought of this, the phone in her room suddenly rang.

When she answered, the other party has a low and magnetic male voice.

“May I ask if this is Miss Yu Chuyao”

The voice sounds familiar.

“Well, I am.

You are”

“This is Jin Shang, are you interested in coming to the fifth floor presidential suite 501 for a talk.”


The next day.

Due to the accident yesterday, the original plan form them to play until afternoon trip was cut short by Lao Yang.

He took them to the entertainment club above the hotel for a morning billiards, archery and other activities, then called the driver to pick up the students in the afternoon to take them home.

“Teacher, won’t you let us see the sea today”

“What’s the point of playing indoors, these games can be played at our villa.

This is nothing like trip at all.”

The groups of kids grumbled.

Lao Yang rolled his eyes.

“There was almost a big accident yesterday, and you still want to play Dream on! In the future, this kind of dangerous place, water or fire, don’t think I will bring you here again.”

“What a bum.”

Everyone whispered their complaints.

“It’s not our fault that Yu Chuyao and Shi Ning almost drowned ah, why should we be dragged into not being able to play ah!”

“I thinks it was mainly Yu Chuyao, we really did see her pulling Shi Ning’s lifebuoy.”

“This pair of good sisters can tear each other up.

The family water is really deep2.

This Yu Chuyao is not as harmless as she look she was.”

“Stop Shi Ning’s here.”


After getting into the shuttle bus, Shi Ning opened her phone and found that her brother had sent her a message in the morning.

[Having fun]

Shi Ning replied.

[En, luckily, we came back early.]

Shi Ning hesitated if she would tell him what happened between her and Yu Chuyao.

Thinking that sending a message would not be clear, and perhaps would cause Shi Chen to worry, she simply did not tell him and only told him when she would probably return to school.

After replying to Shi Chen’s message, Shi Ning put on her headphone and listen to a song before closing her eyes when suddenly a familiar voice came next to her.

“Let’s change seats.”

Shi Ning opened her eyes, and saw the tall figure of Nan Xiao standing next to Deng Lan, speaking to him like he was giving orders.

Deng Lan obviously did not dare to disobey Nan Xiao’s order, and immediately had to get up.

“Sit down.”

Shi Ning voice out, stopping Deng Lan.

Deng Lan who just got had his ass up, sat back down.

Nan Xiao glanced at him coldly.

“Did you not hear me when I told you to get up”

Deng Lan once again immediately stood up.

Shi Ning took off her headphones.

“Why are you so fierce about, does this seat belong to your family”

“This bus was bought by the school, the school belongs to my family, what do you think”

Shi Ning: “….”

Shi Ning decided to give up reasoning with this cranky elementary school kid, she just wordlessly pull Deng Lan to sit down.

She then tried to reason with Deng Lan.

“Do you want to change seats with him”

Deng Lan originally wanted to shake his head as a sign of no, but under the terrifying eyes if Nan Xiao, he quickly nodded his head.

“Want to…”

“You don’t have to be afraid of him, he can’t do anything but bluff.

Don’t change if you don’t want to.”

Deng Lan quickly got up from his seat, and sat on the original seat of Nan Xiao.

There was an obvious lingering fear on his face like he had seen a ghost.

Deng Lan was also a little too timid.

Shi Ning sighed inwardly.

Nan Xiao then sat next to her, and smile pleasantly like an old man.


Yu Chuyao was now like a drowning person desperate to catch a piece of driftwood1– was desperate to have someone she could lean or use

The family water is really deep2–  there are many things that they don’t know and see that is happening in the family, in a way this could also they have many secrets


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