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Two days before the performance, it was the Saturday and Sunday but school was not closed and there was no classes either.

Students who participated in the program were rehearsing, while those who did not participated studied on campus or were free to do their own work.

On the last day of the campus activities, Shi Ning was practicing her dance in the dance studio.

Gao Min rushed over there were also several girls behind her, who was the members of the study support association.

Gao Min saw Shi Ning pressing her legs flexibly.

Shi Ning’s legs were resting on the railing while her arms were down making a beautiful posture, graceful and elegant.

It looks good!

But also look too calm!

Gao Min thinks while rushing towards Shi Ning.

“Boss, the enemy has hit the doorstep, why didn’t you take some measures!”

Shi Ning continued to maintain her posture, blinked and asked.

“What hit the doorsteps”

“This time, I looked at the school flower selection, the best-looking faces are you and Yu Chuyao.

So in the popularity contest, you two are definitely the most popular.

But now Yu Chuyao has mobilized all her contacts to canvass for herself, why are you still here practicing your dance calmly.”

“I practiced this dance for the performance on the day ah, this competition is obviously based on the judges votes, so this performance are more important, right.”

“I’ve checked it for you, you and Yu Chuyao are competing on the same day.

She’s a special performer, how can you beat her if you just practice like this for a few days Just listen to my advice, let’s get all the votes we could get.

Even if we lose in the end, at least in the popularity we can win over her!”

Gao Min said.

Shi Ning sized them suspiciously.

“Are you guys really supporting me How come I feel that you guys are all supporting Yu Chuyao with your words.”

“Of course not, we definitely support you, boss! Look at this!”

Gao Min handed her a leaflet.

It was a picture of her printed on the leaflet.

It was not just an normal photo but an edited one, with bunny ears on her head, looking so cute and adorable.

Next to her photo was a written brief description of her.


Next to the instruction was a row of capitalized and bolded red letters.

Shi Ning lips twitched when she looked at the flashy and excessive cute photo of her and the pompous profile.

“Boss, we have a good design of this propaganda poster, right”

Gao Min invited her to take the credit.

Shi Ning gave the leaflet back to her.

“Thank you.”

The design was simply too good, too good that she did not have the eye to look again.

After Shi Ning finished talking to her, she was planning to continue practicing the dance.

But Gao Ming pestered her and wouldn’t let go.

“Boss the competition is really fierce ah, everyone has gone to canvass votes.

If you come in last in this criteria, you won’t get much votes that also means you would be three votes behind the first place ah!”

“Yes, yes, boss you see we’ve all worked hard, and you should also focus on participating in it.

We’ve got all the publicity posters ready, so you can just go out with us for publicity.”

“Yes we all believe that as long as you are the horse2 that group of little hooves would not dare to deceive us.

When the time comes, all votes would naturally be yours.”

These girls who followed Gao Min over have been chiming in as well.

They were a group of people who viewed Shi Ning as their idol, making her their heart and bone.

After Shi Ning had put all her attention to learning, they all dispersed but they couldn’t just let it go and even don’t know what to do after they were disbanded.

It was Shi Ning  who was their leader, leading them on pleasing (stalking) Nan Xiao.

However seeing Shi Ning’s changes, she become their light and idol.

Seeing that they could still change for a better.

But their boss was not the old boss, who would lead to do something exciting, so such boring days passed by.

But finally they saw the light.

Their boss finally figured out to participate in the PK activity, making everyone’s moral high.

Thinking that this time they could finally do something under the leadership of Shi Ning.

Of course, it was also to crash the group that dared to compete with Shi Ning for the name of school beauty.

“Will you guys be quiet.”

They chattered all together, trying to say through their ideas to Shi Ning, making her head ache.

“Even if I don’t win the popularity votes, if I don’t practice well, when the time to perform, Yu Chuyao would take all votes then I would still lose.”

Shi Ning tried to reason with them.

Gao Min and the group of girls tilted their head, thinking that their boss have a point and nodded in agreement.

Shi Ning let out a sigh of relief, seeing that she had already taken good care of them and was about to continue practicing.

“Since we’re all going to lose, there’s only one way.”

Gao Min said.

“Boss, why don’t we kidnap Yu Chuyao and lock her up before the competition so that she has no way to participate in the competition!”

“Or catch her and beat her up.

I’ll see how she could still play violin with endured hand!”

The other girl said.

“You guys are going a bit too far, I think it’s better to hire to someone to scare her.

Since she is an adopted daughter she should know how to give way to the rightful daughter and if she doesn’t, we’ll teach her a lesson.”

Several people were discussing fervently, as if they were going to roll up their sleeves and prepare to sack up and kidnap Yu Chuyao’s body.


Shi Ning stopped them in a loud voice.

“How dare you do things that are illegal What happened to the nine years of compulsory education”

She was terrified to hear to those words.

Gao Min blinked innocently.

“We used to do these things all the time.

And, we really want you to win, boss.”

“That’s right, we heard about you and Yu Chuyao, I can’t imagine that this woman is so good in front of you and another thing behind you, fortunately you see her clearly now!”

Shi Ning sighed.

“I promise you guys that I will try my best to win this game.

You guys also promise me that you won’t be allowed to do this kind of thing in the future, no matter who you are doing it to.”

Gao Min and several girls nodded their heads in unison again.

At this point, one of them spoke out in distress.

“But boss, if you don’t use these tactics, how are you going to win against Yu Chuyao”

“How about this, I’ll show my performance to put your mind at ease.”

After coming out of the dance studio.

Gao Min and the girls were all had red-faced and four amazed eyes.


1– on the raw this it sounded like Shi Ning’s name so when translated in English it doesn’t sound right but the meaning is the same (Shi Ning is strong can fight three even five people,)

horse2– fg.

For leading canditate

TL: dear readers I am so sorry that the updates are super late.(⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚.

I got busy with all the moving, but no worries everything should go back to normal next week (・ัᗜ・ั)و

so triple release today(๑˃͈꒵˂͈๑)


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