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About magic, Shi Ning only learned a few things.

But occasionally it was enough to perform magic once or twice.

After all, there were few people who could play it so it should be okay to do it once in a while.

The hat whirled at her fingertips, tossed it up and down and then caught it steadily.

At the same time, Shi Ning changes all kinds of her movements in the wreath with the help of the silk ribbon while dancing in a light and graceful posture which make people more dazzled.

As she was moving, she also caught the hat in her hand as it fell and flipped it over then lifted it again with a handkerchief.

When she threw her hat out again, the hat this time was filled with ribbon spilling down the whole stage.

And in the midst of the flying ribbon she crumpled her handkerchief into a ball then she slowly opened it again there was already bright red rose.



The stage was once again resounded with thunderous applause, and several judges’ exchange praises.

The wreath slowly landed, and Shi Ning jumped from above still holding the rose in her hand.

She walked slowly towards the other side of the judges’ table.

Sitting face to face with the judges were the F4 as the school gave them the best seats to watch the show.

“Is she going to give away the rose she’s holding”

The audience began to talk again.

“By the looks of it, that should be the case, but the question is who she intends to give it to.”

“Do you still need to think It must be Nan Xiao, Shi Ning does like Nan Xiao for many years right”

“Classmate you are a little behind the latest news.

As Shi Ning’s classmates I can seriously tell you that right now, Shi Ning in our class doesn’t even want to give Nan Xiao a look.”

“She’s just busy reading and writing her homework every day, and by the way she discusses her studies with Lin Suno the god learning in our class.”

“Then it should be Lin Suno!”

Everyone was guessing when Shi Ning walked towards the F4’s location, and the four big boys were also staring at her.

Shi Ning first stopped next to Shi Chen.

She raised her smile and handed the rose in her hand to Shi Chen.

“Here, it’s for you.”

Shi Chen narrowed his eyes.

“It’s the first time for me to know that my sister it this magical.

Can you tell me when did you learn all of this”

Shi Ning almost bit her upper lip and said sheepishly.

“I’ll tell you when we go home.”

Jin Sihan spoke this time.

“Ningning, I almost don’t recognized you anymore, how many skills do you still have that you haven’t showed Are you still the same Shi Ning I used to know, you wouldn’t have been secretly swapped out, would you”

Shi Ning rolled her eyes.

Reaching out her brother again, she said.

“Brother, the rose that I just gave you, lend it to me again.”

Shi Cen did not know what she was going to do, but listened to her and gave her back the rose.

Shi Ning took out the handkerchief again, covered the rose, and lifted it a few seconds later the one rose in her hands had turned into two.

She then gave the other rose to Lin Suno who was sitting to Shi Chen’s right.

Lin Suno looked at the rose his hand and his long eyelashes trembled.

“Why would I have one too”

Shi Ning smiled.

“Just want to give you ah.”

Shi Chen who saw this was not pleased anymore.

“Isn’t the rose in your hand is just for your brother”

After saying that he also childishly tried to grab the rose in Lin Suno’s hand.

Lin Suno who was holding the rose with his other hand transfer it to his other hand while blocking Shi Chen’s hand with the hand that was holding the rose.

A looked that does not allow other people to get their fingers on the rose Shi Ning gave him.

“Okay brother, Suno has been helping me quite a lot lately so don’t grab it from him.

Here, take your own.”

The two people on the other side were all staring at Shi Ning with their eyes wide opened for the whole minute.

But Shi Ning was not looking on their way.

Jin Sihan couldn’t help himself and said.

“What about us! Why don’t Brother Xiao and I don’t have any!”

Shi Ning tilted her head and asked.

“Nan Xiao, I don’t think you like this kind of stuff”

“En, sometimes.”

Jin Sihan raised his hand.

“I like it, I like it, I want it!”

“You have to ask Yu Chuyao ah, anyway the person you support is not me.”

Jin Sihan: “…..”

He was just in love, why was his childhood friend so hostile to him.

The host on the side went back to the stage, along with the other players who just performed before.

“Brother I’ll go over first ah.”

After greeting with Shi Chen, she also stood over with the other players.

When she walked over they already stood on row, Shi Ning had no choice but to stand next to Yu Chuayao.

Yu Chuyao looked at her with a complicated look of resentment, disbelief, and a hint of unwillingness.

The host then said.

“So far, all four of our campus goddess candidates have finished their performances, so in the end which one of them will be crowned as the school flower For that we still need our judges to give the performance results of our last group of contestant first.”

“The last group of contestant, one is the goddess of talent that everyone knows and recognized, and the other is the first place in our popularity contest, the two can be considered the favorites to win tonight.

But I really did not expect that Shi Ning, you actually can also do acrobatic and magic show.”

“I’m just a little familiar with acrobatics and know a little magic.”

The host marveled.

“That’s not little familiar on my opinion, as far as I know acrobatics and magic are not something that can be learned in a day or two, you’ve learned it a long time ago It’s also very different from your usual image.”


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