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Universe Maker Chapter 5 (more traveling and a new goddess)

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Reincarnation Realm

With the help of Ana and Shanda my trip was uneventful, but it was sort of relaxing.

The reincarnation realm was a very quiet place. It was hard to hear any sound at all. It has a continental size island that flutuates in the dark nothingness. And well it gives the sensation that one could fly, although no one with a body could, at least without using one of the energies. This happens because one soul could actualy fly here. Gravity only work for physical body and memories of a soul past life, and its knowledge and instincts. The last three would simply fall out with great weight at the abysm of nothingness. The river of energy and soul lost all it energies here dispersed in the air.

And by what I can tell, when there will be souls passing here, it will resembles a lot a birds flyway, but with souls. It seems like the wind gradually drags the souls naturely to the great island. My creator soul, obviously, is to strong to be dragged or split apart by the realm.

In the center of the island, there is a massive palace, that resembles a lot the greek pantheon, but many times bigger. In its center there is a ever burning flame that illumimates the palace as a whole. It is called the karma flame.

But it is not enough to lighten the ever dark, reincarnarion realm. In the palace center norte, three is a throne three meters above ground that can only be reaches by climbing its stairs. The one that is recognized by it, as its master, by sitting in it can connect itself to the realm, becoming nearly omniscient in it.

After having its karma evaluated, the souls next life will be determinated by it. And well, karma here will be represented by a sort of invisible tag put in the soul while entering, that will only become visible in front of the karma flame. Quiet a simple and eficient system, but there is one problem. The realm does not have a judge.

So after creating the first god, I confirmed that a god true form will try to heal it soul by using the realm energy if it in fact, was only connected to one without it being its true origin. Now I will use this attemp to heal, by actually making it heal an inexistent one, which will in fact create a new soul.

I made the true form have the appearance of a beautiful lady with a law court attire, and a law hammer in hand, and very piercing eyes. Then I put it sat at the throne. By the way, her soul will take at least a decade to completely form. She shall be the goddess of fair soul judges. Yes, fair judges, not judgements, or law, trial or justice. Judges, because in this way I am making her a progenitor of fair soul judges. Thats necessary, because when this realm is filled with souls it may become difficult for even a god to take a hold of all its trials. So I gave her that domain so not only she can be a good judge, put creates more god judges. Avoiding me the need to have to create the judge specie.

The soul judges specie shall be a group of natives of the reincarnation realm, with a form like an earth humans, but without appendix, coccyx and wisdom teeth, and being born with removeable court attire, and being able to sustein their body with only qi, and imune to the reincarnation realms effects on the soul.

I guess I will name her, before I leave.

_ Thyn name shalt be Themis.- Why did I spelled this in such an old form of english, that is probably not totally correct? Well, it was because I decided to make it more formal this time around. I know naming her after the greek titan goddess of justice in not the most criative name. I could not thing about a better one. Maybe I could name her Athena, but I personaly thing that in some versions of greek mythology, can say all because I am not so well read, she is not a very fair goddess, being in fact quiet petty.

In someway that not even I could understand, the soul has taken the name as it own. Accelerating the formation of an ego. The time for the soul birth have reduced a lot, to only a week. Guess names realy have power, especially those given by the creator of the universe. So I change my mind, and waited.

After a week the realm saw the birth of its goddess, Themis.

_I am Themis, the goddess of fair judges, but who are you?

_ I am the creator of anatomy, Raziel.-I do not have a vague idea of how to spell this in a old english form. As I named her in english aparently she can intuitive undestand it.

_ Hello, creator. I already guess what my purpose of existence is now I will start forming the court to make here a functioning realm as soon as possible. Thanks for creating me.- She says beginning to work. She seems like a workaholic, I think I should say something.

_ Ok. But please, remembers to sleep at least eight hour a day, although you don need it physicly, but its good to keep the mind healthy. Take two day off a week, to relax the mind a bit. And take at least a month of vacation each year, for the same purpose.

_ I will take your instructions to heart lord creator. -She said. Lord, I shouted the word in my mind. Why did I decided like a fool to be so formal at that time? Now she will probably will be this formal all the time.

I smiled awkwardly and said goodbye. And went to the mana realm.

Mana realm

Like an idiot, I forgot to envelope myself with a barrier. It was a strange experience, the realm was working fine, but I was swimming in it, and it was like doing it in a wet concrete sea.

Considering that divine energy seems to form denser forms of structers, I decide to only spread my senses in the divine realm. This was a good decision to test my long distance creator senses, that seems to work quiet well, and because if I have gotten myself in there, I would be stucked inside of a enormous diamond like structure. Yes, that realm is basicaly a giant rock of divinity. Next I went to the qi genesis realm.

Qi genesis Realm

It has basicaly and space that contantly inflades and contracts itself, with the qi trees ,that seems to my perspective seems to be upside down, with the roots in chaos and the leaves inside the river of energy and soul supling qi to it. That metaphorical lunk, is probably the reason will qi is usely gaseous and dissolves well in gas substances. And it for sure will make the qi a secundary form of vitality to all life forms.

Then, I decided to go to the mana filter realm next.

Mana Filter Realm

The inner gate was basically a enormous bronze like door that to my surprise have an artistic representation of my true form, from it comes chaos. And the realm as a whole seems like a strange assembly line. With very big meccanic arms that originates from the realm walls, pulling mana strings out of the chaos, separating them from chaos and throwing it in a stack separated from the rest of chaos.

Divine Filter Realm

Then, both are threw at the divine filter realm. I acompanied the flow to the next realm.

There the same process happens but with divine energy and both energies are threw inside the river of energy and souls and the rest of chaos is threw at the outer gate out of the realm. The outer gate has a repesentation of the realm structure as a whole.

From there I teleported myself to the birth realm.

Birth realm

It is a pretty monochromatic realm, all of it consisting of a green great empty space, but I know that it will be filled with mana, qi and divine energy in the future. It also gaves the strange sensation that ones becomes more fertile by just being inside it. From there I teleported myself to the origin realm.

Origin realm

The realm was a totaly bright transparent space, with a nearly invisible energy exclusive from here. This energy can be named origin energy, being the origin of everything in the universe. It have a incredible creation and reparing capacibility. If you think of anything inside here, the energy might create it, but the created object cannot leave this realm, it can only exist inside it. Also if you break a pencil here, the energy will fix it , taking it to the previous state without rewinding time.

But it is necessary to be cautions while using this energy. Because the energy spend cannot be taken back, and as the energy is not extracted constantly of chaos, it is necessary to wait for it reserves to be replenished naturaly.

Then, to my suprise I recieved an emergency notification. The barrier realm has suffered severe damage.

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