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Universe Maker Chapter 6 (a new form of energy)

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Origin Realm

I first used the energy in the origin realm to take care of the damage. And then teleported to the barrier realm to see what was going on.

Barrier Realm

The barrier realm was basically a massive barrier with a hundred layers. The barrier was formed by a fusion of mana, qi and divine energy, with much denser concentrations of this energies than any god in the universe.

The mana is the energy that charges the barrier, the divinity put some pseudo domain that reforce it, and qi regenarates it. Yes, the barrier can self regerate, so the need to use support from the origin realm shows how much severe the damage was.

The realm seems to work as a form of mix of a formation and a magical circle, blanding the to concepts. There flies several words in english that are made of divine energy.

Among those there are "qi", "mana" and "divine-energy" that connects the realm to the energies that is transported to it by the mythical realm. I know that divine energy are supposed to be to words, put the realm uses "-" to turn to words into one.

Also there is the word "layers", that divides the barrier in its layers, avoiding the different ones to ever coliding, and there are the words, first, second, trird,..., that helps to form the specific layers.

There is also the words: "anti-space/time-impact", "anti-sapace-warping", "anti-reality-warping", "anti-elemental-impact", "anti-qi-collision", "anti-divine-energy-colision", "anti-concept-collision", "anti-paradox-deteriorating", "anti-spying", "anti-chaos-collision", "anti-energy-stealing", and many others.

There are word also the word regeneration and repair that are more closely connected with the word qi. The word charger that is connected with the word mana. The word reforce that is connected with the word divinity. The word connection that connectes all word.

There are words for the elements that should work as counters to other types, like water that is a counter to fire, reforcing the word anti-elemental impact. I think that nearly all the words I have ever heard is here. The meaning that seems to lack words or have words that I have never ever heard, were substitituted by sentence long words. The words have different sizes depending of their level of importance in the working stucture of the barrier. With the biggest word being protection that haves nearly the size of earth.

But now the barrier is not functioning properly. Before, I have used the origin energy the barrier was nearly returning to chaos, if this is even possible. Though at this moment the barrier is being danificated again. This can continue anylonger.

The cause of all this was something that could be called lesser chaos. And the source of all this problem was the universe itself. By what I understood the fault lies with the working mechanism of the mana filter realm and divine filter realm, because it works different from the the qi genesis realm. The qi genesis realm extracts qi from the chaos, that by its chaotic nature dis not change the way chaos work, and soon qi in the chaos genenaretes itself.

But in the filter realms, the concept of mana and divine energy, that seems like mana and divine energy strings, is remolved, but by making it happens inside the universe where the concept of order is stronger that chaos, the result is the creation of a new energy, thats a form of lesser chaos, that is not mana nor divine energy, and do not belongs to chaos, not the universe.

The chaos have no effect on the universe, that is a perfect conter for it, but part of this energy, naturally stinks in the barrier realm like a form of dirt and causes a variation of effects in it. The rest is spliwed in all coners of the chaos, showing how indid works like xhaos but with

In some parts of here, space is contracted, in some expanded, others are filled with paradoxal connections, in some parts anti-magic, and anti-divine energy takes, in other magic is stimulated to the point of offer charging and exploding, in others letters got there divine energy strenghted to the point of disarraying entier regions of the "formation".

And the healing effect of the origin realm happened in a peculiar way. Part of the barrier realm was discarded partially out of the realm but still conected to the barrier realm making the barrier realm now actually having one hundred and six layers. With the extra ones consisting of incomplete, uneven and defective layers.

This extra layers were being destroid at an even faster rate thn the working ones were. The barrier realm was showing to me very clearly its own limitations. Although it could defend from pretty much anything, its defence against it especific thing was quiet week and this could be easly exploided.

If I don want to waste all the origin energy in the universe to solve this problem, I need to think of something fast. Lets go with a fast solution. When, I idealize the mythic strings I tought of them as a sort of smaller mythic realm. I can recreate anything that originates from my realm. So Im gonna make a mythic strings come out of the mythic realm using it to connect to the very concept of this energy, like this is part of the mortal realm.

In this way I am strangely making this energy sea into a part of the mortal realm out of the mortal realm. So Im going to use the law realm molding propert to mold this energy that works similar to chaos and behaves more like a uncomprihensible type of different aclomaration energies; into one exclusive kind of energy, that will somewhat be able to perform all it previously could but in a coerent fashion. This may sound confucing but at least for me it somewhat makes sense.

I am doing it by puting a bit of this energy in the mortal realm, making a mythic string that in concept will be the same, although in fact different of that other previously made one, conecting the energy to the law realm, an making the origin energy "heal" the danificated law, that actually creates the law of this new energy. In fact mana, qi and divine energy are not binded by a law, making it being a sort of supernatural power in the mortal realm. And this energy, that I named peculiar energy, works will not be supernatural to the mortal realm, but will be harder to comprehend, than actually supernatural energies.

So now using my creator will, I was exialy able to make this outer mortal realm to stop attacking the barrier realm. So the energy finely calmed down.

So to conclude this long trip, I decided to visit the mythic realm that I skipped.

Mysthic Realm

The realm was formed by a sort of conceptual dodecahedrons, with ever think in it being formed by a union of several of them. Inside of a dodecahedrons was several others, and this cycle seems to persists forever like a sort of fractal structure.

And the energy here mana, qi, divine energy or peculiar energy seems to be scattered in several tiny dodecaedes. With it jumping from one to the other, skipping ones, like a sort of magical form of quantum jump, it like there but not representing energy levels, but only limiting the dodecahedrons where some energies can be.

The realm was special, but I think I am not being able to enjoy it properly, I think I have already become a little tired with all this travel and I am now feeling that I should return to the mortal realm and take a little nap.

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