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‘World God.’

I peeped my head out of my mother’s arms and looked up at the sky.

‘Thank you.’

It was quiet.

After a long time, after a very, very long time, the message came.

[‘The World-building God’ tells you not to forget to pack your items.]

From the long hesitation and dry content, deep kindness was conveyed.

I laughed softly.


At that time, as if judging that the mother-daughter reunion had been sufficiently accomplished, grandfather carefully intervened.


“Who are you”

“It-It’s Father!”

“I don’t have a Father.”


Grandpa stopped breathing as if an arrow had been shot in his chest.

Mom hugged me tighter by the shoulders and shot back coldly.

“You found your real daughter.

I found my real family, too.

I’m going to live with my family.” 

“I-I kicked Elisa out! The orphanage director and Viscount Bisten deceived me by setting up a scam with a theater actor.

It was a scam targeting our family.

Now that we’ve cleaned everything up, let’s go home now, Elthea.


“My home is not there.”

Grandfather was at a loss at mother’s determination.

“I-I’ll hand you the title right away.

There is no need to suffer outside.

If you bring your husband and children to live….”

“A title Property Do you think that means anything to Aura users like me”

“T-then, Elthea….”

“I don’t need anything.”

My mother didn’t even listen.

Grandpa was restless and poured out his words as if hanging to the last hope.

“I-I was wrong, Elthea.

The fact that I treated you strictly it’s because I wanted to quickly raise you as the heir, regretting everything I did to you I worked hard on Elisa wanting to atone because I had failed to be a proper father to you.”

“When Elisa was there, you treated me as invincible, now that she’s not, you came to me to say you cared”

“A-At least, remember one thing.

The reason I cared so much about Elisha was that I projected you onto the child.

The things I couldn’t do to you keep coming to mind, so I wanted to do something like a father with a heart of atonement….”

“You call it an excuse I was practice, and she was the real deal!”

“Un, huk, sniff.

That, yes it’s all lame excuses.

I was just stupid, I was all wrong….”

“……Wait, what are you doing!”

Eventually, grandfather knelt down to his knees in front of mother.

Mother grabbed him by the shoulder and tried to get him up, but grandfather didn’t budge, even with the strength she had earlier threw him far away.

“As a poor and terrible father, I did not know how to love and care for you as a daughter.

So please, please.

Give me a chance to learn how to love you even now…….” 


“Ho-how can you forgive this father Just say the word, I’ll do anything, really anything……”


Mother quietly turned away from grandfather.

“El-Elthea! D-Don’t turn around, Elthea! Show me your face! Please!”


I didn’t think my mother would be such a tough cookie.

I could see everything from her side.

Holding my hand tightly, my mother grimaced as if she was about to cry.  Mother still had her back turned to Grandpa and after barely clearing her voice, she said.

“……I don’t want to see your face yet.

Give me some time.”


“I was happier to leave that house.

I don’t want to go back to that choking and stifling place and I don’t want to take over the family.”

With those words, Grandpa slumped his shoulders so much that I wondered if his muscles had shrunk.

“I’ll wait.

I’ll keep waiting.

And once again, I’m really sorry.” 


Tuk Tuk.

Mother, who is an Aura user, can probably hear the sound of water drops on the floor where grandfather was kneeling.

It was then that some cracks appeared in her iron wall.

“If you are so sorry….”

It was an atmosphere where an opportunity for atonement would be given.

Grandfather readily raised his head.

“Just talk! Anything!”

“Just screw up one person, no, uh, how do you say Ah, um, uh……ah! Give him a hard time.”

I was moved by the mother’s choice of words, which showed her great care for her children’s education. 

“Who do want me to give a hard time to!”

“Hickim Sarmatan.”

Oh, my.

Here is the name of our father’s enemy!

Mom angrily wiped her face with one of her hands.

A gleam of murdering aura flashed across her eyes, which was revealed after her hands were removed.

“I was going to cut his thro-, no, I mean, I was going to get back at him, but I couldn’t because a dungeon burst suddenly occurred near my house.”

“What did he do Could it be that he did harm to you!”

“He’s an elder alchemist from the Golden Ivory Tower who harassed and exploited my husband.”

“What! Our son-in-law!”

At this point, I helped to provide the latest information.

“Not only that! Later, he was framed as a research thief and kicked out of the ivory tower.

Because of that, you don’t know how hard he struggled to raise me and brother as we moved here and there.”

“……Did that happen”

In an instant, Aura was nestled in mother’s hoe.

Grandfather rushed out, fearing that he would lose the chance to use the parasitic master as a redemption ticket.

“Leave it to me! I will take responsibility for Hickim Satan and judge him in the name of justice.” 

“It’s Hickim Sarmatan.

Please memorize the name of the sinner first, not the name of justice.”

“Yes! Anyway, that guy! To persecute my son-in-law and the great alchemist who created the culinary fantasy of pills and potions! I cannot forgive him!”

Grandpa pounded his chest muscles.

Seeing him speak so confidently, it seems that grandfather had quite a lot of power.

He noticed that mother’s expression softened and carefully spoke a few words.


I will repay my son-in-law’s foe…That, um…….”

“Is there anything you would like to say”

“Once a month…….

No no, how about seeing each other at least once every two months”


“With our son-in-law and grandchildren, together…….Huh I, I am confident that I will do well to love my son-in-law and grandchildren.”


“If two months are hard, three months……If not, even if it’s every six months…….”


“O-Once a year! How about once a year!”


“How about autumn.

Thanksgiving is a family holiday, isn’t it Ea-eating turkey breast alone is too dreary…… El-Elthea, please…….”

My grandfather was in tears because of my unresponsive mother. 

Mom seemed to hesitate.

In times like these, you need someone to push your back.

“Mom, I think I will miss Grandpa too.”

“Ye-yes! It’s good that the grandchildren will also have allowance money to spare!”

“……I’ll think about it because my child said so.”

“Re-really! Please think about it! Thanks! Thank you very much!”

“Okay, calm down.

No need to make a fuss about it.”

I also pretended to be half-hearted to match her, but my mother’s expression looked more comfortable than before.

“My pretty daughter, hands with mom.”


My mom held my hand and smiled sweetly.

I was laughing my head off too. 


Suddenly, mother’s face became frighteningly stiff, as if she was ready for a fit of anger. 

“Eli, you….”


What What I did do wrong

“What’s going on Why are you looking at a child with a terrifying face….”


“Oh my god! You surprised me!” (Gramps)

“Be quiet!” (Mom)

My mother lifted me up and clapped her forehead against mine.

“Oh My God.

It’s a fireball! You’ve been holding it in all this time”


You noticed that the fever was creeping up.

It was amazing.

How did you know Is this what a mother is supposed to be like

“Doctor! I have to go to the doctor.

I have to close the dungeon right now….”

“Oh, Mom, wait a minute.”

As I grabbed her wrist with my hot hand, mother looked back, her face distorted with anxiety and concern.

“Don’t worry.

It’s called God’s Fever, but it’ll be fine in two days.” 

“What do you mean fever”

“That……I don’t have time, so please ask Grandpa for details.

More than that, I have a request.

As for the fever, it’s a secret, so please, let’s stay in the dungeon a little longer until I recover.”

I don’t want to worry my dad, brother, and Bianca because I’ve been sick for two days.

To do that, I need to use the fast time flow of the dungeon.

“But this high fever…….”


I’m begging you.



There was no answer, but I had a feeling that she would hear me out.

“I have food and camping gear in my satchel, so please use it.

Then I……I’ll take a nap for a while and wake up…….”

“Ah, Eli!”


My head bent over backward. 

[ You suffer from ‘God’s fever’ as a result of unreasonable use of the Divinity.

Sleep is recommended for recovery.

Remaining time 1 day 23 hours 59 minutes.]

Even if I used Descent for a brief time, there was a penalty of two days.

I fell asleep with a little bit of resentment.


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