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Chapter 1944 My Dream Dimension Ll

What was unlucky for them and a wondrous progression of events was that the being they were looking for was greatly masked by a terrifying tool that there were only a few of in the vast Realities and Dimensions.

The Heart of Destiny silently triggered its abilities as the direction that destiny was surging to was unknown!

The Dimensional Rulers that controlled powerful domains and Empires moved at this moment as they sent out commands.

Wade across the Dimension! Find the Dimensional Inimicus!

The forces of powerful existences were stirred as they began to move to look for an unknown enemy.

But how could this unknown enemy be so easily found when he was taking such a shockingly unheard of route that even though he was encroaching upon the authority of the Dream Dimension- he was doing it outside and inside as both he and his Dimensional Reality were doing the same thing!

The only distinction was that what he was doing was immensely faster as the replication of the Dream Dimension wasn\'t just recreating a concept.

It was taking what this Dimension stood for as this was an action that would have drastic consequences, consequences that even Noah had yet to know about.


The waves of essence didn\'t stop as back in the Dimensional Holy Land, the Grotto Panaceas continued to unfurl and release their essence as the process continued.

And this was another point to keep in mind when looking at the whole situation.

With the 20,000:1 Time Dilation of the Infinite Reality, the time that passed between the warnings and commands of the latent Will of the Dream Dimension was very little.

Just as Dimensional Rulers began to move to locate this enemy...what he was doing would be completed before they could even assemble their forces!


Tendrils of essence surged out as the halfway point was passed, 60 Trillion Kainos Royal Dream Cosmos being forged at this moment.

Noah\'s body was releasing Innate waves of Dream Essence at this point in time as even the area he floated around was affected, a magnetized pull emanating from him as the Essence that was surging into the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality due to the Pocket Dimensional Reality in the Dream Dimension...this essence began to rapidly pick up!

The pace that the Pocket Dimensional Reality or really, the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon was devouring the Dream Dimension increased as the devoured lands of this Dimension began to disappear even faster.

70 Trillion.

90 Trillion!


An air of majesty and power descended as the solidified crown floating above the backbone of the Throne shone with Resplendent light, the bottom of this crown gradually becoming painted gold as a band of this color wrapped over the entirety of the bottom of this crown!

A halcyon golden color unlike anything Noah had ever seen exploded out at this junction as every part that made him shone resplendently.

An astonishing radiance that was blinding to the eyes as...100 Trillion Kainos Royal Dream Cosmos were forged.


At this moment, it felt like all time came to a halt.

The halcyon waves of gold stopped.

The constant movement of essence and what made up the very fabric of Reality stopped.


Utter and complete silence overcame everything as even Noah had an inexplicable sensation that would make any other common being erupt in fear.

He couldn\'t feel a single thing- not even his own body and Origin as this alone was enough to terrify any being who knew of themselves and their power!

He could only barely feel his consciousness as in the deafening silence, there was also immense darkness!


His soul buzzed as he contained himself.

There was no fear.

He only waited.

It felt like he could hear a distant calling...and yet at the same time not.


He could hear a voice!


As if he had received a jolt, the voice of Lavalliere rang out in his mind as it only acted as the spark to bring back some sensation.

The darkness and silence slowly began to fade as a point of light bloomed.

This point of light brought forth a scene that caused Noah\'s will to shudder, a scene that was hidden in the darkness and only made visible to him now because of his recent actions!

In the darkness, he could see countless and immeasurable stellar rivers of light contained in a constantly changing space.

The rivers of light seemed to be constantly multiplying and stretching this space further as shockingly, 9 massive objects surrounded this constantly twisting space! 9 objects that expanded in size outwards and became as thin as a point of a needle when they sank into the constantly changing space filled with endless rivers of light!

They sank into it fervently and with immense power as each one shone with its own distinct light- one being pure Gold, another being Silver...Purple, Black, Verdant, Crimson...!

The colors were vibrant and shocking as these nine objects acted like Anchors that sunk into this constantly twisting space, these Anchors having their bright lights shining unstable every now and then as the points where they were connected were getting influenced ever so slightly.

This influence caused subtle changes that couldn\'t be stopped at the 9 points of light also seemed to be expanding!


At this juncture, Noah\'s will was pulled towards the golden Anchor.

It was massive in size as it seemed different from all the others, Noah feeling a connection to it he didn\'t have with the others as he...felt an instinct overcome him.

An instinct...that caused his will that didn\'t have any sense to surge towards the massive golden pike.

He felt somewhat connected to it...as if he could affect it!

When he saw how far down it sunk into the constantly twisting mass of rivers of light, he instinctually wanted to ease this burden even a little.

So...his surging will that was connected to the massive golden pike pulled upwards.



His actions instantly caused a shocking change and phenomenon as from the golden pike he had enveloped, a wrathful sensation surged out maddeningly!

A latent Will of immense power and wrath as it instantly caused him to be thrown away from this shocking scene he saw.

The 9 massive Anchors of light faded as shockingly, the golden one could be seen lifted just a little bit higher than all the others.

It wasn\'t as fully sunken in as it was and this...this caused a shocking and fundamental change in a long kept balance!

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