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2420 No Return

Facing the students who were still young and immature but had just started to have the aura of a soldier, the brigade commander guided them diligently and emphasized the main points.

His voice was majestic, making the young students present feel like his words were thundering in their ears.

They didnt dare to be distracted at all.

He was looking forward to the exercise between the freshmen and the third-years the day after tomorrow.

He was looking forward to every students exciting performance.

He was even more looking forward to the future when they carried the responsibility of being a big country and fought for the country.

“So, students, you need to be fearless and invincible.

You can see the qualities and spirit of the current generation of students from Ye Jian! This is something you need to learn!

“Why did they think that with Ye Jian leading them, they would win This is the infectious power of combat spirit! Itll affect you subtly and stimulate the part of you that hasnt woken up!


“This exercise was to train your combat spirit.

Its to see if you have the courage to fight a strong enemy and if you can see their strengths and improve your combat ability.

“Students, the future of national defense lies on you, and the future is passed down from generation to generation through the hard work of your predecessors.”

The brigade commanders words were etched in the students hearts.

The power of an example was the power that pushed them forward!

This exercise left a deep impression on the freshmen.

They also gained a lot from it.

Thosekilled students knew that the battlefield was strange and unpredictable.

If they didnt know better, they wouldnt know why they werekilled.

They were extremely glad that this was a drill.

If it was a real battlefield, they wouldnt be able to return.

The students who were shocked knew how they should develop in the future.

Only by constantly improving their abilities in all aspects could they face real wars calmly.

Only then could they be fearless against powerful enemies and overcome all difficulties.

Ye Jians photo gave the freshmen a huge shock.

It also made them realize how big the gap between them was.

However, Ye Jian felt a little awkward when the brigade commander and the students complimented her.

She didnt like to be too ostentatious and didnt like to compare herself to others.

Also, her starting point was different from the first-year students.

Ye Jian felt awkward and guilty.

Hence, after the meeting ended, Ye Jian went to look for Commissar Yue and explained her intention in a soft voice.

“Remove the photo Why” Commissar Yue was puzzled.

He saw that the female students expression was a little unnatural and thought that she was not used to everyone complimenting her.

He smiled and said, “Little Ye, everyone knows about your outstanding performance in military school.

Everyone knows your results, but no one knows how you fight.

“Didnt the brigade commander say just now that explaining a soldiers combat spirit sometimes needs the power of an example Look at what happened today.

If the red team didnt have you as the commander-in-chief and you didnt raise their morale, I believe the red team wouldnt have had a high chance of winning.

“Your appearance, your leadership, and your deployment made all the students feel that its not impossible to defeat a powerful enemy.

As long as they work hard and find the right method, they can grasp the opportunity and take risks.”

Commissar Yue liked this student who knew how to take the big picture into consideration.

When he saw that she came to look for him, he wanted to give her some advice.

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