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Tae-kyung headed to So-young’s house because of the image of her, almost as if she was about to collapse.

Tae-kyung knew that he was acting like a paranoid stalker, but he could not be relieved until he confirmed that So-young had returned home safely.

When he saw So-young, who was lying down in the office, Taekyung literally thought his heart stopped.

It felt like all the blood from his whole body was gone, so even his steps stumbled.

[Yes, I fell asleep for a bit…]

It was soon revealed that the ominous delusion was nothing but a stupid illusion.

Taekyung swallowed the urge to evaporate and uttered a crude excuse, and turned his back on So-young>

He can’t believe he was acting so differently.

Taekyung was embarrassed and, but in the meantime, he liked the conversation he had with Soyoung after a long time, and he thought without answer that it was good that he had come this far.

It was like that…

“I still like you.”


“A lot.”

The confession that erupted at an unexpected moment completely stopped Taekyung’s accident.

He froze without even having time to feel happy or embarrassed.

From the beginning, Taekyung did not become the type of person who cared about people’s gossip.

He knew there were rumors going around behind him as the heir of the conglomerate, but it was because he didn’t have the delicacy or energy to spend leisurely and pay attention to such trivial annoyances.

Tae-kyung was proud of his background, and as much as he was indifferent, he assumed that the people around him would do the same, and forget about the rumors.

When he realized that the only relationship he wanted to protect with all his heart had been broken down by ridiculous rumors, Taekyung belatedly became surprised.

When he learned that rumors about him were more disdainful than he vaguely thought, he even laughed in vain.

At first, je didn’t think So-young would have been swept away by such rumors.

Since Taekyung returned home from a business trip, Soyoung suddenly became cold, and he had to endure her who had turned cold without knowing why.

In the end, when je was dumped cruelly, he couldn’t afford to think about anything else because he felt like he was collapsing.

Whatever the reason for the change of heart, it seemed clear that So-young did not like Taekyung.

Taekyung had no choice but to admit that her mild crush for him did not develop into love.

It was only up to him to wander amid foolish regret.

Taekyung changed his mind because of mail that arrived anonymously.

The mail that was not written ‌by the sender informed him of rumors circulating in the company in a cautious tone.

The false rumor, which has nothing to do with the truth, is quite specific and plausible, and it was considered to be somewhat credible when viewed by strangers.

There are a lot of punks who have nothing to do.

Taekyung read the mail with bored eyes.

There were no particular feelings.

However, the moment he thought of So-young for no reason, an agitation permeated his eyes that had subsided quietly.

It was a vague intuition.

By repeating persistent thoughts and assumptions, Taekyung reached a possibility that had never been thought of before.

It was speculated that if there was a reason why So-young suddenly changed her mind, it would have something to do with this rumor.

No way.

It might have been the only thing.

Taekyung went to Soyoung immediately while repeating that.

He couldn’t afford to think deeply.

He called So-young the whole time he drove at extreme speed, but she didn’t answer the phone.

At first, he was swept away by the impatience of solving ridiculous misunderstandings and couldn’t afford to think about anything else, but the more missed calls accumulated, the more unexpected skepticism gradually grew.

There is no act as meaningless as assuming, but if Taekyung had been in Soyoung’s position, the ending would have been different.

He would not have been shaken, and if he had been bothered, he would have been the first to check the facts with her.

If Soyoung really decided to break up because of that…….

What is the weight of his sincerity that has been swept away by absurd rumors and causing her to let go of this relationship

When the thought reached that point, an unfamiliar feeling of helplessness took hold of Taekyung.

The speed measured on the instrument panel, which had maintained speeding all the way to Soyoung’s house, gradually subsided closer to the regulation.

[……It’s your fault that you didn’t even give me the least trust.]

So-young found out that she had misunderstood but did not make any excuses.

As if she wanted Taekyung to disappear, he only kept his lips firmly closed with a firm expression.

Taekyung thought that the rumor might have been just an excuse to break up.


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