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Epilogue (6)

A woman in a suit stood in front of the front door connected to the underground parking lot.

She welcomed the two.

“It’s been a while, young master.”

“How have you been”


The woman, smiling at Taekyung, greeted So-young politely.

“Nice to meet you.

My name is Jeongkyung.

This is Vice Chairman Cha’s personal secretary.

If you need anything from now on, please feel free to contact me.”

“Hello, I’m Han Soyoung.”

“The vice president is in the drawing room on this floor.

This way, please.”

Why in the world… Why do people have employees in their homes

For a while, So-young’s face turned white again.

Chief Jeong guided the two inside.

The entire entrance wall of the mansion was designed with all glass up to the floor, boasting dazzling light.

The cylindrical chandelier suspended from the ceiling of this floor sparkled dazzlingly in the pouring sunlight, and the subtly marbled marble floor also captured the light, maximizing the unique beauty of the space.

Across from the front door, there were stairs connected to the upper and lower floors, and elevators were installed next to them.

The three climbed the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

The view from the stairs was even more beautiful, but of course, So-young could not afford to enjoy the scenery.

As she walked along the railing, an open space appeared like a living room, and a diamond-shaped wide window occupied one side, too.

In front of it, Vice Chairman Cha was sitting on a huge leather sofa that could seat 20 people.

“Father, we’re here”.

Vice-Chairman Cha, who was enjoying the outside scenery, turned his head to Taekyung’s voice.

The tiger-like gaze accurately headed for So-young.

She bowed down to greet with a pale complexion.

“Hello, Vice Chairman.

Nice to meet you.”


When Vice Chairman Cha got up from his seat, the secretary approached him quickly and helped him.

Vice-Chairman Cha was not as tall as Taekyung, but his temperament was magnificent.

In addition, he boasted distinct features enough to guess that he was quite handsome when he was young.

The pressure of the man, who she mainly encountered through the media, was truly great.

Vice-Chairman Cha slowly approached the two.

So-young, who stood half-covered behind Taekyung, tried to smile somehow.

It was difficult for her to know the whereabouts of her mind, whether she was dealing with her future father-in-law or the head of the company she worked for.

Finally, standing in front of So-young, Vice Chairman Cha stared at her with grumpy eyes.

He tried not to show it, but he asked in a loud voice, looking closely at the small face of tension and fear.

“Child, what’s your name”

* * *

Someone guided the three to the dining space.

Three people sat around a huge table that could seat ten people.

Today’s dinner was prepared as seafood omakase by Chef Cho, who is currently in charge of Vice Chairman Cha’s meal, after working for a long time as the head chef of the Korean restaurant at CH Hotel.

All of these explanations were kindly provided, and thanks to this, Soyoung could enjoy the feeling that the meal was about to start.

It was a burdensome meal in such a place.

Warm wet towels, steaming teacups, and small bowls shaped with seaweed were placed.

“Everyone, eat up.”

Soyoung mechanically chewed the seaweed.

 The seaweed, which is slightly salty and sour, but Taekyung ‌said, “It’s okay.” She didn’t know what she was okay with, but she nodded her head in agreement.

Soon after, abalone porridge and salad were served, followed by sashimi.

“It’s a fish.

If you wrap the fins with the outer surface, you will enjoy the savory flavor.”

Tae-kyung smiled and opened his mouth at Chef Cho’s kind explanation.

“Chef Cho is still a master.”

“I heard it was an important meal, so I paid more attention.”

“Haha, thank you.

Soyoung, do you like it

“Yes, it’s really good.”

Soyoung smiled mechanically and pushed the sashimi into her mouth.

She didn’t know, but she could see that it was fresh and delicious flesh, but unfortunately, she had no mind to savor it.

After that, the explanation that was incomprehensible to her continued for a long time.

Except for Chef Cho’s explanation, the meal time passed quietly.

Vice-Chairman Cha occasionally spoke, but in general, he focused on tasting the food.

Taekyung also did not bring up much as if he was familiar with this atmosphere.

So-young seemed to be the only one who didn’t know what to do because of the inconvenience of silence.

A proper conversation began after the meal had been finished to some extent.

In front of the three people who returned to the drawing room, a neat wooden tray of maejakgwa, dasik, and Pu’er tea was placed.

(Maejakgwa – Ginger cookies

Dasik – Traditional Korean Pressed Cookies)

Vice-Chairman Cha slowly inhaled the tea as if savoring it and opened his mouth.

“I told you both to come home because I don’t like outside food.

Did you like it”

“Yes, it’s really good.”

“You looked uncomfortable.

Did you have time to enjoy the taste”

“No, thanks to your consideration, I was full.

I’m grateful that you even paid attention.”

“You didn’t even eat much earlier.

I was going to say something to Chef Cho, but I held it in.”

So-young’s eyes shook when she said she didn’t know if it was a joke or a truth.

Then Taekyung sighed and opened his mouth.

“Soyoung is flustered.

Stop joking around.”

“Your arrogance, who asked you that”

When she saw Soyoung, her eyes, which were at first gentle, became sharp in an instant.

But Taekyung didn’t pay attention, only looked at Soyoung’s expression.

She smiled clumsily and answered in a cautious tone.

“……It was true that I was a little nervous.

But it was really delicious.

Thank you for your care, Vice Chairman.”

From the title of Vice-President to the way she spoke, So-Young treated Vice-Chairman Cha like a new employee attending an executive interview.

Vice Chairman Cha raised his thick eyebrows as if he did not like the fact, and Taekyung swallowed a laugh after reading his father’s thoughts.

“So, do you want to marry Taekyung”


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