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Taekyung patiently endured this ambiguous relationship for quite a while.

He didn’t force So-young to do anything, and acted as if the only option he had given was to wait until her heart opened.

And now, Taekyung was once again giving Soyoung a choice.

A suggestion that may be the last.

The gaze at her became a little deeper.

“I know what you’re worried about.

But I’m not a child who can’t tell the difference because I’m swept away by the emotions of the moment.

I don’t have enough time to waste and play around.”

“…Team leader.”

“Why are you doing this much Think about it.

Whatever it is about you, I pay close attention to it, and when I look at your smiling face, everything just feels okay… Can’t you see my sincerity”

So-young exhaled without realizing it.

My heart was beating hard.

She once again hid her true heart behind the already collapsed defense wall, as if she had made meaningless resistance.

“I think I asked you several times… Why do you like me so much”

“If it’s that question, I think I’ve answered the same question repeatedly, but I don’t know why.

Is a causal relationship between us essential”

Taekyung smiled and continued to talk.

“Then, I guess I would like you.”

The fate mentioned by a man who seemed to be cynical about fate more than anyone else had a huge impact on Soyoung.

His irresponsible and hopeful expectations pierced her heart like an arrow.

“So, Han Soyoung.”


“Can’t you feel sorry for me”

Taekyung’s confidence was not subdued in the slightest, but nevertheless, it was earnest.

At that moment, the dam in Soyoung’s heart could not stand it any longer and collapsed.

The fresh smell of grass that had flown in the wind enveloped the two of them.

If the success or failure of a relationship was judged only by its continuity, Soyoung still thought that this relationship would not be successful.

Still, she did not want to give up the excitement and attraction of this moment.

She had gone too far for that.

She was already deeply engrossed in the love that Taekyung poured out.


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to like him as much as you want, as her heart leads.

Even if the future Han So-young regrets and gets hurt, she wants to do what everyone else does with Tae-kyung.

When he acknowledged his enduring heart, her repressed affection blossomed in full bloom.

Her heart beat like crazy and her whole body trembled with an indescribable emotional upheaval.

Even in a trembling situation, she smiled, and So-young smiled broadly without resisting the rising emotions.

Taekyung’s eyes shook at the smile.

“Team leader.”

Soyoung called Taekyung with a voice.

“I’m timid and defensive… I think it’s wise not to start a relationship that still seems to end.



“Maybe I’ve been in a relationship for a long time without proper determination.”


“It’s a confession that it’s already too late, but for me….”


“Will you go out with me”

Just because she knows the answer doesn’t mean she’s not nervous.

So-young exhaled a trembling, deep breath.

Just having this much courage makes her nervous, but Taekyung doesn’t know with what determination he has endured her ambiguity so far.

Unexpectedly, Taekyung, who thought he would smile brightly, remained firm and silent.

Soon after, his handsome face quickly turned red.

Taekyung hid his face in a large hand.

At the poor response, So-young forgot that she was nervous and opened her eyes wide.


Taekyung, who scratched his neatly organized hair, rubbed his lips.

He looked at So-young with an incredible expression and turned his head again.

The sharp jaw, cheeks, and ears were all red.

“Do you like me”

So-young stared at Tae Kyung as if possessed.

It was unfamiliar and affectionate to see a man who was always relaxed and mature, wandering as if he didn’t know what to do.

The tension she was going to feel was so close that she even felt like crying a little.

“I’ve liked you for a long time.

That you and I knew… I’ve finally got the courage to admit it.”


“I like you, team leader.”

At this moment, they didn’t care about the fact that the two were standing in front of the crowded place of people leaving work or the interesting glances of people passing by them.

Taekyung, who had been silent for a while as if he were calming his emotions, faced Soyoung.

He pretended to be calm, but his face, which had not subsided at all, showed that he had still not calmed down the excitement.

“Thank you.”

A man who did not lose his eloquence under any circumstances acted infinitely rough at this moment.

So, his sincerity was felt even more vividly.

Taekyung exhaled a long breath and continued in an excited and unorganized tone.

“I know it’s creepy to talk about the future as soon as you go out with me, but I bet my life on it… I’ll make sure you don’t regret it.”

The moment Taekyung opened his arms awkwardly, Soyoung jumped into his arms without hesitation.

The arms wrapped around the back were strong, and the body in contact was hotter than usual.

So-young leaned her cheeks in Taekyung’s arms.

The inflated heart seemed to reach the sky as it was.


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