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Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, six days already passed.

For six days, the four visited the six major cities in the Kingdom of Alabasta, one city per day on average.

After visiting these six cities, the four of them realized how large Sandy Island was.

Every city in the Kingdom of Alabasta is the same size as those in East Blue that has only one city.

In other words, the kingdom of Alabasta only with the area of ​​six cities is equal to the combination of the six affiliated countries.

And these six cities are just cities scattered in six places on Sandy Island.

There is also a desert area between them that ordinary people need to walk half a day or even a day to reach.

El observation Haki is enough to cover half of the medium-sized island, but it is impossible to perceive Alubarna from the Nanohana, which shows how far apart the two cities are.

The combined area of ​​these six cities only occupies a small part of Sandy Island.

It can be seen that the world's rare super-large island is really no different from a small continent.

After seeing the vastness of Sandy Island, El has even more expectations for the Sabaody Archipelago, which consists of 79 islands.

The real world is really not something that manga and anime can express.

Six days passed, and the magnetic force of the eternal pose is finally full.

The four, who had ended their vacation, lifted the anchor and sailed away from the Kingdom of Alabasta.

"Eh This is..."

The small sailboat that had just set out to sea soon encountered a News coo flying towards Sandy Island.

Nami, who beckoned the news coo to come down, bought today's newspaper.

Just when she opened the newspaper and was ready to see what was going on in the sea today.

A Bounty suddenly fell out from the newspaper.

When Nami saw the image on the Bounty, her eyes suddenly widened.

"Carina, Sister Kuina, come here look at Nii-san's bounty!"


Carina, who was reading when she heard Nami's voice, trotted over.

Kuina, who is meditating on the side of the ship, also ended her training, got up, and walked over, looking curiously at the bounty that Nami picked up.

"one hundred thousand, one million, ten million wow, a full 80 million Belly, Nii-san's first bounty was as high as last year's "Pirate Queen" Boa Hancock bounty!"

Counting the numbers on the bounty, Carina burst into cheers, turned to El who was holding the "Wado Ichimonji" lent to him by Kuina, and shouted,

"Nii-san, come and see, you are famous all over the world again!"

"It's normal to be offered a bounty..."

El was unmoved: "If there is noBounty for killing a CP agent who mastered the Six style (Rokushiki) and its variation, then I will re-evaluate the current Mary Joa."

"But rather than the Bounty, I'm more curious about the reason why I was offered a bounty in this newspaper"

Hearing this, the three girls carefully read the newspaper.

After a while, Carina looked disappointed, she shook her head and said, "The headlines on the front page and the second page did not tell why not even the side news"

"Is there a bounty for you" El continued asking.

"No, there is only your bounty in the newspapers"

Looking at the photo on the bounty, El is wearing a black robe, holding his sword in one hand, and his long silver hair tied is tied into a single ponytail, Carina's face rarely showed a nympho looks: "Nii-san this photo is so handsome, I don't know where they took it secretly!"

"In the desert battle that day, my performance was far exaggerated than your "Three Heads and Six Arms" and "Mera Mera No Mi" scenes.

I'm also sure that no one nearby secretly filmed us, but they only offered me a bounty..."

El threw away a cotton swab and said slowly: "It seems that even the all-pervasive World Economy News Paper only know the news of the death of Bonier team, and they don't have complete information about us."

"CP agents who have mastered the Six style (Rokushiki) and its variation are elite-level agents even in the CP organization, not to mention that Bonier and his two subordinates are Devil Fruit users."

"I'm only eight years old, and I can kill three superhuman who ate Devil Fruit.

No matter what method I use, I absolutely make them all vigilant"

(Their information is outdated)

"The 80 million Bounty is not only an affirmation of my talent and strength but also a 'Vigilance' for our unknown information."

"The reason why they didn't publish a special report in the newspaper is that they don't want to lose face, and they still don't know our information, so they simply offered a high bounty to let those hyenas who regard money as their fate, Help them test our true strength and reassess our threat."

"I see!"

After listening to El's analysis, the three girls immediately reacted.

"What an insidious way, the current Mary Geoise really sucks."

Carina said with contempt: "No wonder in recent years, a force called the revolutionary army has risen"

"Unfortunately, Nii-san has now been offered a bounty.

In the future, we can only use the pirate's head to exchange for a bounty on the black market." Nami said regretfully.

"It doesn't matter, the bounty for those pirate's heads is originally an extra benefit, and the real treasure is on their ship." Kuina patted Nami's shoulder and chuckled lightly...

"Don't worry, we won't be worried about money anytime soon.


At this moment, El's voice suddenly attracted the attention of the three girls.

Wado Ichimonji

Turning his head and he look at the Wado Ichimonji at stroked it.

The three girls, who were smiling expectantly, gathered around him.

"Nii-san did you secretly collect some important information, but didn't tell us..."

Holding Ei's face in both hands, Carina stared at the pair of red Gem-like crystal clear eyes, and ask with a serious facial expression.

"You guessed it right, but unfortunately there is no reward."

El nodded, then he grabbed carina and pulled her into his arms, then he looked at Nami and Kuina in front of him, and said: "If the information in Bonier's memory is true, then we will be really filthy rich in the future."


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